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  1. they released free (digital) goodies! https://www.gog.com/game/cyberpunk_2077_goodies_collection
  2. Mr.Yeah!

    Corona Virus

    That may be linked in part to faulty early tests https://www.businessinsider.fr/us/early-coronavirus-cdc-tests-distinguish-covid-water-2020-3
  3. Mr.Yeah!

    Corona Virus

    It could a combination of panic buying and size of the commodity: when people look for something to stockpile preparing for isolation, they get drawn to whatever they can buy in the largest quantities. Toilet paper is available in large packs so when people start buying it en masse, it looks like the shelves are emptying rapidly, prompting consumers to buy even more in fear of shortage of the goods. It's all a big feedback loop triggered by consumer psychology. https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-why-are-people-panic-buying-and-why-toilet-paper-11952397 https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03
  4. I don't think this channel has been posted before I had read the article about this level on mapcore and I love having insight from the designer himself
  5. I can't wait for all the timed grenade setups bouncing off the baskets
  6. There's already a map called Victoria, you may want to change your map's name to make its nature-oriented feel a bit more obvious You've picked a cool theme idea, excited to see where you can take it
  7. That brownish sky looks a bit depressing imo. Did you try using a color scheme tool like paletton to get the color rights? When I look at pictures of japanese blossom trees online I mostly find examples using colors from a tetrad pink trees/green grass/blue sky, but if you're aiming for an evening feel you are better off using a gradient like Ben suggested, and perhaps toning down the saturation on the pink flowers a bit:
  8. Matt Damon and his nose play an important role in there.
  9. alright hope im doing this right
  10. My thoughts exactly! Wasn't sure about the movie but this trailer definitely piqued my interest
  11. Mr.Yeah!

    [CS:GO] Dawn

    Is there any reason for the T spawn to be in an enclosed space? It somehow looks tacked-on to me and feels like a dead-end that would have no use after spawning. It's kind of hard to have an idea of what the place is going to be as it seems to be the least detailed location of the map, but I'm thinking extending the area it is connected to further back and move the spawns there would play and feel better, while keeping the current timings. It's probably just personal preference but my opinion was that having a more open space like a garden would compliment the building in fr
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