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  1. As promised before, here's the first short gameplay video in a series of videos I am preparing. The video (around 2 minutes) showcases myself running around some parts of the map, killing zombies and infected, and doing random things. I avoided showing any story quests as to not spoil it for the folks who will play the campaign upon release https://streamable.com/2l8tb (video is not embedding properly :/) The general concepts of level design will carry over regardless of engine such as game flow, encounters, chokepoints, pacing, detailing, scene composition. The tools themselves and the technical aspects are totally different and you'll have to learn them from scratch. The engine technology can be so different that you'll even have to forget concepts you applied in Source as they become obsolete in the new engine.
  2. Thanks; it's never too late to get it on PC (on sale) I have prepared a couple of short videos of me running and fooling around in the map for the folks who won't be able to play the campaign. Will post them soon, stay tuned
  3. Major update today: The first part of the campaign (out of 3 major parts) is almost finished where the player has to locate, save, and contact a survivor to gather more info about the whereabouts of the medicinal herb. The warehouse where the encounter happens is almost done with a fight sequence and a mini boss; I have also implemented a custom dialog with the human NPC survivor. The implementation of the custom dialog wasn't a smooth sail at first and left me scratching my head for a whole day as the dialog script wasn't properly loading in the editor. After much trial and error, a test map, and half a day of analysis and frustration, I finally got to the bottom of the issue. It was a simple one-letter typo in the script (lower case instead of upper case) that was the root cause of my shenanigans. All is good now Sample of the custom dialog Bonus pics from new quest parts On a somewhat related note, developer Techland is celebrating the 3 year anniversary of Dying Light by having the whole month of February for celebratory festivities They will release a new content drop/free DLC, a new community event with rewards at its end, and weekly giveaways on their website. And to top this up, there is a massive sale on Dying Light up to 67% off. If you are still on the fence about buying it, now is the perfect time Full details here
  4. Random Photo Thread

    After over a week of heavy rain and cold winds, we got a break...and a nice sunset
  5. WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    This is awesome to hear I believe CryEngine tools lets you build your own game without being attached to Crysis. How about you turn it into a full blown island where you have to raid a terrorist/drug dealer/separatist/etc camp, rescue some hostages, then blow the shit out of the camp before returning to your extraction boat and gloriously sail to the sunset . Profit?
  6. What have you watched recently?

    Narcos Season 3 It's different without Pablo Escobar, but still tense nonetheless.
  7. It's a bit of both actually
  8. Thank you nikko Yes, absolutely. You can create your custom assets then import them into the editor Here's a short video (4 min) from Developer Techland showing the basics of importing custom assets
  9. Well, as I said in my original post above, Source is slowly becoming a distant memory. I have 2 CSGO WIPs that I haven't worked on for almost 9 months now; they'll continue to be on the back-burner in the foreseeable future as my focus is on Dying Light right now. I also had plans for a 2nd map for PVKII, but that also goes to the backseat now. I'll probably go back to these projects somewhere in the future although nothing is certain
  10. I wouldn't hold my breath for Source 2 that much; unless it comes out with a solid game on release, I don't see it getting high adoption rate against already established, and easy-to-use next gen engines. If it gets released alongside, say L4D3, or a new IP or God forbid, HL3, then I can see people switching to Source 2 (or if it has a brand new feature that's not existing in other engine); otherwise, it will be just another engine trying to compete for market share, albeit a tad late to the party.
  11. Thanks FrieChamp If you have the game on steam, then the dev tools are in your steam library-->tools; you just install them and you're set.
  12. It's like ditching your 1970 model car and getting a 2018 model I've been planning to move to UE4 or Unity 5 for the past 2 years but I needed an established game to make the move; then Dying Light came along with its Chrome Engine and I was hooked. Source is simple and easy to use but outdated, archaic, and very limiting; I've been saying this for quite some time now Dying Light Developer Tools take a bit of time to get into but once you're familiar with them, you can unleash your creativity without worrying about technology limiting you. As I said in the previous post, the toughest part was scripting and quest creation but once you get the hang of it, the possibilities are endless and you become like a kid in a candy store. As an example of the power of scripting in Dying Light, I will use the 3rd screenshot where the objective I set is to restore power to the warehouse so you can access it and check for survivors. This is the script I wrote specific for this part of the quest. You can basically do whatever you wish with the scripting; your creativity is the limit. The tools are also real time and you are basically in-engine (if you worked with Crysis Dev Tools, this is basically the same). The editor is dynamic and real-time and everything you do gets updated on the spot. I might write an article on this experience when everything is done and the campaign is released.
  13. Thank you Shawn You should totally play it; can't recommend the game enough It's a labor of love from the developers who are still actively supporting the game 3 years after its initial release (fun fact: Dying Light was released exactly 3 years ago on January 26, 2015)