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  1. Hey guyz, I found the perfect picture to sum up how I feel about this whole controversy ordeal. Devs said it was post-cyberpunk rather than cyberpunk. I'm not too big on categorizing stuff but it makes sense.
  2. Did you built the mip-map in the VTF? Have you built the cubemap? In any case this is to be expected from a texture with a 0.04 alpha value, 0.04 is legit super translucent. Showing screens and telling us exactly what you want might help us resolve your issue. We still don't know if you want refraction or not? The thing you see might simply be the reflection, not the texture. Reflections tends to disappear at an oblique angle. Also I would avoid using the $alpha parameter altogether, unless there are several versions of this texture. You can tweak the alpha channel of your VTF to match the translucency.
  3. Remove the refractamount line. My guess is that refract is an expensive shader, thus is only available in high video settings. If you really want your glass to be refractive (I don't think that's the case since there is no normalmap) you can put it in a LightmappedGeneric_DX9 clause or something. I'm not sure how that's actually done in CS:GO. Something like "LightmappedGeneric_DX9" { "$refractamount" ".5" } Should work. If it doesn't, try to find an expensive material that has a similar looking clause.
  4. Also didn't billy I'm confused.
  5. Yeah, that was quite disappointing. Only excited for the Dishonored 2 DLC. Where is my new DOOM solo campaign?
  6. Yo that launcher is fucking garbage. I'm re-downloading this game for the third time already. If this keeps happening I won't be able to play it, thanks Bethesda. EDIT: sorry, I meant fourth time EDIT2: now I need to validate the files for some some reasons, looks like it will take as long as the full download
  7. Strafe jumping in Quake is kind of like recoil control in CS:GO. It's a huge part of the game, without it the gameplay would be boring and much too predictable. To put it simply, your top speed is determined by your strafing skills. In itself it's a pretty neat mechanic, there is a very clear gradient of skills between beginners, average and top players. For many players, strafe jumping is the reason they still play Quake to this day. It's so hard to grasp it can take YEARS to perfect. But I tend to agree. It looks stupid, sounds stupid, and is also kind of nausea inducing. Don't get me wrong, I love the mechanic, but it's really sad to see the arena FPS genre still stuck in 2000 (if I'm being generous). I don't like the UT style personally, if you have to double tap to do anything then it's shit. Quake is life.
  8. Super cool mod, I highly recommend it. There is a few confusing places but overall it's almost perfect in every ways! Except length
  9. Here's the full 2017 contest http://www.runthinkshootlive.com/thc/2017/ And a link to the current theme http://www.runthinkshootlive.com/posts/the-hammer-cup-2017-challenge-2-toxicville/ The week the mod got released I had 3 or 4 video walkthrough on my map and numerous written reviews. The instant feedback I got was invaluable, I think anyone can learn in a contest like that.
  10. Matthewmatosis is a classic, straight to the point. I haven't seen a better reviewer yet. I recommend the mario reviews https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb_sF2m3-2azOqeNEdMwQPw This one is nice as well, but he kind of goes on a tangent sometimes https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5CYeHPLer3lbEhgonvbbAA Also Joseph Anderson posted above is great, I particularly like the SOMA review.
  11. I think if you removed the lighting in the upper area, and increased the lights in the lower area (as well as use a lighter floor texture, these are so 2004) this would improve the look a lot. Some spots would be great. I haven't played the map yet so I don't know if the upper area is walkable or not. Usually area that aren't walkable should have less contrast and should be less lit. Here it's the same color/lighting everywhere so nothing really catch the eye. Just my 2 cents. The second screen is fine but some more rocks and grass wouldn't hurt I guess. EDIT: also add some leaves under the tree
  12. Damn I knew I saw these locations IRL. Walking through the map and realizing I took the boat at CT spawn was weird.
  13. I made things clicky clicky I also made an HL2 EP2 map for a and got first place! The next contest begins in 4 days. My map is called Zombie Defense, there's already a walkthrough here. And you can download the mod here.
  14. It's always better to share textures on multiple meshes, period. You save on map size, on loading time and on GPU memory while in-game. That screen of nuke probably has to do with the size of these models, not the textures. It's sometimes a good idea to merge all the props of a room into a single, "huge" prop. Lots of small props will make the drawcall bigger, one big prop will make it much smaller. The trend is to do less objects on the CPU and more polygons on the GPU (modern GPU can handle it). The drawback is that the bounding box of the prop is so huge (since it encompass all the objects in the room) it's practically always "visible". May I ask why? Are you making a map with so many props and polygons that you broke the limits of source? Do you experience a significant FPS drop on your map and you don't understand why? Are you just trying to learn? Otherwise it's probably better to avoid optimizing early.
  15. Wasn't that map supposed to be a remake of seaside? I ran around it for a few minutes and it looks nothing like seaside.