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  1. Gordon aged well! Joking aside, I wouldn't mind playing as an older Gordon, if HL3 is ever released.
  2. Nice to see you on mapcore Hope you're doing good
  3. early days Maiden masterpiece (1980)
  4. Grazie Could go both ways: a small focused map with linear objectives, or part of a multi-map massive project
  5. Bretagne... Love the architecture and coziness of the house. Congrats and best of luck
  6. will2k


    Sirs, this is a family friendly website I'll have you reported to the admins
  7. Newest trailer...Holy shit "Let God sort them out"
  8. will2k

    Random Photo Thread

    Taken last weekend
  9. Developer Techland spotlight: the map is chosen as mod of the week
  10. Harran Olympics Even with a quarantine in place, you can still participate in the Harran Olympics, albeit in a more extreme version. Despite the lockdown, you found your way to the Harran Sports Village where Olympic games were scheduled for the summer. The competitions are more extreme, and with some special competitors. Test your mettle, win competitions, collect gold medals, and let your success story go viral. Choose from 13 different events of various difficulties with XP rewards for each one. Dominate your competitors, and speed through courses before time runs out. Events range from Olympic classics such as Long Jump, Pole Vault, 100m Dash to brutal, knock-the-wind-out-of-you events such as Dodgeball, Jungle Gym. Will2k August 10, 2020 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2193273766 Screenshots
  11. Fans need more RGB... But seriously, this is nice. Good job And to ease your confusion about being spotlighted, it simply means @FMPONE added your thread to the spotlight on the front page, where it is now visible on the top bar under the mapcore logo for more exposure and for everyone to see it. we reserve the spotlight for worthy threads/posts/articles, and this thread falls under this.
  12. Harran Olympics summer Olympics coming soon A small preview of my upcoming custom map titled "Harran Olympics" where the player will compete in several events, in a more "extreme" version of the Olympics.
  13. The ultimate symphony of heavy metal Maiden is always in a separate league
  14. When the 2 Jazz giants collaborate-->Jazz Heaven
  15. Understandable. I also had this concern voiced in a previous post back in March in this thread. The X-ray engine managed to look "soviet" and rugged, and its various bugs basically mirrored the game location as being unreliable and unpredictable. Many feel that with using UE4, the game will lose its "soviet" look, and start to feel more western or extremely polished to not feel like the derelict exclusion zone. We haven't played the game so these concerns might come to be true; but most of GSC veterans are still working on this game and it bet it's their labor of love, so I don't think making it half-assed is an option for them. I hope I'm not wrong You're right. Stalker did not hold your hand or give you preferential treatment because you're the player/protagonist; you were just another stalker scavenging the zone, and life/AI just went on their way, sometimes not realizing you're there. And AI, as you said, was overly accurate. When I first reached Garbage in the original Stalker, it was pitch dark and I was ambushed by bandits. I heard the first shot, second shot I was dead. I'm not sure if you have insider info about AI being dumbed down in this new game (to attract new players?); I sure hope it's not the case. Unless it's a Bloodsucker, those totally suck
  16. @FMPONE pack your things up, looks like we're going back to Pripyat
  17. I'll add it to my list to watch :)
  18. - When do we want this? - right now! Vast improvements over 1 and 2, the grapple hook adds a whole new layer of gameplay and finishing moves, and Wang's one liners are even more ridiculous. Love it!
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