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  1. The Big Dying Light 2 Q&A – Techland Opens Up on C-Engine Tech, Delays, Game Length & Much More
  2. Honestly, if they just take the areas from stalker original game + clear sky + call of Pripyat, and remake them in one seamless open world in UE4 (or upcoming 5) with new storyline/quests, I'd be happy.
  3. will2k

    Random Photo Thread

    Spring is here (taken today)
  4. Given that they released Hellraid as a small DLC for Dying Light, and the full game has been on hold since 2014, I don't believe it will be released. The DLC did not sit very well with players either (https://store.steampowered.com/app/1300710/Dying_Light__Hellraid/ mostly negative user reviews) Possible paths to revive the game (my opinion): either port it to the new C-Engine (built for Dying Light 2) and continue development after the release of DL2, or sell the IP to a studio that will actively work on it.
  5. The story of Bruce Lee's teacher and mentor, Ip Kai-Man Ip Man 1 (2008) and Ip Man 2 (2010) (still 3 and 4 to watch next week)
  6. Seems Techland wants to address the various articles pointing to the game being in development hell after 2 years of total silence. Dev update event on Wednesday, March 17 https://twitter.com/DyingLightGame/status/1370405603542237185
  7. Be ready for this to happen, a lot Pro tip: have a pencil nearby for such emergency
  8. Aftermath of a wild party, 1851, colorized Going for a pacifist approach I guess? Have it (and Death of the Outsider too) on my wishlist, hopefully to play them later this year.
  9. Recent article (2 days ago) published on https://www.thegamer.com/ after 2 years of total radio silence on the game development Report: Techland Is Bleeding Talent Due To Autocratic Management, Bad Feedback, And Lack Of Direction The development of Dying Light 2 has been 'total chaos,' according to report
  10. Watched a hidden gem that was unfortunately overshadowed by the Matrix when it was out. It released back in April 1999, and 2 months later, The Matrix released and took away all the attention since they tackle a similar theme of computer simulation/virtual world/characters. I admit that I haven't heard about it until recently when someone recommended it, and I'm glad that I watched it. It doesn't have over the top CGI like the matrix but the story is captivating, the alternation between LA in 1999 and 1937 was a nice touch, and having a simulation within a simulation (like Inception) was
  11. The pioneers of slapstick/physical comedy along with Charlie Chaplin and Laurel & Hardy.
  12. Whistler's Mother Seeing him at the end, cruising in the convertible on Sunset Blvd, flipping everyone off was priceless Do yourself a favor and watch the 2nd movie from 2007 if you haven't done so yet; it is slightly less hilarious than the first one but it's Bean after all (the scene where he inadvertently gets onto a movie set about WWII and does his usual shenanigans is well worth it)
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    Random Photo Thread

    Taken yesterday, at sunset
  14. Well, I did what I said I would do: I re-watched all the episodes again earlier this month. Although I remembered and knew exactly how each episode would play, I was still laughing my ass out. The episode where he waits in line to greet the queen almost brought me to tears
  15. Holy Shit! The nostalgia. Used to watch the original episodes back in the early 90s, and each episode was a half hour of tear-inducing laughs for the whole gathered family. Good times I used to have the VHS set; I think I'll get the DVD set and watch it again soon. I hope you are also fan of Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, charlie Chaplin, and...Tom & Jerry
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    Random Photo Thread

    Fresh shot of my Christmas tree Merry Christmas everyone!
  17. will2k

    Random Photo Thread

    Nice cloud formation just before the storm (took it last week)
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    Nice! Around 3k tris each? or lower for an open danger zone map?
  19. Haven't played much this year; currently started playing Tomb Raider (2013 reboot). Got it back in March for free as part of a free weekend promotion on Steam.
  20. Chuck Billy beat cancer and is still growling and headbanging like it's 1986
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    No worries, just get it off your 'chess' (I'll see myself out) I haven't played chess for over 20-25 yrs. I still have my chess wood board from when I was a kid in the late 80s; I'm keeping it for nostalgia sake even though I haven't used it in a long while. Seeing this thread, interest in playing chess is slowly kicking back.
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