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  1. Your Elite PC Gaming Master Race membership has just been revoked
  2. It's ok, it was going to suck anyway
  3. Obviously I wholeheartedly support this!
  4. Everyone: You can't do blockouts in Goldsource engine, that's like against the law or something..! Me:
  5. D3ads

    Blade Runner 2049

    I'll just leave this here...
  6. Following on from previously mentioned events, I'm sure pretty much none of us here will be surprised to see that Anita has failed to recognise the hypocrisy of her actions and is instead doubling down on her being the victim. Not only that, but Vidcon has fully backed her in their after event write up about what happened... It also turns out that boogie2988 was sat next to Anita on a "cyber bullying" panel and she had a go at him because he dared to say that online harassment and abuse is not just a woman issue and also happens to men as well... "I think that was kinda fucked up what you said" Yeah.. he had someone try to kill him from a hit organised on the dark web and had people mail him turds.. but none of that matters because you have a vagina... Fucking unbelievable... I recommend everyone watch this hour long video where Sargon defends his record and shows quite clearly that all the claims that he was one of the chief instigators of Anita's harassment is total bollocks, because he started his channel two years after Gamergate began and even made a video investigating who has abusing her and asking people to try and find out where the trouble was coming from amongst other things. On a related note, it turns out one of the Neogaf staff members who was staunchly anti-Gamergate has recently been arrested and charged for possession of child pornography! 'I dare thee to find a better "This tweet did not age well"' HAHAHA! Also in that video is Zoe Quinn being a shit head again.. Beloveth Anita posted some kind of fantasy storyline on her blog where she literally shoots Randy Pitchford to death (something about Aliens Colonial Marines.. because I'm sure she really cares about that). Anyway, Randy saw it and freaked out about it naturally especially since one of his kids read it.. Zoe's response to him is "grow up" plus a whole bunch of other bullshit... Seems like Gamergate lives on...
  7. HAHAHA.. this is fucking beautiful; Sarkeesian was sitting on a panel at vidcon yesterday holding a conference about "online harassment against women" and some of the "anti-SJW" users were sitting in the audience right at the front including Mundanematt, and Anita recognised Sargon Of Akkad and proceeded to call him a "shit head" and "human piece of garbage" !! The irony of abusing someone who has done nothing to you (apart from making videos that call her out on her bullshit like hundreds of others) at a panel about standing up to abuse...! She also tried and failed to get security to move them to the back because she felt like they were invading her safe space... hahahaha. Funny thing is she actually broke the convention rules with her little stunt and now people are trying to get her kicked off (or it's just a troll using the same kind of victim claims she uses). The absolute audacity of that woman, the same woman who went to the fucking UN with Zoe because she didn't like people telling her "you suck" on the internet. Jesus Christ. http://www.oneangrygamer.net/2017/06/anita-sarkeesian-calls-sargan-of-akkad-human-garbage-during-vidcon-panel/33681/ Missed an opportunity to get as many women as possible to ask questions and call her out on her nonsense, nevermind... There's nothing "unhinged" about anything I said, and what the Hell is "lucky for you you had to compete with white supremacy" supposed to mean? Antisemitism is prejudice against Jews as an ethnic group, it includes Anti-Judaism where apparent but it is not exclusive to it since there are non-religious Jews. Whereas Islamaphobia is exclusively about the religion of Islam and it's followers, not a race. It's not my fault if the things I state offend you or whatever, since offence is taken not given and facts don't care about your feelings.
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    A Game of Thrones

