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  1. RaVaGe

    Corona Virus

    I think we should split mapcore in 2, the vaccine guys take the main forum, HP, Minos and me take EOT.
  2. RaVaGe

    Corona Virus

    Minos stop thinking and listen to the experts
  3. RaVaGe

    Corona Virus

    Right now there's too few data to prove the advertised promotion of effectiveness from the vaccines. I'm not anti-vaccines at all btw. https://edition.cnn.com/2020/11/11/investing/pfizer-ceo-albert-bourla-stock-sale-vaccine/index.html Now when you see things like that, it just change the way you perceive things, governments keep repeating the same mistakes, first was with remdesivir, now with those vaccines. I'm just more and more skeptical about the intentions of the big pharma companies and governments by seeing how this crisis has been so poorly handled this year. There's simply too much money at stake, having CEO's acting like that during a crisis just shows what's trully important here. Having a guy who failed to manage virus issues on the OS system he created, and who is now the main contributor of the WHO and heavily promotes vaccination is also a bit funny if you ask me, without going in any sorts of complotist theories, it just feels weird. I'll just wait I guess.
  4. RaVaGe

    Corona Virus

    I'm talking about forcing people to vaccinate, where you litteraly get called in a camp and get vaccinated by a mix of meds and military medics, the whole thing making it impossible to bypass it. Pure speculation of course, but i'm wondering wether or not some govs will have the balls to push it as far as that.
  5. RaVaGe

    Corona Virus

    Just a few question, who's planning to get vaccinated ? How much time before the government will take over hospitals and doctors to prevent fake vaccination proof ? How much time before the non-vaccinated people have to wear a yellow star on their jackets when they go out ? Discuss.
  6. I had to decompile koth_brazil when volvo wanted to add it in the jungle update, broken HD, no choice, nobody saw anything You'll have to reconstruct the displacements maybe, somme issues with the skip textures aswell I think.
  7. Well is it 6 days 9h/Day, or is it 6 days 14h/Day ? If they have to pay all that overtime, not sure they're going to profit from that, except if they're really tight on money and have to release the game asap.
  8. Waiting for your next renovation thread man
  9. Why does this game looks like a 2007 source game tho ?
  10. RaVaGe


    If you've ever watched Joe rogan podcast with elon he talks about merging IA with neuralink. I pretty much believe it is a totally insane idea, hoping it will stay in the medical benefits only.
  11. Bought this little baby one year ago
  12. RaVaGe

    Corona Virus

    Well i'm all for taking precautions, but look at the statistics, 15-44 years deaths are only 1-2% from the people who died from covid. I just don't see what's the point of blocking the people who are working while the only people who should be extremely carefull are the one retired already.
  13. RaVaGe

    The random model thread!

    I need to hire you to render some of my furnitures ;D
  14. RaVaGe

    Corona Virus

    So in your logic, if elderly people can't go out -> then nobody can. I'm all for social distancing, being pretty carefull with handwashing etc (masks aren't used properly so they're a bit useless except in some situations). But I don't believe that you understand the economical realities behind shuting down entire countries, just look at what central banks have been puting on the table to keep the whole system afloat. It is just not sustainable over a long term period.
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