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  1. Loved my time with Mafia 2. One of the few games I played through to the end.
  2. dux

    Rage 2

    I liked the first Rage for what it was. But "you know what we need? A sequel to Rage." Said no one ever.
  3. I just don't understand what's going on. Ever since New Order and Old Blood stuff has gone down hill massively. Are they trying to compete with Borderlands, The Division or Anthem? If yes then why? Everything good about NO and OB has been seemingly cast aside in favour of a worse experience. Blows my mind. And just Bethesda in general, they seem to have lost the plot. Every week stuff just seems to get weirder. The new multi platform re-release of the Dooms needing an online account. Wolfeinstein being turned into a Borderlands/Division Coop level shooter. Fallout just being a mess riddled with microtransactions and having a BR Mode, wow. Remember the Nylon bags too? Without Doom Eternal they'd be struggling even more. Saying this, if there aren't any microtransactions in DE I'll be surprised.
  4. Don't care for that battlemode but gimme that SP goodness
  5. Went to watch the first video, immediately got hit with a 30 second advert. Yeah nah.
  6. I never expected to be sat here 15 years later (!!!) watching another Half-Life 2 tech demo but on Unreal 4. Am I in some alternative dream?
  7. Why close Visceral who were making a Star Wars game only to go on and make a Star Wars game with Respawn? EA.
  8. He's not directing it and has little time for it in the grand scheme of things as he's too busy with blue alien cats.
  9. As if anyone is really surprised? Terminator franchise has been hot trash since #3.
  10. You'd be surprised. If Asmongold can't remember half of how Vanilla worked I think you and I will be fine. I haven't played properly in years and I will definitely be re-subscribing and playing again when it releases. I've never done a raid or anything of the sort. What I enjoyed WoW for was exploring the world, enjoying the (awesome) art, music and design whilst doing quests at my own pace. My first time in Goldshire, Westfall, Stormwind, Darkshire and Stranglethorn Vale were some super cool game memories that I still think about even today. So I'm really looking forward to burying myself back into some gaming nostalgia. "You think you want it, but you don't." No, no. We really do want it.
  11. dux

    A Game of Thrones

    What a pile of shit. I am so upset at this finale episode and the season as a whole. Absolutely terrible, it couldn't of been any worse. At least it made for some good meme's...
  12. dux

    A Game of Thrones

    I haven't watched the final episode yet. I don't really want to, but I'm committed to seeing this shit fest through. Expect to see me back in this thread later on having a fucking shit fit no doubt.
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