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  1. No they don't, it's a mental disease, and you can't fix that with money, and yes like everyone else who commits suicide, it's sad they're giving up.
  2. What's your point ? It has nothing to do with other people living shitty lives, I was just saying that being famous and successfull doesn't mean you can't get in a severe depression and commit suicide. Like what, you have money so you can't be unhappy ahah wtf.
  3. Sorry but you have no clue about what you're talking about, and the way you say that is proving what i've said before, you relate happiness with money and sucess, and that's probably because you don't have it. But you can't fight depression with money, on it's own money is useless, it's just a tool you use to get the things you want, but when you're depressed, you want nothing. Showing up at work or not doesn't change a thing, or just make it worse, it's their passion and most of the time their whole life, it has nothing related to your usual 5/7 a week 8 hours job.
  4. Well that's the problem, western societies correlates fame/wealth with happiness, people only see the success, but fail to see the shit that famous people have to get trough to stay at their level. It's always a question of balance, and when you reach this kind of level of fame and sucess, there is always a huge counterpart to pay.
  5. Betting on a fully displaced map a la Overwatch - Route 66
  6. St.Petersbhurg.
  7. plz mapcore fix multiquote
  8. Ahah no worries, you won't see a new map from me anytime soon ^^
  9. Getting there, slowly but surely
  10. > Register in a mapping forum > Only talk about politics > ??? > Profit.
  11. inb4 forgot to check the light entities in the visgroup. Send your compile log m8 (More seriously, could be a T-Junc error)
  12. Today I enjoyed my first flight experience with my best friend, was great
  13. C'mon dude, smooth that transition between the ground and the snow wall. Subdivide the shit out of that map