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  1. will2k

    Elden Ring

    Scratch the speedrun world record of 12 and a half min that I posted yesterday; it's already old news New world record today ~9 min
  2. will2k

    Elden Ring

    12:32 minutes Elden Ring speedrun record skips all but one boss
  3. Unreal Engine 5 is now available
  4. Best of luck and hope it hits the large mainstream ?
  5. Just a quick question for this release and your previous ones: Is it ok to use these assets in other engines than Source, provided it's for non-profit projects with proper credits? (using some of these assets for example in UE or CryEngine in a free non commercial project/release) As always, thank you a bunch for sharing these high quality assets with the community
  6. will2k

    Elden Ring

    Switch to working on Elden Ring: Levitation; problem solved?
  7. will2k


    Interesting article comparing the differences between blender 3 and 2.9, for those who are still using version 2.93 LTS or earlier Blender 3.0 vs Blender 2.9: The Differences
  8. GTA VI would take place in US and Europe and might take up to 500 hours to complete.
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