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  1. I can't wait for all the timed grenade setups bouncing off the baskets
  2. There's already a map called Victoria, you may want to change your map's name to make its nature-oriented feel a bit more obvious You've picked a cool theme idea, excited to see where you can take it
  3. Maybe I am a bot, but I find having to crouchjump through these windows to navigate too frustrating, I would definitely like if the windows were made taller or gotten rid of entirely, replaced with doors. Also that ladder on the side of the cliff seems buggy on the way down, I wish it was as smooth as the ones on train... Overall I like the map, feels like a HL2 throwback to me, to the point I was expecting an antlion or headcrab to pop out at any moment!
  4. That brownish sky looks a bit depressing imo. Did you try using a color scheme tool like paletton to get the color rights? When I look at pictures of japanese blossom trees online I mostly find examples using colors from a tetrad pink trees/green grass/blue sky, but if you're aiming for an evening feel you are better off using a gradient like Ben suggested, and perhaps toning down the saturation on the pink flowers a bit:
  5. @+Rusty+ Yep! your turn
  6. Matt Damon and his nose play an important role in there.
  7. alright hope im doing this right
  8. Inside Llewyn Davis ?
  9. My thoughts exactly! Wasn't sure about the movie but this trailer definitely piqued my interest
  10. mryeah

    [CS:GO] Dawn

    Is there any reason for the T spawn to be in an enclosed space? It somehow looks tacked-on to me and feels like a dead-end that would have no use after spawning. It's kind of hard to have an idea of what the place is going to be as it seems to be the least detailed location of the map, but I'm thinking extending the area it is connected to further back and move the spawns there would play and feel better, while keeping the current timings. It's probably just personal preference but my opinion was that having a more open space like a garden would compliment the building in front of it (I guess it will be an hotel?) better. And like blackdog said, I like what I'm seeing in this greybox already
  11. mryeah


    Not sure what kind of feedback on the visuals you expect for a greybox, but for some reason I expect the left curved wall and/or the ceiling to be made of glass to let the natural light flood in that area? I liked the theme you had going on the previous screenshots and I'm glad to see you pick this project up again, looking forward to the release!
  12. If you want to keep the shape of the fountain I would say, add trims to its edges? Also some fountains feature multiple levels that add to their height and make them less 'flat' (while also potentially providing more cover), maybe you could try this?
  13. mryeah


    Hey, american people do it too Congrats on the map, I like how you nailed the feel of a french village with so few french signs!
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