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  1. Why waste time when you can ask directly if your esoteric gpu can handle hammer or not.
  2. RaVaGe

    Corona Virus

    In french, but I think well educated people like you can understand it perfectly. Source ? Never said the opposite, no idea why you talk about that completely different topic, you kinda enjoy walling text for no purpose I guess. So fun to see you directly elude the whole point and slip again the 'unvacc people are danger to society and must be shut down at all cost'. Answering with a snide remark ? Say's a lot.
  3. RaVaGe

    Corona Virus

    It would be fun if it wasn't that wrong, actually vaccinated people spread as much as others, or even more as they think they're vacc so it's ok anyway...
  4. RaVaGe

    Corona Virus

    The barest minimum effort ? What effort lol, don't you think it's just a totally different subject here ? I believe it's a total distrust and a complete rejection of the actual system by a big part of the population, it's not a question wether or not you want to protect to people around you, again i'm not against vaccines, but I just don't get that obsession to sting all the fucking planet, free to you to vaccinate yourself and your childrens with that (albeit i'm pretty sure you won't, nor you don't have any).
  5. RaVaGe

    Corona Virus

    Ok, if I might follow your thought process, does your mom (I really hope she's well now) is a smoker or drink from time to time ? Even if not, would you let a close one die because he was a smoker, despite it's written on every damn cigarette pack that it is harmfull ? Would you let someone die from a heavy car crash because he's 100% in fault ? You could argue it's a totally different case, I believe it's not, and once you start to cherry pick patients because they have made retarded decisions in the past, it's getting pretty fucked up imo, and for what ? Just because our medical system is from another era, you see many hospitals reducing their amount of beds, reducing their staff, reducing the amount of numerus clausus accepted and then recruiting from foreign countries. There are many arguments for vaccination or not, but using the 'if you don't get vacc, you can't get treatment' is such a retarded one. I think every medical system that kinda work is based on a collective system, why someone should pay for your cancer treatment when he's forced out of the system ? You see, this thing can go pretty far in both directions and, pandemic or not, I believe we should not go that way.
  6. RaVaGe

    Corona Virus

    Any argument about why it's a good thing ?
  7. RaVaGe

    Corona Virus

    A little bit late on that statement, but have you changed your mind about all of this or do you still consider your point of view completely legitimate ? I would argue that declining patients solely based on their medical conditions/way of life is a pretty dark path to follow. How about our medical system is a clusterfuck and we need to improve it ?
  8. RaVaGe

    Corona Virus

    What do you guys think about the pandora's box France opened ? I think there's no coming back from that point.
  9. RaVaGe

    Corona Virus

    Glad I deleted that fb shit long time ago
  10. RaVaGe

    Corona Virus

    Can't wait for the Omega variant so I can take my corona cure.
  11. Forgot this thread, so many wip right now
  12. RaVaGe

    Corona Virus

    It's been hell in Belgium for a while now, as I work in Luxembourg I needed to fill a derogation just to cross the country, a lot of things are closed, and the gov keeps taking retarded decisions that change overnight, like sometimes you can only see 2 people (lol), then you can see 5, then it comes back to 2. Just pure retarded country, at least it's not worse than France on that subject. BTW in Belgium we have a whopping amount of 2.800 reanimation beds
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