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  1. Serious Sam 3 - Hero (OST) to get you pumped for SS4 Undercode, the Croatian heavy metal band who are performing this song for SS3, confirmed they will be back for SS4. Damjan Mravunac, the soundmeister of the whole series since the original in 2001 as well as Talos principle, is also back for SS4
  2. Serious Sam 4 threatens to put 100,000 enemies on your screen at once, it will be big. Couple this with a kickass heavy metal soundtrack, and I'm fully ready for this. @blackdog 1st video @ 0:35, I spot Castel Sant'Angelo . Looks like one of the maps takes place in Roma
  3. I believe no firm confirmation yet, but all previous games came with a powerful editor (yet not user friendly)...so I think this one won't be any different. I'll be down to try it and maybe make a small campaign out of it.
  4. Devolver, Croteam Share Details and New Trailer for Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass August 2020
  5. The Half-Life: Alyx intro has been recreated in Far Cry 5 video link for the lazy
  6. This is all nice and shit, but can it beat Source engine? Seriously though, my mind was blown. This Lumen dynamic lighting technique is insane. This was running on a PS5; just imagine this running on a Zen3 Ryzen 9 4900 with Ampere RTX 3080 ...just think of the possibilities
  7. The longer you work with UE4, the harder it will be to go back to Source. Are you planning on making a small game or campaign using UE4? or just fiddling around?
  8. Grazie Hope you get to play it soon; this won't be time taxing as my previous full fledged campaign. This one could be done in 10-20 min, perfect for when the baby naps
  9. Preferisco il Paradiso (2010) Watched it first around Christmas then re-watched it last weekend. The life of Saint Filippo Neri in the 1500s. Even if you are not Catholic or religious in general, this movie will bring you inner joy when you watch it.
  10. Finished it! Props to the devs for making Xen chapters a unique experience as almost as if it was not Half-Life anymore, but a new game on its own. Well done. Some sections really felt unrecognizable and totally new which is a big plus as opposed to being an exact copy of HL levels. The puzzles in Interloper dragged on a bit and became repetitive, but that doesn't take away from the total experience.
  11. Good catch I think most of these modular assets would be reused in the DLC since the latest version of Hellraid before cancellation in 2014 was already upgraded to Chrome Engine 6 (same build as Dying Light).
  12. Dying Light 2 still has no release date yet, but... Dying Light is getting a full blown DLC right this summer. Here's the teaser trailer for the DLC And in case you are wondering, Hellraid was originally a full game that Techland was developing back in 2012-2013, and then got cancelled in 2014. Now it's re-emerging as a DLC inside Dying Light. Here's the E3 2014 trailer of the game
  13. Talking about RTX implementation, I'm gonna post a couple of screenshots from last year's E3 showcasing early implementation of RayTracing.
  14. Félicitations Nice to see you made your way on steam
  15. I'm currently playing through Xen, and honestly, it looks astonishing. The original in Half-Life was not much of a looker, and gameplay/jumps were more chaotic. The new long jump in BM is a breath of fresh air to the gameplay; very well executed. and I keep stopping and staring at all the colors/details/lighting, and the ever changing flora from level to level; very neat. Finally, a shoutout to @shawnolson since wallworm tools shine in all their glory in the intricate and organic shapes that make up the majority of Xen world. I can only imagine, in horror, if all this work was solely done in Hammer: the game would have probably released in 2040 at the earliest, that is if any member of the dev team managed to keep their sanity
  16. The first mod that will let you finish Half-Life: Alyx without VR is here
  17. la casa de papel season 4
  18. will2k


    Crytek is hinting at a remastered version of Crysis
  19. <start> <slightly off-topic meme> </end> </slightly off-topic meme> Now back to your on-topic conversation
  20. Valorant anti-cheat starts upon computer boot and runs all the time, even when you don't play the game
  21. Techland talks a bit about Ray Tracing in Dying Light 2, will make Dark Zones more intense https://www.dsogaming.com/news/techland-talks-a-bit-about-ray-tracing-in-dying-light-2-will-make-dark-zones-more-intense/
  22. There will be a season 6 next year which is expected to be the final season (though not 100% confirmed). Expect the final season to have episodes interconnected with Breaking Bad timeline (so I heard, and even mentioned by Gilligan/Gould, the producers at one time) The current season (season 5, events in late 2004 early 2005) is already pretty close to BB timeline (mid 2008), and Jimmy is already 99% Saul (still this 1% of Jimmy/conscience present that needs to die before the complete transformation ); he's already having some serious shady deals with the cartel. Don't wait up until all seasons are done, I would recommend you binge back on BB right after season 5 finale; that's what I would have done
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