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  1. RaVaGe

    Corona Virus

    Hospitals are full ?
  2. Damn, should we still be scared of that mexican flu too ?
  3. I'm pretty sure it's a big boost for the indie game devs, right now it's hard to compete against an AAA compagny and their huge budgets, this is probably going to change for the next few years with such an amazing library of qualitative content, and I believe the folks at Unreal understand that completely, they basically want to sell the shovels and only ask for money when the customer finds gold.
  4. Dadcore, A place for level design and diaper removals. (but more about diaper removals tho)
  5. As much I like it, I think the lighting is a bit unfocused, on your top screen you can clearly see the door with no probs, here the constant red hue is making the whole thing kinda bland, and the door isn't as obvious as before, idk if it's an issue on its own, but you should probably use another color for objectives, or simply tame down that red color in the unneeded areas.
  6. Thank you. heck i'm not even canadian and hate basketball
  7. I have to improve my UE4 skillz, works great to show a project to my customers. Plan to use it for VR too, still need a long way to go ahah
  8. http://www.nodraw.net/2010/08/tf2-density-of-detailing/ http://magnarj.net/article_funclight.html Two nice articles speaking about player guidance, one is explaining how to work by opposition, declutter instead of adding more, one is explaining a technique about how to emphasize key elements, with lighting, but it could be props/textures/overlays etc. Source is great for level designers who are starting out, because of its rendering limitations, it's important to alocate the limited amout of elements you have to the right area of your map. In those new engines, it's easy to lose focus and overcomplexify your design, which is going to bring troubles when the players aren't doing what they're meant to. It's important to understand that adding more details in a map doesn't necessarily means that it's adding any significant value, when you're playing an entertaining game, how many times do you take the time to look at the stair design in a building ? The key is to put the work on the most important part of your map, and simplfiy the rest as much as you can. If the stair is the most important element, then overdetail it, but in your case it is not. The emphasize should be put on where the ennemies are going to come from. Now it depends of the game, but if you're working on a Valve game, those are the rule for efficient LD. I'm not going to say what you've got to do, you're the level designer, it's your job not mine, i'm only pointing out a flaw in your design, and that's the only feedback you need as a LD, don't listen to the feedback, listen to the complains instead, i'd rather listen to someone telling me it's shit, than hearing someone who never opened hammer explaining me how to make my map. (Listen to me though).
  9. Actually I check it from time to time, but when I saw your post I thought "I'd better give him a feedback like the way he does"
  10. Details/realism, whatever, what i'm saying is you don't put the focus on the right things. But whatever, I don't even know why i'm even losing time with you.
  11. You should try to learn the principles of density of detailing, on the left picture, the first thing people are going to notice is the barn with the two doors, on the right one, the overly detailled stair is the first thing that stands out. Do that kind of detailling on all your map, and you will end up with something completely unreadable, it's useless, doesn't help the player to take a good decision, and doesn't looks that good tbh. At some point your passion for realism will prevent you to make better maps.
  12. OFC it's a valid criticism, it's just his way of developing his point that makes him looks overly pretentious, each game has its own flaw, balancing gameplay and art has never been an easy task, especially when there's a huge time constrains behind it, and I think Overwatch is doing a great job at it, now ofc I always thought route 66 never really made any sense, but look at Badwater for example, its layout make no sense at all either, yet it's one of the best map ever created imo. Gameplay > Art > Logic.
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