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  1. Looks like DL2 will get the DL1 treatment
  2. Valve Set to Start Shipping its Steam Deck in February
  3. It all depends on the artist and what asset quality/megascans they use. One artist could use medium quality meshes/materials or wrongly set up parameters, and the scene automatically looks artificial/phony. As with any engine/tools, Nanite/Lumen tech is there in UE5, it's how you use them. Here's another batch of shots from another artist:
  4. Last "Dying 2 know" episode and trailer before release COOP gameplay as well as gameplay from PS4/PS5, XBOX One/Series X is shown (in the episode video not the trailer below)
  5. I can see it sliding further away into 2023; hope I'm wrong though
  6. Unreal Engine 5.5 patch notes: -added photorealism, based on feedback and request from fmpone But joking aside, I fully agree and that's why I wrote the boundaries are getting slim but not gone completely; a trained eye can still see it's computer generated but it's becoming more difficult to discern with each engine update I remembered your post last time about pre-2010 gaming era nostalgia and I'm noticing this awful trend now for most games, where the graphics nowadays are getting photorealistic but the games themselves are getting dumber and too mainstream/simplistic. Couple of days ago I watched a video comparing Far Cry 2 from 2007 to Far Cry 5 from 2018, and my goodness, FC2 blows FC5 straight out of the water. FC5 is a bit prettier in the graphics department but that's about it; FC2 is leaps and bound ahead in all other fields. You can easily feel the cringe seeing the parts where FC5 treats the player like an idiot who needs constant handholding and dumbing things down.
  7. With UE5, the boundaries between real and CG are becoming pretty slim
  8. Binging on the Norm Show from 1999 RIP Norm, he was one of a kind comedy powerhouse
  9. we? please tell me you made a small indie studio or at least thinking about it! I'm bummed it's only VR and I won't be able to experience this release or Alyx in general But as others said, in advance is always best as long as the trailer has no accidental spoilers; 2 weeks would be a sweet spot - not too close to release but at the same time not too distant where hype fades away. In any case, best of luck my friend and you deserve the best out of this. You're one of the people who really bust their asses working on their projects, and I'm sure if you have devoted the same energy in this project as you used to do with csgo ones (I can personally vouch for those lol), this will turn out to be tremendous and probably officially endorsed. Cheers
  10. I have not watched it yet, but the general consensus so far seems like this:
  11. Stock mesh from the game; but, yeah, it does look that way
  12. RTX implementation Skill tree revealed
  13. Good guess on both Yes, I'm back to Dying Light engine after a 1.5 yrs break with CryEngine. This is an old project of mine that I started in 2018 and put on hold ever since. I'm resuming it now and turning it to a fully playable mission with proper quests/NPCs. The initial reference for the project was Liguria/Cinque Terre but now I'm expanding it to include Amalfi coast and even some reference points from the French Riviera too (St. Tropez, Cannes...) Hopefully it will turn out to be the typical Mediterranean Italian coastal town
  14. Ah, the good old Quake mapping days where you could start the map on January 9, 1996 and finish it on January 17, 1996.
  15. will2k

    Random Photo Thread

    That would pretty similar in English as "Nocturnal Wandering" Just walking more or less aimlessly without a specific goal, just admiring the scene or enjoying the walk itself
  16. Happy New Year everyone see you next year
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