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  1. Some of my impressions from playing the map a dozen or so times during the last week: Collision on many models is very poor. Rocks are the biggest offender here. And the crane. Tried shooting through it and although there being a huge gap, bullets were blocked. Frustrating Performance: Despite being on a high end system, I still get stuttery mouse movement when being around the center of the map. I've seen you used limited render distance of models a lot already, but that still doesn't do the job very well. (Sometimes objects disappear too early btw. Shot a guy who thought he's behind cover) I guess you need to look into combining props to reduce drawcalls. Freedom of movement feels quite limited at times. The little fences blend well with the background and block me all of the sudden when I'm focused on other things. Some areas are not easy to get out of since there are limted options. When you play blacksite for example, all areas on the map are designed in a way, that you can jump from point A to B which gives you TONS of possibilities to change your position. Doesn't feel the way on your map. Water is too deep in gameplay areas Dark rocks don't really fit the visuals. They need to be brighter to fit the environment more
  2. Many still can't make the first jump. So calm your banana.
  3. El_Exodus

    Mapcore FACEIT Hubs

    Hey people, as some of you might have seen we're expanding our Mapcore Hubs on Faceit to South America, Southeast Asia and Oeania. That means we're going to need help from the community to get these running smoothly. If you're interested to help out as a moderator, please go ahead and fill out this form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfRZuv6am19pur1BeNPqrLkEIOm_Paf8-1tknCFKzRTnnavRw/viewform
  4. 5 year old thread? No worries, i got this. There are currently 2 merch stores: The old one: https://shop.spreadshirt.co.uk/mapcore/ and the new one: https://teespring.com/stores/mapcore 1. The old one should be nuked to avoid confusion. Also: Old logo. 2. The new one got cut down for some reason. Can't buy a mug no more? GUYS! MURGS - WE NEED THEM MURGS!! 3. The store isn't really linked to around here. Gotta fix that. Edit: Tagging some cause otherwise nobody will find this comment ever. @FMPONE @Thrik @Yanzl
  5. What's your process of that if I may ask? I thought autocombine turned out unusable for us non-Valve plebs. Would be cool to see how it's done properly
  6. Watched the reveal earlier and I have to admit that it looks so much better than I expected. It seems to be the COD after many years, which will actually deliver something new. I like. Definitely will jump into the beta when it's there and see for myself.
  7. Man the lighting still hurts my eyes. Try to get a natural lighting with light_environment going first. And only when that's natural, start adding your neon lights to the map. Right now I wouldn't want to load up the map ingame tbh. Use your references properly and analyze why they look the way they look.
  8. I'm aware it's not easy to pull off and I might be nitpicky here, but artificial gravity won't work like that. The rotational force should push you in radial direction instead of axial direction as seen in your map. So if you'd rotate the rotation axis of the station 90° and put the playable area of the map in an area where the centrifugal force would actually push the players against the floor, the whole concept could at least be plausible. Additionally, a rotating skybox (planet/moon/stars) could fake the impression that the playable area would rotate around the central station axis. Might be worth experimenting with that stuff while it's still a greybox.
  9. Looks a bit large judging by the radar. 'Greybox' is looking darn sweet tho
  10. New contest, new update! Took the chance to get the rework in a presentable state. Might be changing it further in the coming weeks depending on feedback. We'll see I guess. The dos and donts of csgo level design - 2019-06-10_2.pdf There is also a Steam version of the guide if you prefer that: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1110438811
  11. click on the dot/star left of the thread title. it jumps to the first unread post.
  12. El_Exodus


    Just played it and have to agree. The routing and overall spacing of the layout seem off. The underground area is also not really fitting in my opinion. It takes too much space of the map and doesn't really fit the theme of the map. I think you'd be better off removing the underground area and go for a less vertical approach to the layout. The 'daylight' visuals are promising so having this huge underground area doesn't feel like a good idea. Due to that and the size it feels like a maze from time to time. Especially rotating between the sites feels mad. Also the encounters between players are a thing to improve on. Revisit cover placement and chokepoints. Oh and the stairs would look much better if the steps were less high And the water texture doesn't seem to be packed right. It appears black. tl;dr: less complex, more horizontal layout approach to get better visuals+gameplay.
  13. @FMPONE I don't think this mode needs to be tweaked towards competitive gameplay. It's a surprisingly fun casual game mode in it's current state. Since competitive CS evolves around defuse maps anyway, it's good to have more relaxed, casual modes in the game as well. However, it'd be quite nice to see guaranteed amount of crates per hexagon on the map. The locations could still be random, but you would know that "there is somewhere a gun, boiii" and have to find it.
  14. El_Exodus


    -All the small windows to go through are quite annoying, rework these to proper routes instead -Work on visibility/change T models. They blend really well with the walls -Somer routes could use some more space, feels narrow at points -Don't enjoy the ladder route towards B. Needs something else, less clunky -I don't like the mid connector entrance towards B. Feels twist'n'turny and somehow.. awkward. Hard to describe it A lot of people on the Hub seem to enjoy the map, so that's some cool news!
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