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  1. Hey thanks, nice to see you here on the core Once you move on, Source becomes a tedious chore if you ever decide to come back
  2. will2k

    What music have you listened to recently?

    Mairead Nesbitt and Cora Smyth - Celtic dueling violins If you like Irish reels/traditional music or fiddle/violin, this is a must hear
  3. will2k

    Dying Light 2

  4. Fall/autumn update The 3rd and last part of the campaign is progressing steadily. Most of the new areas are being laid out, blocked, and fleshed out. Scripting the final quest is also making good progress. No solid ETA yet but I'm pushing to have it ready the soonest. Here's a fresh batch of screenshots showcasing the new WIP areas. A functional highway system is being built with proper exits, ramps, signage, barriers, tunnels... One will need the local pharmacy when shitting their pants after a night encounter with an alpha volatile
  5. will2k

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    City Lights
  6. will2k

    [WIP] de_aurelia (remake)

    You have captured the Mediterranean feel with this shot/composition (limestone/grass rolling hills, crisp blue sea, umbrella pine trees, colorful flower beds, warm sunny day...); I feel right at home Great shot and awesome work so far; looking forward to the final form. Keep it up
  7. will2k

    What have you watched recently?

    I've been meaning to watch it for over a year but finally got to do it this week. Stalker (1979) based loosely on the 1972 sci-fi book Roadside Picnic (The game Stalker borrows elements from both the movie and the book)
  8. will2k

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Source engine...that's a name I haven't heard in a long time it is
  9. will2k

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Cinque Terre
  10. A vineyard and wheat field in the countryside The third and last part of the campaign is progressing; most of this last map is still barebone WIP but some parts are starting to come alive. I'm also creating some custom materials/textures with proper blending masks to be used on the terrain. A new side quest is also under planning.
  11. will2k

    Dying Light 2

    asking the real questions
  12. will2k

    Dying Light 2

    The way things are shaping up, it seems the story and replayability factor will be tremendous elements of this game. The player choices will not only change the story, gameplay, and AI stance, it will literally change the city's visuals depending on your actions and interactions with different factions and AI. This is like "Deus Ex" in overdrive
  13. Gas prices are gonna go up Bonus pic Third and last part of the campaign is underway.
  14. will2k

    Random Photo Thread

    passes pas devant mon objectif... that was you preventing your teammate from ruining the shot? movie blooper averted