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WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

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Oooh a map inside the Kremlin walls? Looking very nice, although it looks like St Basil's is right next to Spasskaya Tower, might want to move it back a bit :v Look forward to more...

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Started working on a CS:GO remake of de_piranesi. I simply downloaded the CS:S vmf and worked from there. So far I have deleted all props I didnt have (I dont have CS:S) and started replacing the blank textures with dev textures. When Im done I am going to work on layout and then custom textures.

Here are som screenshots of CT-spawn (which I have textured completely) and the beginning area. If anyone with CS:S could give me a radar pic with all the names that would be great.

EDIT: Also, the two last screenshots are from a weird bug I found when I dropped a flash on the boxes at A.








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edit: Inserting image doesn't work for some reason, so have a link instead.

edit2: I fixed it. Thanks, SotaPoika.

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