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  1. I know!! Holy shit are people getting around quick. When JM turns up at Dragonstone in an instant and then The Merry Trio at the wall I was all like
  2. I won't be buying this.
  3. Will you twats stop posting in this fucking thing
  4. Good episode and good season. It is TV writing galore, but I'm still enjoying it. Stuff actually happens.
  5. 10lbs is 10lbs bro. Keep lifting. Eat lots.
  7. Sucks to hear bro hope you doin ok.
  8. Fighting off a lot of stress at the moment. Feels like bit of a losing battle sometimes. Everything comes in waves, typical
  9. Big part of my teenage life. This track seems appropriate right now.
  10. You can take it a step further now and just block her. The stuff she is pulling is backfiring on her and just pissing you off. We all called that she one crazy mofo earlier. You're starting to see it for yourself now
  11. Yeah half way through the purchase process. Her breakup has made things a lot more difficult to focus on though unfortunately.
  12. Cheers guys. It wasn't even a fight @blackdog she just doesn't have the time to commit to a relationship and wanted to take a step back. I said ok if that's what you want. What else can ya do? can't force someone to be in a relationship. So just gotta buck up and get on with it best I can and buy my god damn house
  13. Broke up with my girlfriend while in the middle of trying to buy a house and keep my head above the water with work at the same time. Fuck me it's either all or nothing.