    Thanks, now my office is covered in jizz...
  9. Surprised no one posted about this, literally what the actual fuck... The first rule of in-house engine, is not to talk about in-house engine...
  10. Lmao... I swear everyone was like "y is it not openwurld" when Metro 2033 came out and now this, how times change
  11. Didn't really want to drag this out, but some things need addressing... She did much more than that, she completely flat out lied on numerous occasions about scenarios in certain video games to push her agenda, the fact that you don't know about that leads me to believe you don't actually know much about Gamergate. Take a look: You can find many examples like the above, just research it. She claimed she was doing all this because she was a gamer who loved video games and then was caught on camera saying she wasn't actually a gamer at all and everything she did was about "social justice". Aside from the fact that the EU has a lot of varied figures considering that different countries hold different standards, it makes it clear from that data that it simply a comparison of the average earnings of men and women. When you take into account different jobs, hours worked, the simple fact that women generally go for lower paid and part time jobs, you can see clearly see that the different choices made by men and women make an impact on the statistics. It has nothing to do with women being paid less than men for the same job because of sexism, it has nothing to do with discrimination. Anyway, don't let me "mansplain" about it, I'll let an actual feminist (Christina Hoff Sommers) explain it to you from a US perspective since I believe that's where you live: Give me a break, the whole "white guilt/privilege" rubbish is pushed by feminists at every turn, stereotypes exist because there was a truth in it in the first place and the hundreds of such articles on Huffpost, Salon, Slate, Buzzfeed and the like clearly show this. Then there's sites like Everydayfeminism where every article is basically just "check your white male privilege and stop oppressing me". You mean feminists... most regular women don't give a shit, the vast amounts of women cosplayers wearing "boob armour" and dressing up as Quiet from MGS5 is evidence of that. How many video games feature LGBTQ people anyway let alone negative depictions? In certain games, such characters can add something I'm sure like in certain tv programmes and movies, Felix from Orphan Black for example is one of my favourite characters. Otherwise what's the point, especially with Transgender people who are a tiny minority. People of colour depends entirely on the scenario, funnily enough Anita did a recent video about this and got destroyed as per usual... For the record, "Islamophobia" was a term used by the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and the Mullahs in Iran to shut down any debate over the teachings of the prophet in the Quran and the Hadith. Ask yourself why there is so "Sikhophobia" "Buddophobia" "Hinduphobia" etc It really started because of the Zoe post, which you described as "a harassment campaign by her abusive ex-boyfriend" which leads me to believe you haven't actually read it because then you would see it's more like her boyfriend pouring his heart out because his girlfriend cheated on him. Zoe Quinn is a cry bully, she claims to be the sole victim of abuse but she and her minions have harassed and doxed people just as much. She's literally gotten dozens of projects shut down all over because, she objected to their themes or she cherry picked certain things people working on them said using various campaigns through petitions and gofundme donations. Now the campaign to shut down yet another talented game is in full swing as we can see. I fully accept that she got threats and was harrassed but it was mostly from trolls whose sole intent was to cause harm anyway and she gave as good as she got. Hell.. the FBI did a investigation into it and found no credible evidence of actual crimes in the making... As for other things discussed, I can quite easily talk about the many issues with BLM or what Islamism is (nothing to do with blaming an entire religion for terrorism) but I don't want to drag this thread into the land of off topic, so I'll just end this here with a recent video: *drops mic*
  12. Gamergate was and still is about pushing back against identity politics in video games. Back in the day of Quinn it was specifically about feminism with all the ridiculous claims about sexism and misogyny by people like Anita Sarkeesian through misrepresentation of facts and outright lies, we covered all that extensively here. Of course the media mainly focused on a minority of trolls making abusive comments and threats (which were and always will be condemned) and deliberately ignored the actual point of the movement in order to facilitate the agenda of the ever virtuous regressive left. Tim hasn't said anything that isn't true, feminism has become a parody of it's former self bleating on about non-existent things like the wage gap, the ever present yet totally invisible "patriarchy" and blaming everything on "straight white men". It's no longer about equality.. Hell I don't even know what it's about anymore... Anyway none of the issues that women face in real life has anything to do with video games.. 50% of gamers are female.. Achievement unlocked: EQUALITY! I subscribe to mundanematt, he talks about the issues with feminism I mentioned, Black Lives Matter (a racist bullshit movement) and Islamism/Islamist terrorism which to those paying attention to the world is something to be concerned with. It's the reason why kids in my country were blown to pieces at a pop concert but people are more concerned with "Islamaphobia".. Just listen to anything that Maajid Nawaz and Ayaan Hirsi Ali have to say on the subject... Anyway... the game is looking very impressive with a very unique art style and I look forward to seeing more of it.
  13. Holee sheet... I did not expect to see another Metro game ever again given that Last Light came out in 2013.. but I was pleasently surprised to be wrong... Metro Exodus is here! http://store.steampowered.com/app/412020/Metro_Exodus/ Here's the reveal trailer, it's scripted as fuck but it looks and feels epic. Apparently the game wont be fully open world but it will allow for more open environments where players can explore much more freely... Four years in the making and no release until 2018, I'm expecting a masterpiece. Smart idea to move out of Moscow, I wonder which cities we'll see.. St Petersburg perhaps. I just hope there is enough air supply to explore places properly, I hated having to sprint everywhere in previous games to try and see everything before the filters ran out...
  14. The best bit of Prometheus is the trailer...
  15. Hey, don't go giving them ideas...
  16. I was wondering what came after space warfare.. reboot!!!
  17. D3ads

