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  1. Some more wips from my Insurgency: Sandstorm level
  2. After my recent sojourn I'm back in a more familiar milieu as I'm joining some old friends and colleagues at Embark Studios for new procedural adventures! Will update the job listings with relevant positions, I know we looking for more awesome devs to join the studio! ggs
  3. Thanks for the feedback, The hiding angle behind the light should have been fixed in a previous update, I'll go ahead and fill in the peeks through the bombs and see what I can do about the over bright wall... I've kept the two layer of stacks for the barrels, but perhaps I need to swap them on either side to break up how repetitive they become, I agree what you are saying about the big containers, they do feel a little out of place, here are some of the reference images I've been using for the interior: Will see if I can find any more fitting props,
  4. Thanks, agree with a lot ...especially timings needs to be improved upon, think I'm going to remove the outside part, it didnt turn out how I anticipated,
  5. If I knew it would be this upsetting I would have made 2-3 more maps - thought Graveyard was a pretty modest submission, although completely different, Every since the introduction of Flying Scoutsman I've been wanting to piggyback of those mechanics, I really want to test a defuse map in low gravity, would it be competitive? Who knows. Would it be fun? Who knows. Been a few super cool outside-the-box concepts that didn't make it all the way, like that space station and underwater map, I've really enjoyed the theme and premise of this competition, hopefully it wont be the last! Would be cool to have a dz contest
  6. thanks, will have these issues fixed
  7. Added a few more screens and updated op with new download link The A-site, exterior The B-site, interior
  8. Updated the layout, the overview image does not show traversable covers
  9. Almost ready, until then some more wips...
  10. All interiors are made with the modular Nuke assets, this is how it looks with/without: This is one of the refs I've used, In contrast to the organic exterior the interior is made up of vertical and horizontal lines with splashes of color
  11. Been playing around with some forests in Unreal, did this during a afternoon a few weeks back, The vista is missing a secondary layer of high mountains, probably snow capped, Same world with different fog settings, not super happy with it, nor am I disappointed it will look better as a deciduous forest instead of conifer, Thought I'd post something since it's probably been a year or so since I did WIP
  12. heading to the US for now, taking some time with the family etc., hopefully back on track with something later next year
  13. after almost 15 years, over a third of my life...I'm no longer working at Avalanche Studios, ggs
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