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  1. Why close Visceral who were making a Star Wars game only to go on and make a Star Wars game with Respawn? EA.
  2. He's not directing it and has little time for it in the grand scheme of things as he's too busy with blue alien cats.
  3. As if anyone is really surprised? Terminator franchise has been hot trash since #3.
  4. You'd be surprised. If Asmongold can't remember half of how Vanilla worked I think you and I will be fine. I haven't played properly in years and I will definitely be re-subscribing and playing again when it releases. I've never done a raid or anything of the sort. What I enjoyed WoW for was exploring the world, enjoying the (awesome) art, music and design whilst doing quests at my own pace. My first time in Goldshire, Westfall, Stormwind, Darkshire and Stranglethorn Vale were some super cool game memories that I still think about even today. So I'm really looking forward to burying myself back into some gaming nostalgia. "You think you want it, but you don't." No, no. We really do want it.
  5. dux

    A Game of Thrones

    What a pile of shit. I am so upset at this finale episode and the season as a whole. Absolutely terrible, it couldn't of been any worse. At least it made for some good meme's...
  6. dux

    A Game of Thrones

    I haven't watched the final episode yet. I don't really want to, but I'm committed to seeing this shit fest through. Expect to see me back in this thread later on having a fucking shit fit no doubt.
  7. Why is no one talking about this? Why are none of the Blizz guys giving me a key? Do you not have phones?! You think you want it but you really don't.
  8. It really is turning into Hollywood drama.
  9. Wow after about 15 years I get to see what my beloved THLS played and looked like. For how WIP it looked I thought it was pretty good! I really liked the slow intro and build up, I'm a sucker for that sort of atmospheric stuff. And don't forget They Hunger 1 had a pretty long intro + walking. Sure this could of been a bit shorter but for the most part it seemed pretty good! Some excellent work on display for mid 00's source. Definitely suffered a bit too much from HL2 assets, did still feel like it was still in City-17/Lost Coast at times because of that but hey, WIP. Seeing this now is pretty bittersweet as I would of loved this if it were to have been released.
  10. dux

    A Game of Thrones

    This season has been absolute hot trash. 2 years of waiting - only for them to run it into the ground like this, what a disappointment. I will watch the last few episodes just out of morbid curiosity. Like looking at a car crash. Words just escape me really. Just how. How in the fuck have they managed to fuck up this badly. 7 seasons of "Winter is Coming" and in an hour it's "Oh nevermind, Winter's gone now lol Arya stabbed it really easily haha." What was the point in even resurrecting Jon? They've made him completely pointless. He was supposed to be the one. And do you know what Dick and Dickhead said? "That'd be too obvious." TOO OBVIOUS!? IT'S BEEN THE WHOLE FUCKING POINT ARE YOU KIDDING ME! So all they had him do was run around and scream at a dragon! Don't even get me started on the battle tactics they used - WHAT. THE. FUCK. And the PLOT ARMOUR! GoT is about characters dying and fantastic dialogue, not being protected by terrible writing and Tyrion turning into this caricature of himself. But just like the Simpsons originally set out to parody the mainstream, it too ended up becoming a parody of itself and GoT has done the exact same. Tell me how you have 200,000 undead standing ontop of you and practically NOONE DIES. Some minor B characters that no one gives two fucks about, but everyone who's popular get's out fine with a few bruises? That was it? That was what 7 whole seasons had been building to? Go fuck yourselves David Benioff, D. B. Weiss - now that you don't have Martin to prop you up anymore it really shows how hacky you two are. Absolute trash. Oh I know, we don't have a fucking fleet to even dent the Iron Fleet so let's sail down to fucking Dragonstone that's a great idea oh my god we are so smart aren't we? Yes we are look at how smart the writers make us look now. OH WHAT'S THAT?! IT'S THE HOT TOPIC PIRATE! OUTTA NOWHERE WITH HIS SKYRIM FAST TRAVEL! Oh hello what's that again?! A fucking giant harpoon straight outta nowhere too! Of course! Because we are trash writers who have no better way of doing this. How could Danni not see this?! Oh because clouds of course! Yes! Fantastic idea! Oh what's this?! Let's fucking stand infront of the most ruthless woman in the Seven Fucking Kingdoms with 1000000000 arrows and ballistas pointing at us. Stand infront of the same mental case who blew up the Sept of Balor with thousands of people in it for the lulz. Yes fantastic! She won't just shoot us full of fucking arrows at all because she isn't the Daughter of Tywin FUCKING LANISTER! The man who orchestrated the RED FUCKING WEDDING. No! No, that wouldn't make sense of her character at all now would it? So let's all just stand around and completely go against how characters have actually been written and built up through 7 seasons. I am a huge GoT fan and this season has really, really, disappointed me in every way imaginable. Upset would be an understatement. Fuck. This. Season. Also Bran is useless he does absolutely nothing at all ever. Jon just giving up Ghost like that was completely rubbish. All they have been through and all he did was nod at him? Fuck off. And all the forced conflict is just beyond me. This is fanfiction. Terrible fanfiction. The only good part I wanted to see as well and THEY CUT. FUCKING CUT AWAY! When the last remaining starks are gathered in the Godswood and Jon tells Bran to tell them. I wanted to see their reactions to this because GoT USED TO BE ABOUT FUCKING CHARACTERS AND TALKING AND REACTIONS TO THEM. But no! Let's cut away because we are David Benioff and D. B. Weiss and we are amazing writers!
  11. Funny that this Polish stuff has turned up on here now. Broke up with my Polish girlfriend a few days ago. Just a day before my birthday Perogi and Goulash are good stuff.The language I found impenetrable, though.
  12. dux

    The Alien movies

    I thought this containment short was kinda meh.
  13. Watched all 6 episodes the other night. It's a predictable path but it's still a really good.
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