    POTUS 2016

    Of course, my specific point is being unaware that a Federal judge from Washington can override an EO for the whole of the states but as I understand it it is simply a temporary order pending a hearing on the case at the appeals court. I have been told that only congress can completely overturn an EO, but allow me to read up so I can come back to it again...
  18. D3ads

    POTUS 2016

    I know about Checks and Balances, that's why I was saying that there were measures in place to ensure the US does not become a dictatorship when everyone was crying Hitler. I just didn't realise that a Federal judge had such power, I thought that lay with the Supreme court. Well anyway as I said, the case will be heard now and we'll see what happens. Ok.. here's a marine in Iraq who might be able to explain this in a better way: He's not making a generalisation that "all Iraqi people are bad" but simply illustrating from his personal experience of actually being there that people in the country have problems. I'm sorry but I don't buy this whole stopping people who might possibly be a threat creates a threat. People who hate the US already hate the US, you either hate or you don't hate, there is no middle ground. No one with rational mind who can't travel to the US because of a temporary immigration ban is going to suddenly think to themselves that "the US hates muslims" and join a terrorist group and kill people. That's just nonsense. Most of those people drowning in the med right now are migrants who come from places like Eritrea, Ethiopia etc yeah sure those countries are not exactly great but how is that our issue? The more people that leave said countries, the less there are to actually change them around. There's only so many times places like Zimbabwe can blame all the problems on colonalism.. you've been independent for 50 years for goodness sake, time to wake up and take responsibility for the actions that have made your country what it is. I can agree with anyone that the US (and our) meddling in many conflicts in the Middle East have not exactly made us friends with them anyway like you've pointed out. I've often talked about the blanket support of "rebels" in Syria being one of many. Still.. the region wasn't exactly a utopia before we stuck our noses in anyway... " but this is not how you fight it." "I don't have the answers or solutions. " You've kinda contradicted yourself here.. I'm not having a go or anything but yeah.. like I said, I have no answers or solutions either but an administration that recognises the threat for what it is, is a good start. No I can see there's a lot of nonsense coming out of the administration, heck I heard plenty of nonsense coming out of the Obama administration just in a different way. Still.. the hysteria over "Bowling Green massacre" and such is hyperbole, this isn't the first time that kind of thing has happened as I've pointed out. A lot of this is still that the media, the DNC etc don't understand how "their side" lost the election and they can't deal with it so they're lashing out at absolutely everything no matter what it is... Right.. because I am not American and I do not know the ins and outs of every single part of the US government/Justice system? Trust me, many Americans I know do not understand this either and they're far from being stupid nor did they vote for Trump.
  19. D3ads

