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  1. Uninstalling Mapcore now..
  2. He's a judge. Ain't gonna happen.
  3. I like that one a lot A little Photoshop magic and a more widescreen format would make it even better.
  4. It's not allowed to die!
  5. Next level asset release! Great stuff, Yanzl!
  6. eff emm pony
  7. please highlands, no deaded pls be like jesus and come back to life!
  8. Some good overview shots of the villages. Some more panoramic and some more zoomed in shots could look good as well. Try to keep the horizon horizontal though. Edit: One of the pictures i took yesterday in the mountains:
  9. Please stick to english. It's an international board.
  10. The heatmap has been generated after a Mapcore playtest. Really cool stuff if you ask me
  11. The do’s and don’ts of CS:GO level design - a guide to assist you crafting a well working competitive layout for CS:GO The dos and donts of csgo level design - 2017.pdf I have been working on this for a long time now and was never able to wrap this project up. I've never been satisfied enough with the result to release it although the content has been complete for a long time. With the recently launched 2017 Mapcore CS:GO contest i figured it's about time to finish the ongoing rework and publish it no matter what since lots of the content will hopefully benefit any newcomer to CS:GO level design. Some chapters might even be interesting to more advanced mappers - who knows. I don't expect this release version to be perfect right away, so if there's any feedback or addition you'd like to see changed/implemented, please hit me up so i can further improve this guide. Credit where credit is due: MaanMan, will2k and others assisted me by proofreading and giving feedback to a very early version of this document. Since i reworked almost every paragraph, there might not be much left of their work, but i really have to appreciate the time they took. Thank you guys! I really hope this is helpful and that at least some new mappers can make use of it. Happy mapping and have a nice day!
  12. Sirius aka the map without any progress through ages The layout has been in development for quite a while and it seems to be pretty solid with only possible minor adjustments in the future. Some untested new gameplay elements were implemented recently. There hasn't been an art pass yet, it's basically a single huge placeholder whereever you look. I am psyched to change this! The contest will mark the kick off of the art pass. Tons of new programs and workflow pipelines are ahead of me and i welcome this challenge. I will be working on this project completely on my own to maximize the learning experience. I hope i can finish this sucker finally this year despite of university exams and several other projects. It's been way too long. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=535066567
  13. I guess that means RIP summer Nice stuff!
  14. Looking pretty cool! I am also interested in the Source 2 prop creation. How did you do that?
  15. Pretty impressive for a first go in the SDK. Thumbs up!