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  1. Next time I will have to think at least for a second before I write something. So basically comp + casual + deathmatch. Not 100% sure about this. Maybe workout will replace agency in case more players play it.
  2. Seems like they stick to the 3 months cycle. In my opinion too short. As soon as players have learnt a map and you (the map creator) are able to improve it, it's gone already... I don't think that the game mode is the problem. It's just that there is not a single map that is good enough. Most of them are just completely imbalanced, or were created when essential game mechanics just didn't exist yet (smokes, molotov etc...). Maybe cs_workout will do better. They (Valve) just look at the play time (all game modes together) and the two maps which are played most stay, the other 2 drop out. For me (may differ on higher/lower skill rating) zoo had the shortest queue time of those three defusal maps most of the time, closely followed by abbey. But that's just competitive matchmaking. There is also deathmatch, arms race etc. which seem to matter as well after all. Btw I would love to see some community Wingman maps being added. The currently playable maps are mostly pretty bad imo...
  3. Yes. https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/CSGO_Map_Publish_Tool
  4. Radix

    [CS:GO] de_austria (WIP)

    Finally found some time to give it a try and opened the ceiling as suggested above. (Thanks @RadimaX and @Squad for sharing your ideas.) I tried out different things, but at the moment it's a mix of second floor+railing and some renovation work going on (so that I could remove the railing partially for easier grenade throws) Also opened the (upper) wall to middle ("main hall") so that you can throw grenades there from the small room shown on the picture ("storage room") (or opposite direction). The room is also larger now. Still not the most exciting room, but all in all I think it's a lot better than it was before.
  5. My English skills are probably too bad to find the right words, but that "proclamation" on your screenshot is not just grammatically wrong. Well, back then the Germans had some pretty impressive epochal architecture and you may use these historic buildings as an inspiration for your map. But it has to be always 100% clear, that it's the past and that the Nazis were the bad guys. We do not want another "Deutsches Reich". Because there is nothing good about that era. The Nazis started a completely senseless war and murdered millions of people just for being different and people who didn't want them to murder these people. Or people who just didn't want to raise their right arm like that one guy on this picture: After all I just want to say that you should be careful with that Nazi stuff.
  6. Radix

    [CS:GO] de_austria (WIP)

    Yeah, I've never been happy with the whole indoor areas. I've already done something similar to your suggestion. For example the main corridor in the middle has a yellowish wallpaper texture now. Still not happy with it, but at least a little bit better... I like the idea of opening the windows for nades. I've already made some changes to the room you are talking about, because it turned out to be one of the most important areas of the map, but it always was way too narrow and boring. I thought about it for a while and don't see any downsides from opening the ceiling + windows, so I will give it a try, I guess. These edited pictures look pretty cool btw.
  7. Radix

    [CS:GO] de_austria (WIP)

    Good argument. Probably more correct than the idea I had. Yeah, seems to be completely broken. Often the vote time is <<a second; sometimes there are no votes at all and a map with 0 votes wins...
  8. Radix

    [CS:GO] de_austria (WIP)

    The queue time is just one hint. But there is also casual matchmaking, deathmatch etc. As long as Austria was in Casual MM group Sigma, it was doing pretty well. I often played it in deathmatch to warm up, and it felt like every second match was on de_austria. But the moment Valve moved it to group Delta, it wasn't played anymore because now it had to compete with mirage, cache and inferno which is just: Not only are these maps on a completely different popularity/quality level, but also they are AWP maps and Austria is not. So people who like the AWP, queue for this MM group, but Austria doesn't like AWP players. Maybe it would have been more transparent if there were something like 3 different groups of (de_) maps. New maps get added to group 3. The most popular maps of group 3 get moved to group 2, while the least popular maps of group 2 get degraded to group 3 and the least popular maps of group 3 drop out (and so on for the other groups). So if your favorite map is in group 3, you should play it a little more often so that it doesn't drop out. On the other hand there would be a chance to get rid of maps like cobble Or maybe a completely different queuing system where you vote against maps you don't want to play or whatever. Also there should be a little more time for new maps to establish. So "2 in, 2 out" after ~3 months has the consequence that the new maps will be removed immediately again in most cases. In my opinion for example subzero is better than canals, cobble (nuke and train). It just needed some balancing work to be done (?). But there was absolutely no time to get it done for a single person... (Also: What about Wingman community maps? Hostage maps? ...) Yeah, reddit is probably the place to go when you are looking for player feedback. But it's just player's opinions, not reliable data. So for example pretty much everyone said, de_austria was imbalanced. One half of the players meant it's heavily T-sided. The other half said, it's CT-sided. But according to the data I got from Valve it was pretty much 50:50... In the end the most useful feedback was just playing the map and watching others play it. And of course some youtube videos, e.g. from 3kliksphilip or TheWarOwl (who really knows what he's talking about).
  9. Radix

    [CS:GO] de_austria (WIP)

