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  1. The border scene was indeed amazing. About this movie, this scene is staying in my head...the music, the view and and the feeling of the upcoming tension...wow !
  2. El Moroes


    You forgot "Game of Thrones" I really enjoyed the movie and I'll go watch it again.
  3. El Moroes

    Corona Virus

    Well...I think I'm 5G ready !
  4. Don't laugh but...anyone have an invitation for Foundation ? :-°
  5. I finally tested "Hell let loose" and, hell, I loved it ! I never liked these kind of games before and...yeah I think I changed my mind because it was so intense and cool !
  6. Yeah ^^ Impressed me too, one of the first dm level on Source
  7. ETH is growing fast too (yeah sorry don't have BTC xD )
  8. Nice I always wanted to see a nice remake of this map (or doing it myself when I was still motivated by creating levels ^^). This was one of my favorite in old good time of cs1.6 (and remember this map had just ONE crate, a real challenge aha ^^ ). He made cool and original levels and was one of my best inspiration at this time (cs_bikini, cs_greenhouse, de_deadlock, de_747,...). Aaaah memories
  9. Ahaha, sounds like I know these names ^^ I think I'll buy your game one day, not for playing it (to be honest it's not my cup of tea in term of gameplay) but "just" to walk in the levels you guys made because on art side, I really really love what I see.
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