    POTUS 2016

    Oh boy.. where to begin.. So the "muslim ban" has been blocked by a Federal judge, I'm not sure how he has the power to overturn a presidential order but apparently he does. Anyway, there's now going to be a case heard about it all and there will be action taken deciding what happens with it, so we'll see. Anyway, it doesn't matter how much people say it's a "muslim ban" it isn't, just saying something over and over doesn't make it so. There are many different religions in those countries as well as muslims; Christianity, Yazidism, Druze, Hinduism, Judaism (minorities and Persian jews), Zoroastrianism, Bahá'í faith etc Any ban on the citizens of those countries, descriminates against all those people. As for favouring Christians over other refugees from those countries.. why not? Christianity in the Middle East is on the verge of extinction, millions have been killed or forced to flee because of constant persecution from.. muslims. There's no point in being politically correct about it, it is what is, same goes for Jews since the Arab Israeli war. Sometime in the second half of this century, muslims will outnumber Christians around the world and their persecution in the places where Christianity began will only worsen. Anyway back to the US, here is an interactive timeline of terrorist plots in the US since 9/11: http://dailysignal.com/2015/09/10/a-timeline-of-73-islamist-terror-plots-since-911/ What people need to take into account is not only the ones that suceeded but those that were foiled. As you can see on the list, there are a lot that were uncovered and dismantled before they occured and the number of plots has increased dramatically in the time that Daesh established their so called caliphate. Now of course we all know more people are killed by guns in the US than terrorism but that's another discussion entirely. What you also have to take into account is just because refugees don't carry out attacks it doesn't mean their hands are clean, how many people coming in from the problem countries are grooming and radicalising those homegrown US muslims to carry out attacks on their behalf? You also have intergration problems, take into account that many muslims have not lived with jews in their home countries for many many years if at all because of aforementioned circumstances and anti-semitism is a major issue in Arab states. Btw, the only attack carried out by refugees in the US was the Boston Marathon bombing, which might have been prevented had the FBI taken notice and acted on the intel that "Enemy numero #1" Russia had warned them about. Just something to think about. Now look.. I don't profess to have all the answers, I don't know if the immigration order is a good or bad thing but I can tell you that by starting to recognise the problem for what it is is a good start.. ie Islamic terrorism is a thing and there are significant issues with the islamic faith that simply do not occur with other religions. The majority of muslims are I'm sure perfectly good and peaceful people but when they inact violence it should be called out for what it is.. a muslim who commits terrorism is a muslim, a muslim who kills someone for insulting the Qaran is a muslim, a muslim who murders someone because they drew a picture of the prophet is a muslim. During the troubles in Northern Ireland, no one went out of their way to say the "PIRA are not catholics" so what is with the apologists for the islamist extremists? Islamic terrorists have carried out approximately 30,000 terrorist attacks globally since 9/11... Non-islamic terrorism does not even scratch that figure... "The Bowling Green Massacre".. she meant the mass murder of US service personal in Iraq by AQ, funded by men posing as refugees living in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Anyone who is not jumping at the chance to use anything and everything to throw shit at Trump at every second can figure this out. So she made a stupid goof not unlike those made by others in office. I don't remember the media jumping all over Obama when he said the Fort Hood terror attack could have been "workplace violence" or he had visited "57 states" ... Hell Clinton claimed she had come under sniper fire when she landed in Bosnia back in the day.. which never happened, she lied but.. surprise surprise there isn't a whole fucking wikipedia page about it. On Spicer's bs about "alternative facts" and the Inauguration crowd being the biggest ever seen.. yeah we can safely say that's bollocks but that doesn't mean everything that is being said is nonsense. When he stated that "Iran had attacked a US naval vessel" he was quickly corrected that it was a Saudi ship and he aknowledged the mistake. The ship itself was attacked by the Houthis, who are a major tribe in Yemen that are funded by.. Iran, hence the statement... yes the Houthis did the dirty work but everyone knows who is really responsible, same as with any attack by Hezbollah. Re: McConnell... Politicians are hypocritical assholes... News at 11. Schwarzenegger for president? Sure, I'm down! He actually has experience as Governor of California just like Reagen did... I think that covers most things... Since we're discussing Ukraine for a brief period, I wont go into too much detail but It's the Ukrainian forces who started the latest round of fighting. They've been mounting a "creeping offensive" since December, advancing from Government controlled Avdiivka into and taking territory which is meant to be unclaimed by either side under the Minsk agreement. The final straw was when they advanced on rebel positions close to Mariivka (which is under DNR control according to Minsk) which resulted in a counter-attack by seperatist forces. Poroshenko must be shitting himself, he's got a 13% approval rating, politicians are robbing the country dry again and the only thing that's stopping another Euromaidan is the Donbass war, Kiev is the only one who benefits from an escalation in the conflict when Putin is looking to have the sanctions regime lifted and rebuild ties with the US. Funnily enough, since Trump spoke to Poroshenko yesterday, the fighting has stopped... K.. I need a lie down...
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    POTUS 2016

