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  1. WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Back in the biz. (not really, just wanted to touch hammer again, I will probably get bored of this in a few days).
  2. Overwatch

    Quite impressed to see how fast you went to make it guys
  3. TF2 Jungle Inferno Update

    Well that's a good ratio, one official map for one finished map
  4. de_burg

    Because this guy would appreciate.
  5. de_burg

    pls rename to de_bhurg.
  6. Legal problems remake maps of old games.

    No you won't.
  7. EA just killed Visceral

    Lol EA.
  8. TF2 Jungle Inferno Update

    Thanks guys BTW, Hurg is officially in TF2 now
  9. http://www.teamfortress.com/jungleinferno/ My map koth_brazil is in it, go check it out guys
  10. CS GO HAMMER - LEAK!!!!!!!!!!!

    ^ Protip. Also, I would like to introduce you to; THE HAMMER VISGROUP !!!!11!! Tadam.
  11. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Lol, I can't even imagine the shitstorm if they even moved a single crate.
  12. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Funny to see how Valve had to step up it's game, I guess it was kind of frustrating for the artists to see custom maps that are looking twice better than their own stock maps ahah.
  13. Still remember randomly buying it at the supermarket, weird to say that, but when I look back that box was kind of a life changer to me. If it was not for TF2, I wouldn't be here on Mapcore and wouldn't have spent so much time at creating levels, this teached me so many stuff about design, i'm pretty sure my professionnal career would have taken a way worse direction without that. This box is hands down the best game bundle that was made in the history of videogames.
  14. Avalanche

    Would be fun to have those cable cars moving, could spice up the gameplay a bit like TF2 with the trains on cp_well
  15. An areaportal is probably leaking