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  1. All of the Stalker games are 10/10. Would recommend using some quality of life community patches, though.
  2. Turns out I DID get an alpha invite. It went straight into my spam folder without me knowing https://media.giphy.com/media/l0MYMF7Z9O4zbh60w/giphy.gif
  3. It looks like a mobile game and stutters a lot
  4. Getting mobile game vibes from it.
  5. dux

    The random model thread!

    Dumbass continues to learn Blender.
  6. Perhaps the core should branch out with its own game dev team. We could resurrect classics and show AAA publisher monkeys how it's done.
  8. Have you played AvP2? It's not difficult to replicate that or even expand upon it, there's a big fanbase for the AvP2 Marine campaign and it's super disappointing that it never got any better than that. Gearbox came along promising the world but fucked it way beyond anyone thought possible. This Fireteam game is just grasping for the lowest hanging fruit, and it will no doubt be praised purely for being better than that piss stain Colonial Marines. Dead Space is an entirely different subject matter.
  9. I'd also argue that the System Shock 2 Trailer was far superior in terms of audio as well. The remake trailer has too many pauses. It sounds janky.
  10. I dunno why it's so hard to just make the AvP 2 Marine campaign into a full game
  11. So all negatives and no positives? Sounds like you hated it
  12. The character models bug me. They look like they are from Call of Duty.
  13. Watched all 3 trailers and I like that they took the quake 2 shotgun and made it a grenade launcher and included the quake 1 grenade bounce sound. But the rest of it sent me to sleep
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