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  1. Techland talks a bit about Ray Tracing in Dying Light 2, will make Dark Zones more intense https://www.dsogaming.com/news/techland-talks-a-bit-about-ray-tracing-in-dying-light-2-will-make-dark-zones-more-intense/
  2. There will be a season 6 next year which is expected to be the final season (though not 100% confirmed). Expect the final season to have episodes interconnected with Breaking Bad timeline (so I heard, and even mentioned by Gilligan/Gould, the producers at one time) The current season (season 5, events in late 2004 early 2005) is already pretty close to BB timeline (mid 2008), and Jimmy is already 99% Saul (still this 1% of Jimmy/conscience present that needs to die before the complete transformation ); he's already having some serious shady deals with the cartel. Don't wait up until all seasons are done, I would recommend you binge back on BB right after season 5 finale; that's what I would have done
  3. will2k

    [Dying Light] A NEW HOPE

    Today marks the 3-month after release "milestone" Here are some numbers: 90 Days on the workshop 24,200+ Unique Visitors 10,100+ Unique Subscribers 740+ Total ratings 99% Positive ratings Reached the Top 5 of "Top Rated All Time" If you have Dying Light and are currently in lockdown wondering what to play, give this campaign a shot; it'll help you pass time and enjoy 4+ hours of gameplay. Thank you all for the tremendous support so far, truly appreciate it
  4. I had it on my To-watch list since November but kinda slipped And I agree with you @blackdog about Better Call Saul; I also recommend you go back and re-watch Breaking Bad for a 2nd time after watching BCS: you will see BB from another perspective now that you know the backstories of most of the characters and how it led to the events of BB.
  5. will2k

    Corona Virus

    Protip for people working from home
  6. Someone posted in the Alyx thread about the VR kits and requirements. I guess this will help
  7. They ditched the proprietary and glitchy X-ray engine in favor of more mainstream and streamlined Unreal Engine 4. I just hope they can replicate the same "soviet" feel and looks of the first game/xray engine.
  8. Disclaimer: I have not played the game After reading what most of the folks are saying here as well as many user reviews on steam, it seems this new Doom is going in a very different direction than the core Doom tried-and-trusted gameplay: people play Doom to kill everything that moves without a care in the world. It's a pure adrenaline rush and letting off steam. They don't want to be told how to play it, don't require a complex backstory, intricate puzzles, platforming, elaborate dialogue/cutscenes, etc I believe one user summed it up: As Minos said, I'll wait until a steam sale with considerable price reduction before buying it.
  9. will2k

    Corona Virus

    For parents working from home, this could help Gamers are also ahead of times
  10. will2k

    Corona Virus

    If you're feeling down, staying at home
  11. Played the mod version upon release back in 2012 Played it a second time upon commercial release on steam in 2015 Guess I'll be playing the third time soon, now that it's complete with Xen and out of early access. Well done to the devs for persevering for so long against all odds. @JeanPaul @shawnolson great work and congrats on the release!
  12. @Serialmapper tempt him your own game, when?
  13. The industrial zone is coming to life I created a custom rifle that has a bigger magazine capacity, higher accuracy, and better zoom through the sights than the standard rifle in the game. It's suitably called the "2K Edition"
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