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  1. When you posted the first gameplay trailer couple of days ago with the awesome metal soundtrack, I said to myself that Croteam should definitely remaster the "Corridor of Death" track from the Second Encounter into a heavy metal arrangement (since many fans have already done that) Lo and behold, this 2nd trailer has the corridor of death in heavy metal arrangement Getting more and more excited for this game Edit: for those wondering, here's the original from the Second Enconter in 2002 Edit2: Here's an out-of-this-world awesome fan metal arrangement. If you don't manage to mow down a full horde charging at you while this plays in the background, you're doing it totally wrong
  2. Now for the real question: any chance this is coming to PC?
  3. Somehow, Tuco's gif is very fitting here and is something that Lo Wang definitely would say and react as such
  4. He seems like he's trying to convince himself of something he's not convinced of. What he's trying to say is we see an opportunity with open world large scale warfare, massive character/clan/village customization, repetitive XP grinding, and locking quests/progress behind player level to artificially extend playtime, and we want to jump on the bandwagon and have a piece of this. We don't want to create a new IP though, so let's just slap it on a beloved and trusted franchise, AC. They could have called it "Rise of the Vikings" or make it a new franchise that changes with civilizations like "Ancient Civilizations: Vikings" and the game would probably be nice and fine; but this has nothing to do with AC. No wonder the franchise compass has been lost for a while now.
  5. This is no longer Assassin's Creed. This is more like a generic RPG/combat game. I guess it is trying to compete with The "Witcher 3" or "Kingdom Come" now? They should have developed this game under a new IP which would be totally fine for a new game but I guess they kept the Assassin's Creed franchise name to keep drawing old players in. If they want to create a game solely focused on large-scale combat, grinding for XP, character customization, clan warfare then it's totally fine; just don't call it Assassin's Creed where it almost has nothing of what made Ezio/Altair games the staple they are. Not impressed with this one.
  6. If this is the actual in-game heavy metal soundtrack from Undercode, then holy hell, adrenaline levels will be through the roof, and those alien motherfu**ers won't stand a chance
  7. Slicing with the Katana is SOO satisfying!
  8. A parkour course not suitable for the faint of heart another angle
  9. I think this applies to a lot of folks here
  10. I still had it on VHS tape from 1997 until several years ago before I got rid of all my VHS collection.
  11. BioShock Infinite Not liking the save system though (and it seems many ,many people share this opinion)
  12. So, this is basically Shadow Warrior's katana wielding/spells/finishing moves, + Dying Light/Mirror's Edge parkour moves, + Deus Ex cyberpunk ambience. This will either be a big hit if they nail it correctly, or the biggest flop if they mishmash it together
  13. Shitposting...in its purest form
  14. Deus Ex turned 20 yrs old couple of days ago on June 17. A timeless masterpiece that still holds its own ground 20 years later. The genius mastermind Warren Spector struck gold with it but it wasn't without its own fair share of difficulties that almost resulted in the game getting cancelled at one time. I couldn't play the game on release because I was having my final exams at the university at the time, and had to wait a whole month until mid-July 2000 to get my hands on the game and play it religiously for another month; good times Here's a very interesting article about the rise and fall of Ion Storm studios, the larger than life character of John Romero, the failure with Daikatana, the addition of Warren spector, and the redemption with Deus Ex. Very interesting details of the development of Deus Ex are spilled in this article. https://www.pcgamer.com/the-history-of-ion-storm/ And for extra anniversary bonus, here's @[HP] 10 year anniversary thread from 2010 where he links to an interview with Deus Ex lead designer Harvey Smith
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