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  1. I don't know anything about any of this. Is it worth dipping my toe in? I got spare cash that's not doing much.
  2. Stay away/limit yourself from social media Start going to the gym. I go 4 times a week. It is THE difference maker. Plus who doesn't like being jacked? I clap cheeks with the lights on. Drink lots of water. It flushes all the shit out of your system. Don't get addicted to drugs/substances as a way to escape your problems/emotions. Talk to your mother/father/family more. Take 5HTP before bed (it helps level serotonin, I take it every night). Eat proper food. Not KFC. Not Maccy D's. Not sugar. Not takeaways. Eat shit, feel like shit. Enjoy in moderation. Don't force yourself to do things that used to make you happy. I lost all interest in games over lockdown. Making them was bad enough, it just made me miserable sitting in my office everyday staring at a screen. Take a break. I'm now currently enjoying D2 Resurrected. Read before bed, put down the electronics an hour before you sleep. Go for walks. I like to go for a walk almost every night. Assuming it isn't raining, welsh weather. Listen to lots of music. I combine this with walking. Ditch the porn. Holy shit if I was 17 today I'd be a fucking mess with how easily you can come across tits and ass. Just scrolling through instagram today my teenage head would explode. Fuck that shit. It is going to fuck up a generation of guys.
  3. It's pretty legit. Currently running around Act 1 as a dual barb whacking the shit outta everything. Not experienced any technical issues so far. Feels good, it's definitely d2 but shinier. All the clunk is still there, which is fine, it's d2, you don't remove the clunk.
  4. Wow valve updated something. Figured they'd all quit after alyx
  5. Everything is a bleedin series these days. Grumble grumble. Looks cool, I like Giancarlo Esposito. Might even buy it if I didn't have to go through ubisofts platform.
  6. No one cares anymore. It's too much. I tapped out after end game.
  7. Wow another over produced cringe fest of a modern hype train trailer. My favourite.
  8. Wow that was awful
  9. Can't believe I forgot this classic
  10. dux

    wow thanks mapcore

    Ironically this has revived the the forums a bit
  11. dux

    wow thanks mapcore

    I am not getting a sense of pride and accomplishment
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