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  1. There was a competitive map back in the 1.6 days with a similar setting and style. Forgot the Name though. You basically want to do the oposite of what that map did xD if you want to make a map that is fully indoor - you should think about vents and pipes to throw nades into rooms - oh and dont use more than 1 or 2 squeakys.. xD Keep on working!
  2. Clever use of stock-assets! Looks really promising!
  3. It does! Saw it a while back when i was searching the workshop for interesting stuff - but there was only a ttt version of it. Which was strange to me because of the details that it had. Which lead me to take a look at gamebanana where i found it. I feel like Gamebanana is a map-grave atm. I remember looking into gamebanana because it was THE place for new maps to be found. Now, if its not in the workshop, there is a huge chance that im gonna miss it. Which is a shame.
  4. Screenshots looking good! Your questions: 1. Depends on how accessible it looks and if its distracting. If a player thinks he can get into the unwalkable space - he will try to get into it. These leads to frustration if he dies while tryin to get in. If you build space where a player is not supposed to go - show him. I dont know how many people ive seen dying on canals because of that fences near A-Site. 2. A 128 unit choke is a bad idea in my opinion. Its to easy to block of with smokes / molotovs or just plain spray and pray. Think of it as getting caught while "rush b no stahp" dust2 b-site entrance.
  5. I thought about after-plant situations. I dont want the Ts to be able to cover the planted bomb from way back. But thats all open for changes Just playin around with a few ideas
  6. I know banzai - think it has the same inspiration as our map: Typhoon Lagoon. Its a small but fun map and its a shame Valve doesnt care about the demolition mode. I would really appreciate it if you would give somefeedback - not just posting links to maps
  7. Too late didnt know the COD map was called splash also? ive played the cod map a few times, didnt like it xD
  8. Part of the inspiration comes from a water park "typhoon lagoon". Theres a Ship up on a Mountain / Rock which makes a nice Landmark to line up nades (+ we hope itll look epic when completed )
  9. I didnt had much time this weekend :/ But i got some new screenshots CT-spawn got the first brushes of a fountain Im thinking about building a Arcade on T-spawn opened up the left side of T-route to Site. So it doesnt feel so claustrophobic We are now tryin to get a playtest happening. Rushtimings feel solid, i got most of the unfair sightlines out and there shouldnt be any OP bombplants anymore!
  10. Thanks guys WIll be working on it again next weekend
  11. Anybody tried the Wingman mode? Ive played a lot of 2on2 back in the CS:S Days. And I really wanted to like this mode, but the maps are horrible. They may work in demolition, but it doesnt feel like a 2on2 at all. Most of the times you can only rush towards the site with the Terrorists having huge timing advantages (and sometimes better cover too). I hope the other Maps play better (but I highly doubt it) - Ive played lake, shortdust, safehouse and st. marc.
  12. Looking good so far. Just a little thing, could be different ingame: It seems like you can only get to the upper hostages if you run through some narrow hallways - could be a problem if you smoke / molotov / negev them. Can you upload the map? Looks really promising
  13. Andu and I are working on a defusal map called splash (for now). Its still in its early stages and is desperate for some playtesting and feedback! Basic idea of the map is mid as central distribution hub from which the whole map is pretty much accessible. There are two things to spice things up a little: Terrorists have no direct access to mid, which makes it harder for them to get into at first glance - but they can rotate between sites unseen - if the CTs dont pay enough attention. The map is set in a waterpark. Overview Some early screens Workshop:
  14. Nice to see you working on this one again!
  15. 0o! Really cool! Gj Guys! Im back mapping nao!