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  1. will2k

    [Indie Game] Revulsion - Doom Meets Darksouls

    @Castle Have you seen this? https://www.pcgamer.com/former-sony-ceo-and-epic-games-team-up-to-fund-pc-first-indie-projects/
  2. will2k

    New Half-Life DM Map: Mario_Breeze

    Welcome to mapcore
  3. will2k

    The Walking Dead

    Should've been wrapped up 4-5 seasons ago with a shorter, tighter, more coherent storyline. It's been dragging like a South American soap opera
  4. will2k

    The Steam Sale Thread

    Exactly. Most of the time, I just reinstalled Doom 1, Quake 1, and Wolfenstein 3D (6-7 MB each game lol); start them up, play like 5 min for nostalgia sake, then exit and register the badge
  5. I almost shed a bitter tear of nostalgia @ 9:40 when they mentioned Worldcraft editor in 1998-99. I miss the bygone days when valve was a game developer.
  6. will2k

    [WIP] de_aurelia (remake)

    Looking at the second screenshot, I think you could easily get references from Lago di Como (lake Como) and the surrounding villages in Lombardia, Northern Italy https://duckduckgo.com/?q=lago+di+como&t=hb&iax=images&ia=images https://duckduckgo.com/?q=lago+di+como+villages&t=hb&iar=images&iax=images&ia=images I believe it will fit your theme quite nicely, and be a bit different from the "regular" Italy maps About the workshop automated bot downvote, this is something that has been going on progressively and strongly in the CSGO workshop since late 2014-early 2015, courtesy of the "strong management style" at Valve and their "ultimate commitment to their services and platforms", not to mention their "vigilant eye and overall strong moderation of the workshop". Best of luck for the map, looking really nice already for a beta
  7. Yes of course The earlier pic you mentioned about indoor lighting was basically a bare early WIP in terms of lighting as I hadn't done any work on it up to that point, except for the env lighting (sun light). In the newer pics, I have added dynamic lights, env probes, light dimmers, and tweaked the indoor lighting and soft shadows. Mind you, this is still a WIP as I'm continuously working on and improving lighting among other things (The indoor lighting/shadow is even additionally improved in the recent map build)
  8. Grazie I'm aiming for quality on par with the stock game whether with the visuals or the story/quests themselves. Thanks for the uplifting cheers, appreciate it
  9. Spring [update] is here Haven't had any updates in over a month, but here I am with a massive Spring update. More production time is being now allocated to detailing to make sure the map/campaign plays and feels like a natural continuation of the stock game. A big and fresh batch of screenshots
  10. will2k

    Now playing - 2018

    Started with The Talos Principle: Road to Gehenna DLC and Metro Last Light
  11. Feels a bit different without Anthony Hopkins, and that lead actress is not very convincing in her delivery (the blonde rancher's daughter). But overall, the story is nice and captivating, and the show fills a void in the market of good sci-fi shows.
  12. Anyone wanna go camping this weekend? Campaign is progressing very smoothly now that I'm really comfortable with the dev tools. 2nd part of the campaign is almost done; scripted NPCs, boss fights and fight sequences in general, as well as exploration areas are mostly set. 2 side quests are also under planning to be soon implemented Random fact: At the time I initially posted this WIP thread on January 26, 2018, I had around 150 hrs on the dev tools; now it's 475 hrs
  13. Updated and moved my website to a new host


    1. blackdog


      On mobile I only see a bunch of frames :(

      this extends to the maps section. Haven’t browsed all cos seems clear it doesn’t work.


    2. will2k


      Thanks @blackdog, I'll look into this.

    3. will2k


      It should work properly on mobile now.

      The site was initially built and optimized for desktops without much concern for mobiles.

      I have now created a mobile-friendly version in line with Responsive web design (RWD) guidelines.

      @blackdog, can you please check it out now? Thanks :)