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  1. Pretty good summary of the latest changes:
  2. WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Probably not a big deal. What you have made there already looks pretty awesome. I hate these limited trials. Pretty good to find out if the investment is worth it, but frustrating when you already know that you can't effort to buy it in the end.
  3. WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    This looks pretty interesting. So you get a textured 3d mesh after all, that could be used e.g. as a 3d skybox in a game, right? But we are talking about a software that cost 3500$ if I actually want to use this feature and not just playing around a little (demo version), or am I wrong?
  4. Yeah, maybe this should be tweaked a little but it's still an essential idea of the map. In my opinion dust2 was never meant to be a map for pro players. It's the map to catch new players and keep them playing.
  5. Well, it was obvious that this would happen. But it's still just stupid. Unfortunately these guys are usually pretty loud so it's hard to ignore them. But Valve will just have to. The gameplay of the map is as close to the previous version as it can be. There are just a few small changes, that are probably intended and absolutely make sense to me. The visuals are really amazing, imo it's (by far) the best looking CS:GO map atm. But on the other hand it might be frustrating for ambitious community creators, because Valve have raised the bar so high that only a few will come even close to this level when creating custom maps. I feel so empty and unmotivated right now. lol
  6. Well, the first pic was "okay" but this one totally impressed me. Is this really good old Source1 which makes me suffer every day? Definitely looks like how it should look like in 2017.
  7. Blender: Square UV map for models?

    This model is from cs_militia (+some other official maps), I just imported it to Blender for learning purposes. It doesn't matter if the UV unwrap is larger than the texture. The texture just gets tiled then. But the texture has to be seamless in this case. This rock texture is used on a couple of different rock props. For small rocks the UV unwrap will be smaller than the texture, while (like in this case) for bigger rocks it can be larger than the actual texture, just to avoid that it gets blurred/pixelated.
  8. Blender: Square UV map for models?

    Yeah, a lot of new stuff if you are a beginner (I'm pretty new to making models as well). So maybe just go step by step and start with something easy. I don't think that your rock props really need to be seamless (pretty much all CS:GO default rock props are NOT). Don't forget to switch to smooth shading (screenshot you posted above).
  9. Blender: Square UV map for models?

    I personally used to place the seams where the shape requires them to be to get little distortion and preferably where they are barely visible. Then just hit "unwrap" and scale/rotate/move the unwrapped UV mesh so that it looks fine. Something like this: (a rock from cs_militia) For better results (baked normals/AO/spec map/invisible seams) there are some tutorials on youtube. This one is pretty helpful imo: Or do you want something like this? (Will cause too much distortion imo)
  10. Yeah, maybe not the easiest way, but it's still simple enough and it works. So what?
  11. http://www.tophattwaffle.com/configuring-propper-for-steampipe/
  12. Interesting question... So if they remove the old maps, the map pool would consist of Mapcore maps only in a few years? (and dust2)
  13. Found this on the web: http://csgo-mapstats.ga/ But I have no idea if this uses the correct data. Results seem a bit odd imo... Edit: (thanks @OrnateBaboon)
  14. Well, you should do what's right for you. But on the other hand it's sad that another promising project gets canceled. We didn't see many good new maps during the last year but a couple of promising projects getting aborted. Probably it's because making a good map has become way too time consuming...
  15. [CS:GO] SDK bugs and errors

    It's fixed. Thx Valve. Now that annoying lighting bug pls.