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  1. will2k

    [Dying Light] A NEW HOPE

    Dying Light speedrunner "AussieGG" liked the campaign and made a video of him speedrunning the main storyline quests (without the side quests, exploration, random events, or fighting anyone unless it is part of the storyline quest). What should normally take around 2 hours at a normal relaxed pace, he has done it in...17 min, 45 sec! If you plan on playing the campaign, DO NOT watch the video as it is full of main storyline spoilers For good measure, I will also have the video in spoiler tag, just in case
  2. If you liked the first one back in 2009, then you'll like this one too! A nice Sunday afternoon movie that doesn't take itself seriously; some light-hearted comedy with some zombie slashing while poking fun of itself.
  3. will2k

    [Dying Light] A NEW HOPE

    Thanks buddy, appreciate it Hope you get a little free time to play it and enjoy it.
  4. will2k

    [Dying Light] A NEW HOPE

    I pushed a small update today addressing the following: Fixed slightly bright reflections on cars/buses/trucks windows in dark tunnels Minor tweaks to one AI preset in the finale Fixed 1 decal at sanctuary entrance that was partially hidden inside terrain Added fall amortizer to truck near gas station safehouse Give it a try if you have not done so yet, and enjoy several hours of gameplay very similar to the main game and its expansion. Cheers and hope you enjoy it. Some bonus pics
  5. will2k

    [Dying Light] A NEW HOPE

    Thank you Thanks. Hope you enjoy it
  6. A New Hope Overview A full-fledged custom single player campaign that ties in to the original story of the main game. It will see the main protagonist, Kyle Crane, leaving the City for the countryside to search for a specific elusive medicinal herb with the help of the locals, and bring it back to Dr. Camden who believes it could be the cure to the Harran Virus. This campaign is a one man show as I've done everything myself: level design, environment art/detailing, story creation, scripting, quest design, custom dialog, custom audio, custom materials/textures, custom foliage systems, custom brushes for terrain painting/sculpting, lighting, manual nav mesh tuning, scripted NPCs… Interesting facts and features 2 main storyline quests, 8 big side quests, 1 parkour timed-challenge, and 1 quarantine zone challenge Approximate gameplay time 4-6+ hrs depending on play style More than 1400 lines of quest script 400+ lines of dialogue and player monologue with custom dialogue audio (make sure subtitles are on) Custom original storyline that ties into the main game and its expansion Custom notes and messages to further enhance backstory and gameplay Proper rewards for each quest (XP, cash, items, weapons...) Vast open world, free to explore (1km+) Plenty of areas to explore and loot, with secrets, points of interest, notes, Easter eggs, crafting blueprints, weapons... Random events to embellish gameplay (air drops, helping friendly NPCs against biters, virals, goons, demolishers, Rais patrols, and more) Fast travel through the tunnels/sewers system once the whole map is unlocked and accessible Scripted NPCs to interact and chat with Boss fights Custom textures and terrain brushes Custom AI presets Full day/night cycle with unlockable safehouses and shops/traders/quartermaster Weather effects during certain events in the quests Game music/soundtrack fully used for general ambience and tense/fight sequences Manually tuned nav mesh to allow the AI to accurately track and hound the player Intro movie fully animated in first person perspective to keep player immersion Thanks to everyone who offered feedback, cheers, and general support during the 2-year lifespan of this massive project; truly appreciate it. To view the evolution and progress of the campaign in those 2 years, check the work-in-progress (WIP) thread Will2k December 30, 2019 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1952916767 Screenshots
  7. I'm basically in the same boat. I'm also giving priority to try and finish my backlog of unplayed games. But this sale I noticed that I had the whole Doom franchise except for the 2016 reboot, and it was for 5.99$, so...profit?
  8. will2k

    Random Photo Thread

    Merry Christmas everyone! (photo taken last week before the Christmas blizzard)
  9. What an awesome movie! (trailer does not do it justice) Stallone nailed it in this one by going back to the roots of "First Blood" from 1982. No over the top hero stuff, just a war vet with PTSD and a past, trying to cope, but life manages to throw a hard curve ball at him by drawing first blood. The story is heartbreaking, the fight sequence is very tight, brutal, nostalgic, and reminiscent of the first movie, and the end credits sequence with shots from previous Rambo, especially "First Blood" almost brought a tear to my eye. I watched the previous ones as a kid in the 80s, and with this last one concluding the story after more than 35 years (no spoilers), one feels like losing a close friend.
  10. Going indie? Wishing you the best, P.
  11. https://respawnfirst.com/dying-light-2-is-a-huge-leap-of-faith-for-techland/
  12. Old project of mine that I'm thinking of resuming and expanding (into playable map?)
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