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  1. Oh, then I probably just got you wrong. Sorry. Which maps do you think of particularly that were good but not added because of not being "acknowledged" by Mapcore? Yes, there are a couple of maps that looked interesting but never got added (Grind, Import, Sanchez, Waterfall, Iris, ...). (Just talking about the visuals, not layout, because that's obviously Valve's first exclusion criterion) But maybe there are different reasons. As I already said, they might just have failed when tested by Valve... Or maybe there were just other maps that were better at the same time. After all there are only a few mappers that reach the high requirements for the visuals. And these guys try to finish their maps by the end of a contest. Because of the fame/extra money I guess. So it's natural that most "good" maps are contest winners in the end. I agree. Anubis looks awesome, but it's not well optimized yet. (Of course not! Because that's one of the last things you do when you make a map) At it's current state it should not have been added to the game yet imo. It will surely run a lot better in a few weeks... Yes. But mostly gameplay changes. These maps looked very polished and played well already when they were added. The authors just wanted to improve gameplay based on player feedback imo. What I said about Junction was that it's currently way to unpolished to be added. (Flickering props, nodraw surfaces, temporary assets, ...). Don't get me wrong. I like the map. But 80% finished is not enough. After all you remind me of a guy called "Tynnyri". Just more polite.
  2. I think they didn't add it to the game because de_junction was never finished. Can't talk about gameplay, because I never really played it. But yes, the visuals are awesome at some spots, but some areas need a lot of additional work imo. I don't know why, but it seems like the creators abandoned this map (?) The fact that Valve only picks Mapcore maps is because pretty much every good CS:GO mapper is at Mapcore. Valve also tests every candidate internally, that's why some awesome looking maps sometimes don't get added (because they are not fun, completely imbalanced, exploitable, not optimized (low fps) or whatever).
  3. It's pretty inconsistent even in officials maps. In the older official maps the first step is mostly skipped like you did. But in some maps like nuke or cobble both variations are used (for no reason), while newer maps like dust2 and inferno are completely smoothed (all steps clipped). I think they initially skipped the first step for the following reason and then adapted it for nearly all stairs without thinking about it (even if it didn't make sense.): If you clip all stairs, in some situations the player "stumbles" over the ramp when he just wants to pass in front of the stairs. That feels pretty irritating and it's the reason why they skipped the first step (in my opinion). But this can only happen if there are no walls at the sides of the stairs. Edit: You already said it here. I should read more carefully before wasting time I prefer to clip all stairs and add an extra bevel at the side if needed like here in dust2: (Yes, the wall clip is too large there... Valve please fix :P)
  4. I think Nuke is functionally still a 3 lane thing but with bombsites on top of each other, which is a terrible idea nowadays. I think something like train (but with less annoying bombsites) would be more reasonable. But I suggest to move this discussion somewhere else. This thread belongs to de_swamp.
  5. I think it's a good idea to build something new (slow movement in water) on something proven ("3 lane"/"4 square" whatever layout). So players feel immediately "at home" in the map and are willing to learn the new things. If you add do too many new things at once players might be frustrated. I think you did a good job here.
  6. Yes, it's a bug. The loading screen/overview thing is broken for years. Before it was just broken for former Operation maps but now it's all Workshop maps, so equality for all I guess.
  7. I've always been a little astonished because apparently everyone uses this software (3dsmax) that cost 2k bucks every year. Well, there is this students version, but you may not make money with your stuff then (CS:GO Operations etc.). Am I the only idiot that uses Blender, which is for free and far good enough to make shitty low poly props for CS:GO? What's up with that?
  8. Radix

    Mapcore FACEIT Hubs

    Yeah, just posted it here because nobody else did, so that people don't miss it. Do you know who made that image? Love the Win98 (?) vibe!
  9. Radix

    Mapcore FACEIT Hubs

  10. Radix

    [CS:GO] de_austria (WIP)

    Btw... The other day I saw the picture below while surfing the web and immediately recognized Hallstatt. For a second I thought that I would have to read something like "terrorist practiced bomb attack on Austria in popular video game" bullshit, but it was just a fire. Luckily the fire fighters could prevent greater damage. Still sad to see this. Hope they can reconstruct the historic buildings...
  11. When the compile process takes (too) long, in most cases it's the VIS. Even slight changes can prolong the compile time a lot.
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