    Thanks! Of course it's saveable. I will try my best (I would even try to save a stupid snowman in hell, I guess ). But I wasted a lot of time and I can't spend so many hours per week working on it anymore. So I will probably finish this 2021 or so. Maybe even de_highlands will be released earlier. I chose a setting in Norway/Scandinavia, a little similar to blacksite, the Danger Zone map. But I never managed to make it look right. Maybe I'll change to something else. Have to rebuild 30-50% of the layout anyways...
  10. Radix

    [CS:GO] de_austria (WIP)

    Well, it's okay that it's been removed. It has been in the game for 20 months. There are only 2 community maps which have been in CS:GO for longer: agency and cache... To be honest, it's ridiculous how long austria has been in CS:GO. It's really not that good after all. It doesn't look as good as the other maps, most of the assets are really bad. I made many of them with Propper back then (which is just LOL), because I could not handle Blender yet. There are also a couple of problems with the gameplay. And optimization is a problem because I did it wrong. I used way too many small props. Nearly all other maps run faster (only subzero and biome are also a bit slow), but that's because the "autocombine" feature doesn't work (or I'm just too dumb to make it work?). E.g. de_nuke would lag like shit if it didn't use static prop combine. The bad performance is probably one of the biggest reasons why the map dropped out in the end. So it's sad that I could not finish my update earlier, which made it run ~20% faster, and there was still some space to squeeze a little bit more out of it. And, as already said, I also replaced a majority of the ugly props with better ones. So, why didn't I update the map earlier? In early 2017 Valve killed the compiler for me. There was a bug which made static props look way too bright when lit by a light_spot. In most other maps this wasn't a big issue, but still noticeable. But it made de_austria look really bad because there are many static light sources and white textures (snow), so I could not update my workshop submission anymore. So I wrote to my contact guys at Valve something like 4 times, but never got an answer. So I decided, to leave the map like it was. There were no game breaking bugs, and it was added to an Operation already, so it wasn't really necessary to improve the map anymore. So I decided to make a new map. But after nearly 2 years of working on it I realized that it was just not good enough. So I took a break from it and came back to de_austria, when it was promoted to competitive matchmaking again. I wrote to Valve again asking for a compiler bugfix, and it was finally fixed in December 2018. But ultimately too late for me and de_austria. What about communication with Valve? I have two guys from Valve in my Steam contact list and an email address. If you want an answer you should probably use the email, lol. Usually they tell you what they want and what you have to do. Sometimes they send you a list of bugs in your map. Once (October 2018) I got some balancing stats of de_austria (T vs CT win percentage in different skill rankings, pistol round vs later in the match), which helped a lot, but it was too late to actually use this information. But I never knew how many players were actually playing the map (compared to other maps). Nothing about which game modes were played or how rounds are won (bomb vs kill them all etc.). And of course I did not know that the map would be removed. Maybe this was all my fault. Maybe I should have asked explicitly for information. But I always felt like "they are busy, don't bother them and just do your thing". But that's probably what's wrong with me. Would be interesting to hear what the other Operation guys think about communication with Valve... All in all de_austria has been a huge success for me. The Operation money I got, plus the payment for 10/2018 - 01/2019, (all in all ~1,5 Operations) gave me the chance to work on another map for two years. Unfortunately I failed. So time to get back to serious business, I guess. Unfortunately there are no Operations anymore and the current payment is just not enough. So even if you get added for 3-4 months like subzero, it's still a financial fail. So we probably won't see as many high quality maps anymore in the future. Well, optimization is an issue in de_austria, but it's not that bad, I think. My system is >2 years old and de_austria still runs >>200fps at any time with a high screen resolution and max detail. I have another old pc (most components >10 (!) years) and it's still playable. In 5v5 you should always spawn at the front row. But things like that should be reported earlier. Why not write a comment on the workshop page of the map (or in this thread)? I mean, I could have changed anything in the map, but nearly never got any useful suggestions (except what's in this thread here and a few bug reports).
  11. Radix


    Time to bring back another old thread... Nice to have de_zoo back!
  12. Radix


  13. Radix

    [CS:GO] de_austria (WIP)

    That moment when you realize that your work of the last four months was a complete waste of time... Well, I was working on a new map for a while (which turned out to be a huge fail, but this is a different story) but when de_austria came back to competitive matchmaking, I decided to revise a couple of things in de_austria. So I started to rework a bunch of the worst assets, so that everything looks a little better and, more importantly, that the map runs faster (especially on older systems). Because I didn't manage to make the autocombine feature do it's job, I decided to do it manually (also called "annoyingcombine" or "extremely time consuming combine") and grouped a huge amount of the props to reduce draw calls, which made the map run a little faster overall. Also moved 90% of the map to create more space in the center (...), made a new bot nav mesh, new radar image, some minor gameplay tweaks, added support for Wingman game mode and many other small things... Last night I wanted to start the very last final compile before updating my workshop submission. That was exactly the moment when I noticed that there was a new CS:GO update which removed my map from the game. I've been a little bit late, I guess (as always in my life). Anyways. It was still a pretty cool thing to be part of a popular video game for 20 months. Especially for a complete mapping noob, who has absolutely no idea what he is doing and can't even play the game.
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