    Your friend's circumstances are unfortunate, I'm sorry for that. Iran was "identified" as a source of terror long ago, it is the biggest global sponsor of terrorist groups with known proven links that are without question (unlike in SA) and the regime has long called for "Death to America" so it's no surprise it's on the list. Why are other countries not on the list? Same answer for your other question, only those that are already on the list of countries of concern are included. If we look at the list we can determine the most likely reasons why they are there: Syria - Ongoing civil war, major threat of terrorism from ISIS and Jabhat Fateh al-Sham Iraq - Major threat of terrorism from ISIS Libya - Tribal warfare and civil conflict, major threat of terrorism from ISIS Sudan - Not entirely clear... Somalia - Major threat of terrorism from al-Shabab Yemen - Ongoing civil war and terrorism from ISIS and AQAP Saudi Arabia is a US ally, you wont see them on such a list because of that, plus people like Mccain and Graham would have a fit about it. It is a coincidence. If you say it's just "damage control" then that's up to you, but it's funny how it echoes almost exactly what I said. In 2011, Obama stopped all Iraqi visas coming into the country when refugees in Kentucky were said to have possible links with AQ including certain people who had been working as interpreters, there was no moral outcry about that though... I don't know how removing the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Director of National Intelligence is a "distraction" for anything, since it happens each time a new administration arrives in the White House. Clapper and Dunford are out, Mattis and at some point Coats are in. Nothing ontoward... Bannon has done all sorts in his time, he used to be in the Navy, he was a banker, he worked on Biosphere 2, he's been involved in film making but of course pretty much all anyone talks about is Breitbart. Here's the thing about the alt-right.. there isn't really an "alt-right". It is a lazy buzzword in the media for things that the MSN doesn't get or everything the liberal left do not like. Shit heads like Richard Spencer might claim they came up with it, but really it's been around a long time before. Honestly "alt-right" for the most part is pretty much just 4chan on steroids, silly things like unpoliticially correct Pepe the frog memes that can be safely ignored and more right-wing views.. sure there are racist assholes in there and neo-nazis but it sure as Hell aint everyone. So Breitbart is like 4chan presenting the news /pol/ style, it's not exactly The Guardian but it isn't the Daily Stormer either... I sometimes read stuff on there, I don't believe in shying away from certain sources if there's information of value to be found somewhere amongst the garbage. I particularly enjoy Milo Yiannopoulos's professional trolling, the way he riles people up is hilarious. So, I'm not worried about Bannon personally... As for your video.. that's from July 2016, again the comedian repeats the rubbish that Trump called all Mexicans rapists and other things. Anyway, he's a comedian and his job is to entertain so he'll say whatever.
  21. D3ads

    POTUS 2016

    He hasn't excluded anything! They were never there in that bill in the first place! If anyone is saying that, it's a blatent lie. Look.. it's no surprise that Saudi Arabia isn't on there because they are unfortunately a US ally, I'm all for them being added but they're not. The countries listed also have specific problems like ongoing civil wars and/or big problems with terrorism in the country (in Iran's case, a known sponsor of Hezbollah, Hamas and others). I'm not sure why Sudan is on the list, other than Al Bashir is an asshole and they've had issues with terrorism in the past. On green cards, they've clearly got problems but now that the ban has been lifted by the judge, they can sort anything like that out so it doesn't happen again. [edit]His statement confirms everything I've said:
  22. D3ads

    POTUS 2016

    ^^ Not the first time they've tried it, wont be the last. Wont happen. All this hysteria about the "Muslim ban" that Trump supposedly invited, turns out he took what Obama put in place and toughtened it. There is no mention of Islam or any ethnicity, the only country mentioned is Syria... "I hereby proclaim that the immigrant and nonimmigrant entry into the United States of aliens from countries referred to in section 217(a)(12) of the INA, 8 U.S.C. 1187(a)(12)" These are "countries of concern", already under restrictions according to the "Terrorist Travel Prevention Act" from 2015: https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/house-bill/158/text Last year four other countries were added to the bill.. Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. https://www.dhs.gov/news/2016/02/18/dhs-announces-further-travel-restrictions-visa-waiver-program Saudi Arabia, UAE, Lebanon and Egypt are not included it's true.. neither is Indonesia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Pakistan and many other Islamic countries.. this is a long way off from a blanket ban on muslims that the media and some people are claiming (which would be completely unworkable anyway)...
  23. D3ads

    POTUS 2016

    Meanwhile at the DNC: ...still not getting it, look forward to Trump winning his second term in 2020 if you keep peddling this bullshit...
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