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  1. RaVaGe's real life WIP

    Thanks for the feedback man, and yeah as you said, it's still wip but I have to launch to get more advices
  2. RaVaGe's real life WIP

    Did you managed to have a look at it ? Watcha think ?
  3. RaVaGe's real life WIP

    Glad to hear that www.livanti.be/ The website is still under construction but you can have access to the 3D configurator by login in with those infos guest[AT]mail.com GuestPass1 Then go there for example http://livanti.be/products/Callisto and play with the configurator You can change the language at the bottom.
  4. The cost of games

    You guys are too well paid that's it ...
  5. RaVaGe's real life WIP

    Real Engine ™
  6. RaVaGe's real life WIP

    Hey guys, I think it's time to update that post Some furnitures i've made recently for a client Oh btw, if some of you guys have some tips for architecture photography, that could help
  7. Where'd Sprony go?

    Don't really want to talk at his place, but we had a discussion about it and it's unlikely we will see him active here again.
  8. WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Back in the biz. (not really, just wanted to touch hammer again, I will probably get bored of this in a few days).
  9. Overwatch

    Quite impressed to see how fast you went to make it guys
  10. TF2 Jungle Inferno Update

    Well that's a good ratio, one official map for one finished map
  11. de_burg

    Because this guy would appreciate.
  12. de_burg

    pls rename to de_bhurg.
  13. Legal problems remake maps of old games.

    No you won't.
  14. TF2 Jungle Inferno Update

    Thanks guys BTW, Hurg is officially in TF2 now