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  1. Oh yeah, that may have been a thing in (early days of) goldsrc CS. I remember having to learn to type qwerty on an azerty keyboard, lol.
  2. What do you mean exactly? I've always used a non-American keyboard layout and don't recall ever having any issues when playing CSGO. But not having the option to change key binds in S2 Hammer is what annoys me most at the moment. It's especially weird since it seems like you can edit keys (the key bind options have an "apply" button). I have Z instead of W and so when I press forward in the viewport I enable/disable "fly toggle". The way I use for navigating in the viewport in old Hammer unfortunately doesn't work anymore (which includes space bar, LM/RM and scroll wheel), I'm guessing because space bar has been assigned a new use.
  3. I just checked and both hiding/unhiding (unselected) from the menu also works fine on my end.
  4. H = hide selected Ctrl + H = hide unselected Right? I'm starting to doubt myself
  5. That works just fine for me using the hotkeys (CTRL+H and U).
  6. Never played those, so I may be wrong about that.
  7. I had some of the best local coop fun with Serious Sam 3. It's not exactly the kind of franchise you play for its visuals, so I pretty much couldn't care less in this case. I do wonder what's new gameplay-wise, except that there'll be a gazillion of enemies.
  8. Awesome, that's a nice option indeed
  9. Fuck it, I'm getting it now It's been on my wishlist for a while, but the pixelated artstyle was the only thing holding me back so far, as I'm not a huge fan of it personally. I've been playing a lot of local coop games lately, Guacamelee 2 (really enjoyed the first one years ago) and Overcooked so far. Overcooked is so much fun in (local) coop, that I immediately bought the sequel as well. Next up is probably Hidden In Plain Sight and Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2.
  10. Currently playing through Guacamelee 2 and it does a similar thing. The levels themselves don't change, but your character gains extra abilities that allow you to reach previously inaccessible spots and progress through the game.
  11. While waiting for the HL:A SDK you can play around with the tools in either Dota2 or SteamVR.
  12. Half-Life: Alyx’s level designer would rather play Black Mesa than the original Half-Life.
  13. Ha, I didn't realise grapen posted that exact angle before It's a new screenshot though, updated lighting etc. I'll try to grab some extra ones later.
  14. We've just submitted a last (for now) update to our entry. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1980781825 Thanks to everybody who provided us with feedback, enabled others to gather feedback (MapcoreHub and the stats page!) and everyone involved with organizing the contest And good luck to the other participants!
  15. Congratz to everyone who was involved at some point in the 15-years development cycle! I'm looking forward to playing the full version
  16. This was done on purpose, so fully aware of it. I used to not do this years ago, but noticed most, if not all, CSGO maps did have the bottom clip missing. For a long time I wondered why that was and I guess it's because sometimes the bottom clip extends beyond a corner and also acts as some sort of notice to the player when he's getting up on a stair while strafing or moving backwards. I adopted it and it has become my default way to clip a stair. I'll have to check how newer (official and custom) maps do it nowadays and might revisit it Thanks for the feedback and the album!
  17. Squad


    Hahaha, do you have any source files left? Not sure if I do Also, 2005 ... Jesus christ! @Radu: yes, it is.
  18. I haven't been very active in this topic so far, that will probably change in the coming weeks Recently @grapen remade the skybox.
  19. Can you tell where you're heading now? Either way, best of luck!
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