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  1. This looks beautiful! Well done!
  2. Thank you all for the feedback, Im gonna get to mapping now, and get some ideas!
  3. Hey guys! Some of you might have seen my latest post, about my aim map. Well, since I made that map I have had a pretty good idea of what I want to make, what theme I want and so on. Today I decided to start doodling layout ideas and came up with one I was satisfied with. I decided to start block it out in hammer, and that is where I am now. The theme Im going for is inspired by Cobblestone, and not only by using the props and textures (thank you AsztK for the feedback), but by mimicing the architecture too. Map name (temporary) is de_vania, because of Castlevania - get it...no..okey not fun... Anyway, I settled for the workflow where I make one section into a well functioning aim map at a time and then brutaly smudge them together, and polish everything up. I started with CT-spawn, T-spawn, and B-site. My ideas to make this layout special are for example making Mid and A-site one big park area, which is going to play out nicely (some sort of mixture between Overpass's A/Mid/Long area and Cobblestones own A/Mid area. For now everything is in graybox though! I was going to add pics of my drawings of the layout, but my stupid phone died so I had to take what I had in hammer. Anyway, the timings from each spawn to the sites are: T From Spawn to Chokepoint 8/9 sec T From Spawn to Balcony 11/12 sec CT From Spawn to Site 5/6 sec What do you think? Are the timings too fast? Should I delay them more? Hope you guys can provide me with some valuable feedback <3 you AxeliNo
  4. Hey guys! I haven't really been active here on mapcore since I poster about my de_piranesi remake. The truth is, I put that project down rather quickly. I had no ideas for layout, how the map played or theme, I wasn't really experienced or skilled enough. After that disappointment, I kinda stopped playing CS at all for a few months, and picked up again a month ago. I decided to pick up mapping again, but enough backstory, lets get to the fun part - the map part! The map I am going to showade today is called Aim_Cbble. It was a quick map to make, and it made me realize how fun it is to see a map go from being an idea to something playable. After tips from what I like to see as my mentors in mapping, Xeculus and Mondy00, I decided that making a 5v5 map wouldnt end well without a layout or theme in mind. I set for a 1v1 map instead, and created the wonderful Aim_Cbble. I am going to update this thread with pictures tomorrow, for now Ill link my steam and people will have to go to my workshop that way. (Sorry, didnt have my computer :/) Steamcommunity.com/id/axelino1337/ Hope you like it!
  5. Hello! Nice to see another Piranesi revamp, I started one too, but didnt come far. If you want help, Id love to. Looking to get back into mapmaking!
  6. I would love to collaborate with you, it would be an honour to work with someone as skilled. Sadly I am not very skilled in hammer, but I guess we can figure something out. I know my way with photoshop so if we need custom textures I could do something there. I have sent you a friend request on steam, the name is the same as over here on mapcore. Will be a great time!
  7. Thanks alot! I didnt know you made Skyline (I stopped doing the remake after I saw you had done it but then I picked it up again), but did you use custom textures/props? I think I'll do it, but Im not sure. Oh, and I thought I recognized your name. I checked, and yep, you are the maker of de_empire, right?
  8. Hey guys! I have started on a remake of the 1.6 and Source map de_piranesi. The map is as some om you know set in some sort of de_cbble -esque theme, and I really like it! I started remaking it a day ago or so, by downloading a big file of all official CS:S maps .vmfs. Then I opened de_piranesi in hammer, and started to remove all props that appeared as errors. This process took around an hour. Now I am just replacing every blank texture with a dev texture for the moment, when Im done I'll start working on layout (I never played it in Source or 1.6, does anyone know if it was CT/T-sided?) and then custom textures. Anyway, so far I have completely textured CT-Spawn, the part after CT and a big chunk of A-site. Also, I found a super-weird bug on A when I dropped a flash on one of the crates. It started shaking and making a weird noise before exploding.
  9. Started working on a CS:GO remake of de_piranesi. I simply downloaded the CS:S vmf and worked from there. So far I have deleted all props I didnt have (I dont have CS:S) and started replacing the blank textures with dev textures. When Im done I am going to work on layout and then custom textures. Here are som screenshots of CT-spawn (which I have textured completely) and the beginning area. If anyone with CS:S could give me a radar pic with all the names that would be great. EDIT: Also, the two last screenshots are from a weird bug I found when I dropped a flash on the boxes at A.
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