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  1. Squad

    The random model thread!

    Now make it slippery
  2. Squad

    awp_natural [CS:GO]

    Should be possible to fix the cubemap issue though. Have you applied an env_cubemap to both water volumes?
  3. Squad

    Forcing LODs as default for lower settings

    It would help if you specified the game/engine.
  4. Squad

    [CS:GO][Wingman] Pitstop

    Checked out the final version. Unique theme and executed very good Great work!
  5. Squad

    [CS:GO][WIP] Trailerpark

    The beach area sure does Nice work, OB! Love the new vehicles, especially the classic VW van!
  6. Squad

    [Wingman] Turnpike

    My entry for the Wingman contest. Still a bit rough in some places, but it's time to wrap it up for now. Workshop link Credits to @Yanzl for the majority of custom props and materials (and for some last-minute assistance in tweaking vmt's for nighttime setting) and to @Skybex and @Rick_D for a few other props and materials.
  7. Squad

    [Wingman] Turnpike

    Thank you, guys, I really appreciate it
  8. Squad

    [Wingman] Turnpike

    Ah, not familiar with it. It's just a coincidence
  9. Squad

    [Wingman] Turnpike

    You're welcome! What are you talking about though?
  10. Squad

    [Wingman] Turnpike

    Thanks! The only accessible outside areas are CT spawn and the platform that is visible in the last screenshot.
  11. http://blog.counter-strike.net/
  12. Squad

    Hypothetical-Contest Rules Voting

    In this case and for this contest, I think it'd be worthwile to formulate a defintion for "playtesting". At the moment, "playtesting" can be anything from checking timings in a first greybox iteration by yourself to a full 5 vs 5 competitive match and everything in between.
  13. Yeah, you have to smooth shade them individually before grouping them together. Otherwise it'll again end up as a convex collision after exporting/compiling.
  14. That's not right. $surfaceprop should be one of the properties in this list (not sure if this list can vary between different branches of Source).
  15. Squad

    What movie is this?

    The left one look like "Chavez", so I'm thinking it's in the Jack Ryan universe.
  16. Squad

    One Choice (csgo walking simulator)

    Finally checked this out. Overall, it's pretty well done scripting-wise, but I think it's lacking something in the story department. Some clues are given of what has happened (or could have happened), but as a player you still feel a bit detached. It's not obvious what you're supposed to do or look out for. Without giving away any spoilers, I liked the beginning the most, it's very well executed and sets the mood nicely. Overall, great job and very well done! It's a nice change from the usual CSGO stuff
  17. Squad

    What movie is this?

    The Siege of Jadotville, close enough! Your turn!
  18. Squad

    What movie is this?

    It's This boy's life. Don't tell me you never seen Titanic!!! But seriously, if you've never seen one with Dicaprio, you're missing out on some great movies (Wolf of Wall Street, The Revenant, Django Unchained, ... list goes on). Here's a new one:
  19. Squad

    What movie is this?

    Another tip: the book and the film go by the same name. If noone's gonna guess it soon (as in today/tommorow), I'll post something else/someone else can have a go.
  20. Normal collision is still disabled in Casual, but you can jump onto each other now.
  21. Squad

    What movie is this?

    Correct. It's from 1993 and based on a (autobiographical) book by Tobias Wolff.
  22. - MP5SD available in MM - boosting enabled in Casual (!!)
  23. Squad

    What movie is this?

    Clear and present danger.
  24. Squad

    What movie is this?

    Doubtful, it's been 4 days since the last hint.