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  1. I just stumbled across this devlog on my youtube recommended, and felt like giving it some spotlight here. Seems like a bit of an impossible project, but I think it'll be interesting to see where it goes. Gives me a lot of zelda vibes, which is always a good thing. I hope the dev comes up with interesting gameplay and it doesn't end up being just about the visuals.
  2. dmu

    Corona Virus

    What a year! I have: - Released 0 new levels - Binge watched 30+ tv series - Got into digital illustration Seems like things are finally starting to go back to normal where I live (give or take 2-3 months), but this has been both a disappointing and enlightening experience for me c; I hope everyone else is still safe and returning back to normal soon!
  3. Been using the Logitech G502 Proteus for years. Nice shape, good amount of buttons, and seems to be popular among a lot of people I know. It's right handed though so maybe not the best choice for everyone, but still a very solid mouse. Curious to see what everyone else recommends!
  4. This map is unreleased. I don't personally know the developer, but I believe they have abandoned/paused the project. So to answer your question, message the developer and maybe they will be willing to share the map file.
  5. I've had concept for levels in a similar setting. Will probably use this for reference . Thank you mapcore-overwatch squad !
  6. I've mostly been playing older games (as in not released in 2020), but I think an amazing game that took up a fair bit of my 2020 is Risk of Rain 2. The gameplay and atmosphere is fantastic and it seems to have been overlooked by a lot of people on here. I guess Half Life Alyx and Townscaper are also great. At the start of the year I was really excited for Dying Light 2, Watch Dogs Legion, Halo Infinite, and Cyberpunk. But only two of those games actually released, one as an epic games exclusive the other so unstable its better to wait till 2021. I don't really mind the slowdown of this year though, since it allowed me to fully playthrough Dishonored and the Witcher 3 and dedicate more time to other hobbies. c;
  7. Bought Watch Dogs 2 day one and really enjoyed, really struggling to decide if this will be worth the price though... ;c
  8. I know very little about console hardware, but this feels like a ton of plastic around an average amount of internals. They could have made it much smaller, right?
  9. dmu


    You need to understand, the majority of the csgo player base will quit playing your map less than half way through the game if they don't understand it right away. A map needs to be intuitive and understandable from just viewing one frame of gameplay. When a player sees a passage they should be able to guess with out going down it to what other part of the map it will connect to. Even when playing Roald's Anubis, I've had players on the other team quit (this was in MM) because they were frustrated with the way my team was able to control the map. A good map can have a high skill ceiling while also being immediately intuitive to players.
  10. The game's great, I second the idea of a mapcore group!
  11. dmu

    de_pithead WIP

    Don't forget to put clouds in the skybox! c;
  12. The horde mode is okay. It was added in as a free dlc and is fun with friends if you get bored of the mp. It's definitely not the game mode you should start with though, because it isn't great at showing off the systems that make this game so fun c;
  13. In other words, that also means the vr mode is a playstation exclusive. Really disappointed that they are splitting the game up this way, wasn't that what held Hitman 1 back? I'll probably end up holding off on this one until all the parts are united on one platform.
  14. I keep telling myself I won't watch anymore, but after waiting for so long I'm getting desperate for cyberpunk 2077 content.
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