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  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nasal_septum_deviation ?
  2. Would be awesome. I think Einar Saukas would be the one to talk to (project manager). Teddy and Robert Briscoe, both members of mapcore, were involved too I think. Maybe they'll have more info?
  3. I don't completely agree. Of course, some people will use things like religion, insanity or perhaps a bad childhood as an excuse for their behavior. But you cannot deny the negative impact religion has on education and when push comes to shove most ''bad'' behavior is caused by lack of knowledge. Knowledge, man. Anyhow, sorry for contributing to the derailment of this thread. Not meaning to flame or anything
  4. [...] So please don't blame the religions, blame the humans that are using their tools in a bad way, i'm atheist btw. Yes, blame humankind. [...] Why? Humans are potentially really cool and unique. Religion isn't potentially really cool and definitely not unique. For people who are able to think critically and think for themselves, religion has no added value. I've been in a religious environment pretty long and I have never seen religion improve a person. It may help some people restrain deviant and harmful behavior but then again; independent and critical thinking takes care of that problem too and can take you much farther into your own personal development. I just don't get the sympathy for religion. It brings close mindedness, violence, rejection, confinement, decline, you name it. Just look at the most religiously led countries and see what blessing religion is for this world. We just don't need it anymore tbh, and especially not something as violent and rigid like Islam. I definitely don't hate religious people though (my mother is quite Christian) and I respect people regardless of their religion. I just cannot respect religion in itself. It has held the world back for so long ffs.
  5. Wouldn't the passive hostility more likely be a reaction to some religious wacko's killing people because a cartoon depicting Mohammed? I'm all for tolerance of race, don't get me wrong, but wouldn't it be nice to have a society without the pollution of religion? Think about it.
  6. Haha fuck free speech and our values because THIS MOVIE MIGHT HURT OUR BUSYNESS. Still tho, hard to guess what type of reaction would be suitable (since some pretty serious threats were made). I'm so fucking bummed out by this
  7. Glider and Falaise by Fuzzdad. but seriously tho, DoD 1.6 had some really good maps (Caen, Jagd, Avalanche etc). Still miss playing it
  8. Lol, had to watch that part twice. Just couldn't focus on what was being said.
  9. Her (2014) Very cool. 9/10 Also, Scarlett.
  10. that's okay, I've got enough for everybody
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