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  1. Finally getting around to playing
  2. Good. Games are too long and open these days. I don't have 90 hours to finish a game.
  3. Whats a digital edition? I get a 3d ps5?
  4. I didn't see any mario jumping in that trailer, that's good
  5. Still relevant. The new batman film looked good, but yeah, I'm done with superhero stuff they milked that outta the ass
  6. We keep seeing batman and spiderman films because if they dont use the license they lose it. So pump out those films fam those dumb nerds will keep watching $$$$ Trailer looked cool tho. I got no probs with good batman films
  7. The cables are annoying I agree. But being forced to log in through Facebook so they can record your data is worse I'd say.
  8. Why didn't you just get an Index? Too bulky?
  9. A game where I can play as Black Dynamite? Sign me fuck up G
  10. Yeah you get to see her at the end where she makes ice cream for everyone
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