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  1. Nah man, I also saw Nexus in a music forum years ago, dude's legit.
  2. RaVaGe

    Corona Virus

    Sad to see how the governments are infantilizing the populations atm, for what ? Protecting 65-70+ people ?
  3. Yeah it's a pretty neat bamboo, it's bamwood nairobi if u wanna know (pretty expensive shit).
  4. Fuck this, can't upload more
  5. More pictures coming soon d:D (some things were still missing).
  6. RaVaGe

    Corona Virus

    Hospitals are full ?
  7. Damn, should we still be scared of that mexican flu too ?
  8. I'm pretty sure it's a big boost for the indie game devs, right now it's hard to compete against an AAA compagny and their huge budgets, this is probably going to change for the next few years with such an amazing library of qualitative content, and I believe the folks at Unreal understand that completely, they basically want to sell the shovels and only ask for money when the customer finds gold.
  9. Dadcore, A place for level design and diaper removals. (but more about diaper removals tho)
  10. As much I like it, I think the lighting is a bit unfocused, on your top screen you can clearly see the door with no probs, here the constant red hue is making the whole thing kinda bland, and the door isn't as obvious as before, idk if it's an issue on its own, but you should probably use another color for objectives, or simply tame down that red color in the unneeded areas.
  11. Thank you. heck i'm not even canadian and hate basketball
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