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  1. Where's the awards for best made cup of tea? They've got one for everything else
  2. What a stunning teaser trailer. Might as well have just posted a jpg with the name on it.
  3. Haha you must be new here. I'm the most un-positive person on here. You gotta come at it with big dick energy. It sounds to me as though you're shooting yourself down before you've even left the runway.
  4. You've just answered all your own questions. Its been your passion for a decade. If this is your passion and you really want it, then work towards it. Push yourself, demand more from yourself. Nothing materialises out of thin air, effort rewards effort. Don't worry about the ifs and what's. You said you can map for hours. So go and map for hours. Release stuff on here. Anywhere. Get better. Stop questioning yourself and future possibilities that have no effect on the present, other than talking yourself out of what you actually want to do.
  5. Does anyone here actually play CSGO anymore? I played it once with my old CS group (2 of which now have kids, reality check.) a few days ago for the first time in over a year.
  6. Shall we rename this the blackdog cs go thread
  7. Its made me want an xbox kudos to them
  8. This is now the dux thread where he just posts stuff on his mind about mafia. So anyway, I went to install Mafia 2 Classic just now. In preparation I uninstalled some other stuff to free up some space as I "only" had about 78GB free. Mafia 2 Classic is 7GB. I've been conditioned by modern day titles and their extreme size. I member when 7Gb was massive for a game. Or a game came on TWO DVDS?! Ouuutttraggeeeousssss. This also shows how old I'm getting, fuck.
  9. I bet that studio is about to pop with the amount of pressure inside it
  10. Ugly as fuck. Deffo not gonna get one Like seriously, anyone on here who thinks that LOOKS GOOD needs their eyes examined and their IQ tested.
  11. Looks super impressive and that's about it...
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