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  1. El Moroes

    Random Photo Thread

    You live in GTA V ! Thanks a lot Helder ! I still don't know if I'll make a new video this year, I didn't made it last year. I'm not sure it's the right format to present my pictures ; for the people who would like to follow my work, outside of my website, Instagram is better tool I think
  2. El Moroes

    Random Photo Thread

    One of my vacation pictures in Brittany (Fr.) www.marcbidoul-nature.fr
  3. Still on this one...and this is crazy how I'm enjoying it ! (I expressly chose a neutral screenshot to avoid spoilers ^^)
  4. Aaaaah la Bretagne Belle maison et excellent choix de vie ! On croise les doigts pour ta copine, chaud PS : yup, french ! ^^
  5. Impressive ! https://steamcommunity.com/games/546560/announcements/detail/2229791404478061089
  6. El Moroes

    Random Photo Thread

    Two birds, in black & white As usual, you can see more on my website here : http://marcbidoul-nature.fr/
  7. The immersion I had in the universe they gave me. This was in a unusual location at this time (a location I always loved and where I would like to discover in real live), the story was good, the character too (not a badass guy, not a common hero we can find everywhere), funny pnj and partner, the gameplay wasn't bad at all ; I liked this idea to play with the lights, the shadows, how to use it to kill an enemy,... I lived a cool adventure with this game.
  8. One of the best game I ever played
  9. Nice !! And the wood of the table is
  10. El Moroes

    Corona Virus

    Here it's simple : You're outside for no reasons (the good ones are buying essential things like food, walk around where we live with our dog of for sport - and it has to be short) : you have a penalty (is it the word?) of 135€. IF you're still seen outside after the first one you had (recurrence withing 15 days), you pay 1500€. AND if after 4 times you're still seen outside (recurrence withing 30 days), you go to jail for 6 months. As usual, people understand only when rules touch the wallet...and even with these rules, some are still enough stupids to go outside or organise party with friends.
  11. El Moroes

    Corona Virus

    I took some pictures here in Lyon when I went to buy some stuff...it's really really a strange thing to live with and in the same time it feels good. You can hear birds and no cars, you breathe...yeah, these are the good things in all of this mess.
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