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  1. I'm aware it's not easy to pull off and I might be nitpicky here, but artificial gravity won't work like that. The rotational force should push you in radial direction instead of axial direction as seen in your map. So if you'd rotate the rotation axis of the station 90° and put the playable area of the map in an area where the centrifugal force would actually push the players against the floor, the whole concept could at least be plausible. Additionally, a rotating skybox (planet/moon/stars) could fake the impression that the playable area would rotate around the central station axis. Might be worth experimenting with that stuff while it's still a greybox.
  2. Looks a bit large judging by the radar. 'Greybox' is looking darn sweet tho
  3. New contest, new update! Took the chance to get the rework in a presentable state. Might be changing it further in the coming weeks depending on feedback. We'll see I guess. The dos and donts of csgo level design - 2019-06-10_2.pdf There is also a Steam version of the guide if you prefer that: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1110438811
  4. click on the dot/star left of the thread title. it jumps to the first unread post.
  5. El_Exodus


    Just played it and have to agree. The routing and overall spacing of the layout seem off. The underground area is also not really fitting in my opinion. It takes too much space of the map and doesn't really fit the theme of the map. I think you'd be better off removing the underground area and go for a less vertical approach to the layout. The 'daylight' visuals are promising so having this huge underground area doesn't feel like a good idea. Due to that and the size it feels like a maze from time to time. Especially rotating between the sites feels mad. Also the encounters between players are a thing to improve on. Revisit cover placement and chokepoints. Oh and the stairs would look much better if the steps were less high And the water texture doesn't seem to be packed right. It appears black. tl;dr: less complex, more horizontal layout approach to get better visuals+gameplay.
  6. @FMPONE I don't think this mode needs to be tweaked towards competitive gameplay. It's a surprisingly fun casual game mode in it's current state. Since competitive CS evolves around defuse maps anyway, it's good to have more relaxed, casual modes in the game as well. However, it'd be quite nice to see guaranteed amount of crates per hexagon on the map. The locations could still be random, but you would know that "there is somewhere a gun, boiii" and have to find it.
  7. El_Exodus


    -All the small windows to go through are quite annoying, rework these to proper routes instead -Work on visibility/change T models. They blend really well with the walls -Somer routes could use some more space, feels narrow at points -Don't enjoy the ladder route towards B. Needs something else, less clunky -I don't like the mid connector entrance towards B. Feels twist'n'turny and somehow.. awkward. Hard to describe it A lot of people on the Hub seem to enjoy the map, so that's some cool news!
  8. About the rule: Since it's so hard to tell if a greybox has been created a long time ago or only recently, another aspect has to be taken into account instead of the vmf's creation date. There is a clear indicator however to see how much progress has been achieved: Playtests. The rule could state that only maps are eligible to enter the contest, which have not been playtested yet - privately or publicly. If an entry turns out to be tested prior to the contest, you could introduce penalty points during the judging process. In addition to the rule that having art on the map leads to disqualification of the entry, this could be an option to allow for a mostly even playing field. Also about the judging process. Please, please do actual playtests. At least of the Top X maps. Analyzing a map carefully can only tell so much of the whole story.
  9. If you're talking about contests in general, it'd be cool to see something like a cs_ only contest to encourage brainstorming how to make the mode more enjoyable overall. If it's about a contest of this scale, I think limiting the mappers' choice to a specific game mode is not the right way. It'd be more fitting to see something like that in smaller jam-like contests. These could focus mostly on pre art-pass LD then.
  10. El_Exodus

    [CSGO] Victoria

    Super long sightline spotted
  11. El_Exodus

    Random Photo Thread

    I also had a little trip out of town to get some shots of the moon. The evening started with a pretty cool sunset: (BTW: No Photoshop magic here, pretty much straight outta Camera) Then, after a little while, I took quite some pictures of the Blood Moon. It was really hard to get the focus spot on since everything was so dark. The rather long exposure time didn't really help. This is the sharpest one I probably got: And since the Mars was also well visible, I had to get a photo of both Moon and Mars in one shot. Ended the trip with a little wide angle shot of the eclipse and the Milky Way. 30s exposure time:
  12. Brushes are the 'blocks' you work with. They are called like that. Maps have to be sealed perfectly with world brushes and without any gaps. If there are gaps, entities like props can "see" into the void which will lead to errors. To avoid any leaks in the future, make sure to keep "snap to grid" enabled when creating your skybox.
  13. No, not only does link look very fishy, you also should learn to fix this yourself. The props are not the problem, the brushes sealing the map are the problem.
  14. There's either a tiny gap in between the brushes or one of the brushes is tied to an entity like func_detail or similar.
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