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  1. Dishonored : Death of the outsider // Curator and ghost town

    Well...thanks @kikette for the answers ^^ Just a point about your last question : there was 1 "owner" by level. The other architects helped the "owners" by making a pass of details, optimization, lighting,... From the beginning to the end, I think we worked 8 months on this project (from prototyping to the finished levels).
  2. Well what do you know! The Sequel!

    Congrats @Sprony !
  3. [CS:GO][WIP] de_arizona (Motel) - Source files available

    Hey guys No surprises or happy news here too after my post on the Arizona thread. My decision is the same for all the projects I had so this one is following the same fate. As I did with Arizona, @kikette and me are agree to share all the source files of this map too. You'll find everything you want to check the map...or more. Be careful with the fact that we used some models from other maps as internal tests / temp assets (we had the idea to make our own props). Oh and there is no optimisation at all. So, no more words here but the link where you'll find the map : SOURCE FILES DOWNLOAD And again, I'm sorry if we disappoint some of you...
  4. Dishonored II

    Guys, our standalone "Dishonored : Death of the Outsider" is released And if you want, you can see this video (spoil alert!) to see the gameplay : Have fun !
  5. Guys...bad news here. Well how will I explain that I think this project show me that I've enough with mapping ? Mmmh during the last couple of days (and after two busy summer months) I tried to find someone who could help me to art this level. I honestly though that this map will be something that I'm proud and perhaps the last level for me...but these last days I was also thinking a lot about myself and my priorities and unfortunately, making levels is not on my top priorities. Of course I still like that but now, and since few years, it's my job and I honestly don't want to spend time on that when I'm at home. I think I should stop lying on myself and make what I really want to do. Of course I'll continue to follow what you're doing guys (because you're making great levels!) but, yeah, about me I'm done with that. Perhaps some of you would like to continue this level ? If it's the case, you'll find all the needed files here : DOWNLOAD ARIZONA FILES Well, I think it's clear and I'm sorry if I disappoint some of you but I think I take the right decision for me.
  6. [CS:GO] De_Grind

    Wow guys... !!
  7. The portfolio section´s info

    I'm using Squarespace too for my photography portfolio and it works pretty well. My other portfolio is made by my hands with the old html code and it's enough with what I want to show.
  8. A Game of Thrones

  9. Random Photo Thread

    Paré ! (HD) Canon EOS 80DCanon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM100mm/ƒ/2.8/1/500s/ISO 100
  10. What's going on with your life?

    Haha I laugh ^^ Good luck man ! Here, since Thursday my daughters left Lyon for a month (holidays with their grandparents) and for my wife and me it's like holidays in advance LET'S PARTYYYY !!!
  11. Random Photo Thread

    Aux aguets (HD) Canon EOS 80DEF100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM100mm/ƒ/2.8/1/320s/ISO 200
  12. A Game of Thrones

    Oooh yeah
  13. Random Photo Thread

    Séduction (HD) Canon EOS 80DCanon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM100mm/ƒ/2.8/1/320s/ISO 100