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  1. El Moroes

    Battlefield V

    I was afraid about this spotting system but in the comments :
  2. El Moroes

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Yes,...I think I am
  3. El Moroes

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Belgium / France ... will be interesting, me, a belgian guy with all my french friends and colleagues But, hey, GO BELGIUM GO !!
  4. El Moroes

    The Predator

    LOL !! --> [__]
  5. El Moroes

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Belgium will win ! That's all !
  6. El Moroes

    Random Photo Thread

    It's been a long time so I'll show you some of my latest photos. Oh and my website has been updated too for a better readability. ...and there are more on my website
  7. El Moroes

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Will be a day one for me !!
  8. El Moroes

    Open positions in Arkane Studios

    Arkane Studios (Lyon - Fr.) is still looking for a level artist. Feel free to contact me A detailed description of the post:
  9. El Moroes

    [FC5] Wetland Turmoil (and a little review of sorts)

    I tried to find it in the Arcade mode of the game and it failed :( I tried with your nickname, with the name of the map,...
  10. El Moroes

    [FC5] Wetland Turmoil (and a little review of sorts)

    A nice and immersive visual ! Cool ;)
  11. El Moroes

    [TF2] Ctf_frosty

    Woohoo !
  12. El Moroes


    You sure ?
  13. El Moroes

    2017: Mapcore's Year in Review

    Nice nice nice !!!
  14. El Moroes

    Random Photo Thread

    Thanks Yours are nice too, I like how you play with colors on some landscape photo, really inspiring too !
  15. El Moroes

    What I'm Working On, 2014-Forever

    It plays well and I like the idea but, and don't take it bad, you really should work on the lighting and on your textures. I don't meet the quality you had with your previous levels like Season for example. I take it like a good start that needs to be improved now to meet the quality we have in CS : GO. And @Tynnyri is right about the aurora borealis, you'll have to make a choice. EDIT : I know you learned a lot to make all your custom contents and I know how hard it is.