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Map is nice! Found some issues.

The "window" on the bridge is unintuitive in that when you approach from under here, you have no idea it is there. Easy for new players to get shot in the back.



This set of stairs effects movement when trying to rush middle. Maybe they can be moved back a bit so that players are entering on flat ground.de_anubis0002.jpg.34ecef35fad334dab34684420c838bcb.jpg

There is a door to the left - but you can't really see it until you are right up next to it.


This bench makes holding and peeking from here difficult.


Edit - another thing I found is that with the sites, there are no safe plant spots - unless I missed them. Very easy to get caught planting in the open, even with bots.

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This has got to be my favorite submission. Although all the other maps in the competition look great, the visuals typically vary between superb and rushed. Anubis, on the other hand, does not look rushed in a single area. If one were to tell me Valve made this map, I would believe it. The layout is interesting, and the visuals are an easy A+. This map is only rivaled by Valve's own remakes.

You guys deserve first place!

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