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  1. Agree to that one. Keeping the silent jump as a skill feature would be cool. The POV problem is breaking the game tiny bit too much though. Valve's move fix it. Not the player's fault to discover and use it imo.
  2. Took my new wide angle lens for a ride last night and took some long exposure shots. All shot on a Canon EOS 500D. Lens: Canon EFS 10-18 f/4.5-5.6 IS STM f/7.1 | 13mm | 30s | ISO 800 f/5.6 | 10mm | 30s | ISO 800 f/14 | 10mm | 30s | ISO 200 Had a little company while doing my first shots. Didn't see them at first because it was so dark. f/5.6 | 18mm | 30s | ISO 800 Btw: No colour correction or any other PS magic in there.
  3. Not wrong, but personally i'd write: (Yes, we love overly complex long words) And add a space in between 26. and April (also between 02. and Juli obviously) Germans, do ya agree?
  4. did you try adding _radar at least?
  5. This. Spectator cam is probably locked in 1st person mode. Space bar cycles through the different view modes of the spec cam. 1st P, 3rd P, Free fly mode. But having a seperate testing.cfg as Squad said, should rather be used imo. @blackdog Open console and type "exec maptestcfg" or whatever you called your config file.
  6. Looking neat so far! However, it needs way more dirt and wear overall. It's too clean to be believable.
  7. unfortunately, playing alone is hell way too many times.
  8. Had a quick walk around it. Some pathes should be a bit wider imo. Right now everything besides sites and spawns feels a bit cramped. It also felt like it could be a bit close range heavy. But i'm not 100% sure about that. Might be due to the narrow pathing. Bomb sites itself don't look too interesting yet imo. Hard to say without actually playing it though, still felt like it. To create a bit more contrast between the sites, one of them might benefit from a bit of 'spiciness'. The map definitely looks fresh, you should playtest it soon!
  9. @blackdog Usually it takes quite a while for me to load the map as well. No idea why that's a thing though. If the server seems to be full, try to connect using the console via "connect ip:ip:ip:ip:port" That lets you connect even if there's no more player space available. Spectator slots work fine though. And if somebody leaves the server, grab that spot and you are good to go.
  10. Uninstalling Mapcore now..
  11. He's a judge. Ain't gonna happen.
  12. I like that one a lot A little Photoshop magic and a more widescreen format would make it even better.
  13. It's not allowed to die!
  14. Next level asset release! Great stuff, Yanzl!
  15. eff emm pony