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  1. Nintendo Switch

    I just finished BOTW (main quest => killed ganon) yesterday. Really liked the game. Ive played Mario right before that. Both awesome games - like you guys said. What I couldnt get used to until the very end where the different buttons for jumping, always pressed the wrong one xD Other than that, awesome games and awesome console, going to try the DBZ game today
  2. Im searching for custom servers everyday - cant find any. Only custommap servers are mod-servers (jb, surf, etc..). :/
  3. [CS:GO] Waterfall

    Map looks insane! Awesome job!
  4. [CS:GO] Waterfall

    looking really good - but why did you change the skybox? i liked the old one too xD
  5. Even though we didnt make it to the deadline, we are still working on the Map! Map is still heavy WIP but we got more models and textures coming
  6. [RELEASED] - Studio

    Looks amazing! Great job on the visuals and I really like the changes you've made to the layout since the last time I've played the map!
  7. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    The Trust system could be cool - dont know if it could be exploited though. I really dont get why they actually delete the old maps. you cant even start them through console 0o I actually played militia and aztec / vertigo from time to time. I cant stand playin the same maps over and over again. Im really happy for the guys who got their maps into the game - but i don get why its austria and insertion (agency should have been in the game long time ago) - maybe lite and thrill where to complex for most of the community
  8. Thanks and yes xD Light is already changed
  9. We are still working on the map, progress is steady but slow. Here are some new Screenshots
  10. [WIP] Pipelines

    Im getting css de_fire vibes from this i like it!
  11. [WIP] de_Athrom

    Like the other "crazy guyz" said: the environmental light really is too yellow - tone it down a bit. Your overall choice and use of textures and models is "off". Some of them just dont fitt your chosen theme. Could you post a simplified overview? Its really hard to read :/ I Like the Idea of having a map with roman / greek architecture.
  12. DE_ORE

    Yeah same here. I enjoyed the rounds I played but the layout was confusing to say the least. The detailing is good but a little over the top in some areas. The B-site gave me some losttemple2 vibes. Which is a good and a bad thing (fun map but not played at all). Some of the Timings seemed a little of to me (left route from CT-Spawn) - but that could be my first impression without proper map-knowledge. I think simplifying the Layout and cleaning up some of the detailing would make this a really fun map to play keep on working.
  13. CS_Apollo

    Looking really good!
  14. As a german, the names sounds funny You may want to change it to something different. Other than that - keep on working!
  15. There was a competitive map back in the 1.6 days with a similar setting and style. Forgot the Name though. You basically want to do the oposite of what that map did xD if you want to make a map that is fully indoor - you should think about vents and pipes to throw nades into rooms - oh and dont use more than 1 or 2 squeakys.. xD Keep on working!