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  1. What music have you listened to recently?

    Having a Creedence Clearwater Revival 60s rock marathon
  2. [PVKII] Fortwick

    Minor update today: The map is being switched back to bsp instead of being packed inside a VPK. The VPK was created to counter an issue where PVKII was not able to handle custom loading screens that are embedded inside the bsp. The only solution to remedy this was to pack the bsp inside a VPK with the custom loading screens packed alongside the bsp in the VPK. The map works perfectly fine for clients but server operators were having issues with the map not being a standard bsp. The custom loading screen will not work for the time being once the map is switched back to bsp; the developers of PVKII assured me that they will implement custom loading screen support as part of the next PVKII patch. If you're subscribed on the workshop, steam will auto-update the map. If you want a manual download (rar archive), head to Gamebanana to grab the updated archive.
  3. [PVKII] Fortwick

    Thank you
  4. [PVKII] Fortwick

    Fortwick is a PVKII Team Deathmatch map. The visuals and architecture are inspired by several European medieval castles, mainly Warwick and Bodiam castles in England and Carcassonne castle in France. A big and special thanks to the developers and private testers of PVKII: Colonel: for the encouragement, feedback/suggestions, PVKII-related issues help, and playtests/broadcasts organization. Gaz, Schatzmeister, Agsma, Saunachum, Combine: for the quality feedback and helpful suggestions during the several playtests of the map. The rest of the PVKII private beta testers: for making the playtests a success. The map supports up to 16 players per team (16 randomized spawns for each team). Enjoy the map. Will2k September 10, 2017 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1132101990
  5. What have you watched recently?

    Re-watched The Matrix trilogy over the weekend Still good after all these years
  6. Cool, but ".txt" will mostly be barebones in terms of assets compared to the official game with the richer ".docx". Nice try though
  7. So, to summarize, this is basically how EP3 ends
  8. Random Photo Thread

    more summer fruits
  9. I've been a strong advocate of breaking steam's monopoly over the years but, in reality, the more time passes, the harder it becomes to do so. The competing platforms should have happened before 2010 when steam was just a DRM content delivery platform; through the years, it has become a social media platform, a workshop, a gambling platform, a game startup incubator, and generally an easy way to make money. Gamers and developers alike are now deeply rooted in steam, and migrating to a new platform might prove cumbersome. People by default do not like change. It's still feasible though but the new platform has to be very lucrative for both gamers and developers to warrant all the hassle of moving. If a new platform offers the same services/games as steam in addition to some REAL customer service, then I expect steam to lose at least quarter to half of its market share in a year, and you could see an exodus of gamers and devs. In this case, even a new IP/game from Valve won't save them. What Valve might, and probably will do is add new features to steam to prevent further market erosion and lure gamers/devs back. I highly doubt they will think of a new game to save the platform. There is always a tried-and-tested way to make them change their minds (and @Sprony will back me up on this one ): vote/protest with your wallet; let them feel the heat. I would have to disagree with you on the single player experience. Some games from the 90s are still being played today; the magic "ingredient": mods. You make a great game, make it moddable with a proper SDK, sit back and watch it live long past its expected shelf life. Case in point, Half-Life itself: Awesome, ground-breaking single player, coupled with a decent multiplayer component and a myriad of free mods is keeping the game alive til now. The problem in games started when "the suits" from upstairs started to have the last word in games over the creative people. The shitty concepts of paid DLCs, early-access, and micro-transactions started to creep in, and this has become the standard way to keep your players hooked. As for VR, it's a nice concept but I don't see it as a crucial necessity in today's gaming. You can well game and live without it, hence the very slow adoption rate. I honestly don't see it becoming mainstream in the next 5-10 years; after that, who knows, maybe porn VR will become the norm and force the adoption of VR
  10. One can sense a hint of frustration and alienation in Marc's letter when reading between the lines (towards Valve or the work environment at Valve). I don't blame him since most of the original HL developers from the 90s have already left the studio. No one should really be surprised or sad; unless one has been living in a bubble for the past 7 years, then you should know by now that Valve has already transitioned into a digital distributor of games rather than a game developing studio. Sure, they still maintain their cash cows (CSGO, DOTA) and throw in some concepts that they think it is going to be the next wheel invention (VR), but mainly they are all about steam platform now, the goose that lays gold eggs 24/7 (and with a below-par customer service, the icing on the cake) Would I have wanted a new HL? Of course Was I expecting a new HL? No, and I stopped expecting/hyping about it a long time ago (although I wouldn't mind being proven wrong here ) Valve has been out of the game for a long time now, resting on its past laurels, and coming up with a new game with ground-breaking story/gameplay mechanics is probably a big boot to fill. Add to this that the game development scene is rapidly shifting, and we now see many small indie devs producing AAA quality games, further putting the pressure on Valve to deliver. I don't expect a new game from Valve, let alone anything related to HL but, again, I would be happy to be proven wrong Steam=safe bet, steady cash flow, monopoly New HL/game=risky, uncertain return on investment, could be the next DNF It's really a no-brainer for them the freeman will be missed
  11. Random Photo Thread

    Kenya please not change the lyrics? Good laugh
  12. Random Photo Thread

  13. Random Photo Thread

  14. What music have you listened to recently?

    Having a serious nostalgia trip to my teenage years in the mid 90s Thinking of it, when this song released in 1993, probably half the members here on mapcore were not born yet feeling old