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  1. I really love the graphics! I took some screenshots in 4k ant Max Aliasing settings for anyone interested
  2. This looks amazing!! That's how warehouse themes should be utilized. Great work!
  3. Sometimes, putting up a picture for a comparison helps put things in perspective, so there you go; BeFoRe After Here's the overview of Bombsite A, though very WIP of course! Aaaand Bombsite B, also, fun stuff, that car is actually a func_vehicle from de_jeepathon2k. I usually full compile my map for 6 hours, so when I playtest it to make sure everything is going well I also like to have some fun, such as driving randomly made vehicles around a map. It'd be fun to make a version of Dust2 where you can ride in the streets, which I'll probably do. Don't worry th
  4. Some more progress pictures Also, some people complained about the ugly letters on the building, so I've improved it
  5. Some more progress pics (Still gotta fix a lot of lighting issues in this one)
  6. TheGuma

    [WIP] de_pharaoh

    Honestly competition and the quality standards that are being put out right now is what motivates me to work harder, its good that you're not giving up. I visual styles of both maps, and I will definitely play them both.
  7. Just a little scene I've mashed up to practice my map developing skills. I've took some design notes from modern architecture, the contrast was supposed to be between clean and sharp blocky aesthetics and round, lush and green nature. The skybox turned out to look more realistic than I expected in contrast to the scene. Some things are a bit broken, such as the reflection intensity or foliage lighting glitches. I am still working on all my other maps just as I've been before, this is more of a practice for me but if people would be interested I could definitely turn it into a hostage scenario
  8. Don't know if you checked, but... It's alright. I've stopped working on it anyway. Good luck on your project! Just wanted to make sure you know there's another thread with the same name
  9. I agree, it'd be great if you could PM me some reference pictures so I could make it look more authentic! Here's some of the references that I have used
  10. Cooking up something good. Will let you guys know once that weirdo structure is done in the background.
  11. Awesome progress! Looks great. The pole with the ropes looks a little bit out of place, though.
  12. Looks good! The top of the buildings could use some variation on the trims, as well as maybe some satellite dishes on the roof, antennaes? The gaps between buildings should be more visible, not like an actual gap but the length of the buildings, because now it kind of looks like a one big building with just brick variations. Could add some flowers too! Make it more lively Anyways, I know its WIP, just some of my thoughts. And yes, definitely, it can be named whatever you want as long as there's not another map with the same as this on the workshop.
  13. You should prioritize the graphics by making the map design more consistent, not more detailed. Also, work on the texture noise, make sure the fog stays only within the skybox and not the playable areas. Remove the colors that stick out and use them to guide players, perhaps instead of using more colors only have two dominant colors in the map. Currently your map is very yellow, perhaps add red/yellow palette? Have more buildings in red? Or maybe yellow/blue? See what works for you, usually it makes the map stick out more and make it look less "dust2" from the workshop.
  14. I don't want to turn this thread into a chat room, so I'll post this here so people know in advance. The bigger structures of the tower are inside 3D skybox, which saves the performance. Most of the smaller details are props, some of them such as the "spears" I had to turn them into models using Propper as well, so it doesn't hog the performance. They are made from brushwork though. Most of it is just texture work, one of my friends was visiting that place a few months ago and sent me a few snaps so I turned them into textures. Some of the parts were very low detail so I had to redraw it compl
  15. Still working on the Kremlin Clock Tower. Some before and after shots: Before After
  16. TheGuma

    Star Wars

    I haven't watched the movie yet, but anybody who spoils the movie without spoiler alert should be banned from the Internet.
  17. Source itself is an old engine, dating as far as back to 2003 AFAIK. It is based on old Quake tools, so it is normal that it will be hard and inefficient to work with it. New Source 2 engine fixes a lot of issues and is way better, however, until those tools come around CS:GO we wont see many graphical improvements. Most surf maps are simply CSS ports to CS:GO, and even those have been done in poor fashion. Those maps could be remade to look better though, by using props and other new techniques that mappers have been using lately. Some good examples of mapping fidelity peaks are CS:GO opera
  18. Here's some thrilling progress on de_moscow/de_kremlin/de_tobechanged
  19. While it is not a bad idea, Source is also good at handling displacements and brushes on its own as long as you know what you're doing. Of course, props are more efficient when it comes to very detailed subtle things such as windows, trims, corners, props and other details, but I don't think making the whole map out of them is a great idea. Some things such as penetration, different graphic cards handling the map and collisions come into mind. For example, the ground in the screenshot outside could be easily replaced with displacements, and to make it look just as good you could have a good te
  20. Woah, long day! I was worried I wouldn't be able to do it, but now that I did I just HAD to share this! You might be thinking it's just a flat plane palace texture inside the 3D skybox, but nope. I've also added Phong to make the structures look more natural and real, because Phong directs the shading from the sunlight inside the engine and not the texture itself.
  21. Some more conceptualizing. I have no idea how I will remake the Kremlin's palace though D:
  22. TheGuma


    Excellent work! Looks very clean, I also love the textures.
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