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  1. I'm very much out of the cs go loop. What's up with a forklift?
  2. I don't need to be inspired by an imaginary character to do bad stuff. I'm quite capable of doing bad things by my own white male self.
  3. How long until they remaster/remake the first 3 CoD's. And fill it full of microtransactions and loot crates. I mean they gunna one day.
  4. No one talking about the timed exclusivity then
  5. They're showing stuff but at the same time not showing stuff. I like what I see, but I'm still on the fence until I see some actual gameplay and not fast in my face clips. I've beaten everyone around the head on here for years about how much I adore SS2 and I've waiting a long time for #3 - so if this sucks I'm leaving to live in a forest.
  6. Git gud. It's a 1 shot headshot, unlike the m4. So just point it at the head of the guy you want to murder and tap. Or if that is a bit much for the moment and you want to spray, point it at the head again and pull down on your mouse. Another good tip is to shoot at the wall and look at the spray pattern then counter it with your mouse so you get most of your shots in the centre of your crosshair.
  7. Watch lots of pro games and how they position themselves. CS GO on comp mode for an in experienced player is gonna be like running into a brick wall, peeps been playing this game for a long ass time. If you wanna legit get good then I'd suggest playing a shit tonne and watching a lot of youtube tutorials on smokes, aim, spray and map knowledge. A good stop would be https://www.youtube.com/user/TheWarOwl he has a lot of CS GO content and video tutorials/tips on how to play better. But all in all, it just comes down to playing a looooooooooooooooooooooooot. I'm also gonna take this moment to flap my dick around a bit. These vids were from when I took the game seriously a few years ago and got reasonably good again. I dunno if Cobble is still played like this, but end of B Plat dominance was everything in that map. Smokes, awp, and some reactionary skills and you're good. For T's: Never push through a smoke one by one. Go as a group and molly, frag, flash the stairs and push out together or this will happen: For CT's: Nade the shit out of plat and shoot them bad guys. Those rules can generally be applied to most bombsite push/hold. A single well placed smoke can prevent most rushes unless T's are yolo desperate to make a play. And the luckiest worst ace of my amateur career:
  8. Amazing game. I've put in over 30 hours of queuing and maybe about 5 hours of playing.
  9. Why are there basketball players in that gambling game?
  10. Good luck trying to even play. The queue time to realms is ridiculous.
  11. Loved my time with Mafia 2. One of the few games I played through to the end.
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