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  1. Yeah that's all cool and all but I set this kit up explicitly so I could walk around a room and experience every penny I paid for it. Not too impressed with this.
  2. The BIGGEST complaint I have against the Index is the damn cable. I have it setup in a 12x9 room so I can walk around, and the cable keeps looping up on itself to the point it turns into a heavy pile of tangled cable and starts pulling on the back of my headset. So I have to stop playing, take off the headset and untangle the bloody thing. Getting pretty frustrated at that. If valve take anything away from this release is that they really need to look at their next headset having no cable. Or at least the cable being so thin and light that this issues goes away. Easy to sit here and say this of course, but geez. I am a cable untying master now.
  3. The dangling shotgun bit can go fuck itself. Took me fucking forever to work it out.
  4. The multi fire on that pistol reminds me so much of turok 2's magnum shame they cut it
  5. Not Alyx but still good watching content!
  6. Sad that they ditched x ray, it had such a cool unique flavour
  7. It's the little things, I noticed that too.
  8. I have an Index. I've never used a headset since my trip to valve back in 2017 to try their original vive and make jokes about HL3 to an irritated looking valve employee who was our contact for the trip Pros: Very well packed and put together. Pretty straightforward to setup and plug in. You trace your room space with the controller, very cool. Excellent sound. Good visual quality (I guess? I don't have anything to compare it to but the original vive from several years ago). The headstrap is nice and adjustable The padding around the lenses is very soft and comfy and is magnetic so you can change it or clean it, etc. You don't have to use buttons on the controller, you can use your actual hand motions to pick stuff up and that's really cool. It's not perfect as my hands are weird so it doesn't always react to my hand gestures. The headset is surprisingly light and isn't a huge weight on your neck. (Cable different story) High refresh rates. Walking around a room inside vr is really something else. Cons: Kinda blurry. From watching all the trailers I expected the same sort of visual quality. Again, I am very new to vr so just assumed what I saw is what you got. Not quite. If you wear glasses the headset can get uncomfortable after a period of time as it pushes my glasses into my face and it starts to hurt kinda bad after 30 mins. The cable is very annoying. It wraps around my shoulder and legs constantly and sometimes winds up into a tight loop so you can't walk around until you stop and untangle it. The controllers aren't perfect for my hands. The menu button is awkward to press for me, I have to sort of loosen the controller so I can slide my hand down the controller to hit the button with my thumb. You gotta fiddle a lot with the headset to get a perfect balance. If it's too high or too low the lenses go out of focus. Glasses again, I can't wear the headset for long without them. If I play without glasses my eyes start burning after about 30 minutes and go super dry. So from my experience what I think needs to happen for future headsets is: No cables Improved comfort for users with glasses Higher resolution (can you imagine the day we have 4k headsets? holy fuck) Better button layout on controllers
  9. dux

    Corona Virus

    Yeah so far it has been mild. I'm more anxious to see what it's like tomorrow, if it has gotten worse then it's time to really worry.
  10. Tbh the experience will be even that much more sweeter for you after reading all of this. Look forward to it man, your balls are gonna get blown across the room.
  11. dux

    Corona Virus

    Good chance my mum has contracted the virus. Pretty worried atm
  12. So... It took them 1200 years and cost me 1200 quid but we made it guys. We're back in Half-Life. I just played it for about 2-3 hours. Allow me to demonstrate my experience thus far Intro: Pikcing stuff up: Seeing a in the street come right over me: Just walking around in the world: The bit: I'll make a more detailed analysis later.
  13. Doom 2016 the moment there was dialogue/cutscene within the first 2 minutes Doom Guy punched it away. Hell yeah. In Doom Eternal, it feels like there's a cutscene every 2 minutes. What really confused me was when Doom guy walked into a room with those 3 priest guys or whatever the fuck they are and just stood there looking at them. Why am I stood there, just fucking kill them? Oh they're gone now, time for more talking. Hell no. Ok there's this dude in a cave with big guns. Who the fuck is this guy? What the fuck is going on? Stop talking! I don't care! Why am I not killing? How did I get in this giant pussy patrol fortress? No I'm not about to read 10 encyclopedia entries on this badly designed and presented menu system to find out. Why is this a hub game now? What was wrong with kicking in a door and screaming RIP AND TEAR TIME TIMMY What's that buddy? You were starting to enjoy the combat a bit more? Yeah nah sorry guy. Here, swing off this bright yellow pole instead onto this floating climable concrete coffin that falls out of the sky. Oh also no you can't jump over there even though it totally looks like you can. Lol sorry, try again. No you can't fight that way, you have to do it this way and only this way or you will die a lot. I'm trying so hard to like the game but it just keeps fighting me all the way.
  14. Not long to go now. I am fucking H Y P E it's all on you now Valve. Take me to the promised land.
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