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  1. Before Christmas Final playtestings + finishing touches
  2. The moment when the light dies down These singles in your area want to chat with you...These NPCs want to talk to you and give you side quests.
  3. So this is an asymmetric, 4vs1, shooter only? any chance of "normal" single player? All I want is a solid engrossing storyline with decent game mechanics/gameplay, and I'll be fine
  4. Your rock puns are getting...boulder!
  5. you've been a constant voice of support, grazie Let me release the campaign first, then we'll see how things flow from there on
  6. Dying Light 2 parkour moves brought to life!
  7. Thanks mate! appreciate the support, concern, and care Thanks I might ask you to forward them a technical question though I had this question channeled to the DL1 designers back in early 2018 through the community manager; I got a reply that sadly did not work for custom maps then I presume the designers got busy with Bad Blood, and DL2, and never got a follow up answer. I'll hit you up with a PM with the details Thank you
  8. It's mostly done I noticed a pattern while looking at the timestamps of my earlier posts here in this WIP thread: I seem to go offline for 2-3 months, then pop up with a major update, then go totally dark for another 2-3 months, then show up again, then radio silent,...you get the point Real life has been a rough ride for the past couple of months and development time took a hit but as always, I was able to fight back and compensate in a big way. I added not one, but 2 new big side quests that tightly integrate and complement the main story quest. A new addition is also a quarantine zone challenge (takes place in a newly created additional map) which brings the total to 2 main storyline quests, 8 big side quests, 1 parkour timed-challenge, and 1 quarantine zone challenge. Since the campaign takes place in a vast open world, that is free to explore (1km+), I added fast travel through the tunnels/sewers system once the whole map is unlocked and accessible. And for the icing on the cake, I created an intro movie fully animated in-game in first person perspective to keep player immersion. Finally, a LOT of time has been spent on art passes and polishing, backstory embellishment, as well as bug fixing to make this campaign a smooth ride from start to finish. After 2 years (on and off), this campaign has evolved into a game (or DLC) on its own with roughly 4-6+ hours of gameplay. If I were using a licensed engine (UE4 or Unity), I would've probably released it as a standalone game As I stated in the opening paragraph, campaign is mostly done: just doing some final touch ups as well as some intensive playtesting (and waiting on some feedback from a tester); once all is green, the campaign will go live Thanks again to everyone who's been on this train ride with me for the past 2 years with support and uplifting cheers; special shout out to @blackdog and @Radu Some new screenshots to make up for the lack of updates in the last 3 months The new quarantine zone A new sidequest where the player will probably shit their pants The sewers leading to the countryside (intro movie)
  9. Scripted NPCs gameplay/dialogue Another short video (5 min) before public release. The video showcases scripted NPCs going about their various daily activities in the survivor hub called "The Sanctuary". The video also shows some NPC dialogues, and how NPC activities change during the day, and when transitioning to evening, then night. Someone is a mechanic, others are farmers and tool makers; some folks stand guard to protect the safehouse while some lazy asses just sleep or play guitar all day long . Many kids are also playing games under the watchful eyes of the guards. Many NPCs switch between activities that change as the day progresses (1:45 in the video). In the late afternoon/early evening, most stop their activities to catch some rest while others play cards and hit the bottle (2:28 in video) Finally, at night, most go to sleep while a few remain alert to guard the place (3:35 in video) As usual, the video is spoiler-free with no critical tasks or quests shown; the small dialogue shown in the video is also not affecting the quests or storyline.
  10. I'm re-watching Charlie Chaplin movies starting with "The Kid" (1921) and "City Lights" (1931) Nothing beats childhood favorites
  11. Please tell me the actual game soundtrack is heavy metal (the riff in this video maybe?)
  12. Another 2 months hiatus, but justified As I mentioned in my last post above back in June, my mother had her knee surgery in July. I've been by her side for over a month now as she slowly re-adapts to the simple task of walking, through intensive and painful physical therapy and rehabilitation. All level design activities were basically on hold for all of July and a considerable part of August. I resumed work by mid-August, at full speed to cover the last remaining 5% of this project. I also went back to earlier parts of this campaign that were designed in late 2017-early 2018, and did a visual overhaul as well as scripts/quests cleanup to bring them to the level of the later parts of 2018 and 2019. But wait, there's more . I also added 2 new side quests and a player challenge on top of the already existing 5 quests. Some interesting facts and features: - More than 1100 lines of quest script - 400+ lines of dialogue and player monologue with custom dialogue audio - Custom original storyline that ties into the main game and its expansion - Proper rewards for each quest (XP, cash, items, weapons...) - Vast open world, free to explore - Plenty of areas to explore and loot, with secrets, easter eggs, crafting blueprints, weapons... - Scripted NPCs to interact and chat with - Boss fights ... The campaign is mostly done, I'm putting the final touches and doing some tweaks/polish before the public release, which will be announced soon on this page. Stay tuned. Here's a 5 min short video showcasing random gameplay in the newer parts of the campaign (the actual map is twice the size of what is shown in the video). No quests, special events/fights, or spoilers are shown in the video so people will get the full experience, spoiler-free, when they download and play the campaign. Thanks to everyone who offered feedback, cheers, and general support during the almost 2-year lifespan of this massive project; truly appreciate it.
  13. will2k

    Random Photo Thread

    Another trip through nature; this is a "rolling" shot (taken from inside a moving car) Weather was also very foggy/overcast, like the last picture from 2 weeks ago
  14. Some "behind the scenes" from E3
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