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  1. That does look pretty dope
  2. I have a huge backlog and only game I will look at getting is Strafe if it is heavily discounted.
  3. https://www.halflifeuplink.com/steamlink/
  4. I went and replayed Uplink earlier because of this. Still awesome.
  5. Uplink was incredible.
  6. I'm sick of open world. Give me linear well crafted any day.
  7. I lold at the right wing cyberpunk bit.
  8. So this went from "game looks pretty" to "transgender black lives matter" rather quickly. #MapCore
  9. Save a space for me on that stake too @Bastion
  10. This and the new wolfenstein game is all I need. Time to buy new PC
  11. Fucking driving around in a wheelchair shooting Nazis. Sign me the fuck up fam
  12. It was more a comment on the ridiculous pre order price tags that I associate with EA.
  13. Wow who is publishing this EA?
  14. 18 hours in and experienced my first crash at Deep Storage
  15. FFS this thread. Also make more of that apartment scene, Liam.