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  1. El_Exodus


    I think you need to re-evaluate the upper plant area itself. As i remember from playing Kaizen, it felt really annoying once the bomb is up there. Maybe some little higher railings/cover up there could make after-plants more interesting. Liking Nikios idea though
  2. El_Exodus

    de_mine.vmm (dev name)

    yes @untor The CT rotation path between the sites seems quite boring/uninspired to me. There's more potential
  3. El_Exodus

    Do you connect your PC to the TV?

    That's a setting on the TV. You gotta set it from overscan to just scan or whatever it's called.
  4. Few days ago i read a tweet of him where he said he is physically getting better. I didn't see that one coming RIP
  5. El_Exodus

    Battlefield V

    Not really a fan of the reveal trailer, it seems it was made only for one reason: Trailer analysis. It's not really hooking. The gameplay changes interest me a lot though. I'm curious how it'll play out. They seem quite solid so far.
  6. El_Exodus

    [WIP] de_aurelia (remake)

    Bots. These "Free Skins" maps are a massive issue of the Workshop currently...
  7. El_Exodus

    [CSGO] de_ruby

    That's an engine issue (if he's talking about what i think). Walls which are not in 90° angles on the grid are glitching out when you move along them touching them. Nothing you can do about it.
  8. El_Exodus

    [CSGO] de_ruby

    I think ruby is the first map i had a walk around while shift-walking the entire time. That soundscape man - awesome shit. Your sound recordings definitely payed off! Incredible what feeling that adds to the map.
  9. El_Exodus

    Source 1 and 2018 year

    If you want to map for CS:GO, go for it and don't wait. No-one knows if/when the Source 2 Ed will actually come for CS:GO.
  10. El_Exodus

    Mapcore FACEIT Hubs

    Yesterday, we had a productive discussion on Discord about the future of the Faceit Mapcore Hubs. This is a summary of said one: Mapcore 5vs5 Hub concept: We aim for a Map pool of 7. The maps in the pool rotate every month. The monthly 2 least played maps get removed from the pool at the end of a month and 2 new maps get added at the beginning of the following month. These new maps are being chosen through a poll which is prepared by Hub moderators and posted on reddit/Twitter/Hub webpage (More on that later). This poll should be under a week away from the next month to stay relevant for the voters. The map pool should be managed by the Hub moderators through a specific Steam Workshop Collection (linked to the Hub via Hub settings) to enable some independent managing from the Faceit Staff. ( @fabE ) Leaderboard winners should receive Faceit points to help growing the Hub. This should be a win-win situation for every party involved. It draws more people towards Faceit as a community map run map pool is rare and players have an incentive to play more games and improve their skill on community maps. Events are planned as well. Each event is aimed to be half a month long (starting either on the 1st or 15th of a month) to allow consistency in the time management so players are always able to assume when new events start/maps get added to the pool. An already thought through idea for events are past Operation events. These flashback events allow players to revisit maps from old Operations. These events could be advertised through a special site on the Hub webpage similar to the official Operation webpages (http://www.counter-strike.net/operationwildfire/) and maybe even small trailers which showcase the map pools. After events, the map pool returns to the usual rotation. Hub design: The banner and Hub description (/Rules page) should be adjusted to every monthly map rotation/event. Hub webpage: If possible we'd like to use a subdomain of Mapcore (Hub.Mapcore.org) to showcase information, statistics about the Hubs and more. ( @Thrik ) This webpage could contain the following content: *Linked/embedded polls for new map pool maps *Hype page for certain events *Links to the hubs *View current/past map pools (e.g. images and development graphs) -> link the workshop collection *Infographs of played maps. If possible fully automated demo analyzing ( @Terri ) *Calendar of upcoming events *Players of the month / Leaderboard *Video Highlights The map rotation should be in place prior to April so we have the first full month of map rotations running by then. (Current plan: Top4 Contest winners, Grind, Subzero, Breach) The first poll to swap out maps will then be at the end of April. Open questions: Are there statistics coming for the Hubs to see e.g. the distribution of played maps? Should single maps in the pool be time limited? Discussion allowed! Who would be willing to work on a Hub webpage? Mapcore 2vs2 Hub concept: If possible we'd like to see a Wingman Hub as well. A Hub like this would be relatively easy to run right off the bat due to it being in need of less players to start a game. ( @FMPONE, @fabE ) This Hub could serve as a playtesting Hub of WIP maps at first, as the supply for these maps is still fairly low. It could then later down the line transform into a Hub for finished maps only. Time will tell. The map pool can also be larger than on 5vs5 as learning these maps is not as time consuming.
  11. El_Exodus

    Mapcore FACEIT Hubs

    Would there be a possibility to see Wingman Mapcore (Playtesting) Hubs in the near future? If the per-Hub-collections become a thing, it'd be really easy to manage the map pool by selected Hub managers/mods plus not as many people would be needed to get games going.
  12. El_Exodus

    Mapcore FACEIT Hubs

    Some more feedback: - @fabE More like platform related feedback rather than Mapcore Hub related - still applies: The current map pool should be displayed under Match Settings in the Rule Tab. Preferably done automatically through a Steam Workshop Collection from which the Hub automatically grabs the maps/maplist. I reckon this will be needed as a long term solution for Hubs which make use of custom maps.
  13. El_Exodus

    So I have some spare games...

    Thanks for that bud!
  14. El_Exodus

    [Pre-release] Sirius

    Updated the map for the final deadline! Good luck to all the other contestants! May the best map win. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1217279476 Unfortunately, I didn't even get remotely close to what i wanted to achieve originally, but I tried. This project isn't over yet and will be finalized eventually. Some rather big reworks are potentially coming in the future. I just haven't decided how to proceed yet. Huge thanks to Mapcore and Faceit for this amazing opportunity! The prizes, the playtesting week, everything really... - it was a blast!
  15. El_Exodus

    [Pre-release] Sirius

    Thanks for the feedback @harmy ! @FloppyFins Man that is some excellent feedback! Thank you so much for this! Mid and especially B site will undergo layout changes. Most complaints i heard during the past few days were referring to B site. However, I still have to figure out how exactly I am going to approach these adjustments. I like your suggestion for the balcony, probably will try this one out.