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  1. With the Tokyo Olympics right around the corner, I made a video showcasing a full playthrough of Harran Olympics various sports activities to get everyone in the mood for the summer games. This is 30 minutes of continuous, unedited raw gameplay where I finish the 13 sports events in the game on the first try. Hope you enjoy it, and if you haven't played the map yet, give it a try
  2. The Big Dying Light 2 Q&A – Techland Opens Up on C-Engine Tech, Delays, Game Length & Much More
  3. Honestly, if they just take the areas from stalker original game + clear sky + call of Pripyat, and remake them in one seamless open world in UE4 (or upcoming 5) with new storyline/quests, I'd be happy.
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    Spring is here (taken today)
  5. Given that they released Hellraid as a small DLC for Dying Light, and the full game has been on hold since 2014, I don't believe it will be released. The DLC did not sit very well with players either (https://store.steampowered.com/app/1300710/Dying_Light__Hellraid/ mostly negative user reviews) Possible paths to revive the game (my opinion): either port it to the new C-Engine (built for Dying Light 2) and continue development after the release of DL2, or sell the IP to a studio that will actively work on it.
  6. The story of Bruce Lee's teacher and mentor, Ip Kai-Man Ip Man 1 (2008) and Ip Man 2 (2010) (still 3 and 4 to watch next week)
  7. Seems Techland wants to address the various articles pointing to the game being in development hell after 2 years of total silence. Dev update event on Wednesday, March 17 https://twitter.com/DyingLightGame/status/1370405603542237185
  8. Be ready for this to happen, a lot Pro tip: have a pencil nearby for such emergency
  9. Aftermath of a wild party, 1851, colorized Going for a pacifist approach I guess? Have it (and Death of the Outsider too) on my wishlist, hopefully to play them later this year.
  10. Recent article (2 days ago) published on https://www.thegamer.com/ after 2 years of total radio silence on the game development Report: Techland Is Bleeding Talent Due To Autocratic Management, Bad Feedback, And Lack Of Direction The development of Dying Light 2 has been 'total chaos,' according to report
  11. Watched a hidden gem that was unfortunately overshadowed by the Matrix when it was out. It released back in April 1999, and 2 months later, The Matrix released and took away all the attention since they tackle a similar theme of computer simulation/virtual world/characters. I admit that I haven't heard about it until recently when someone recommended it, and I'm glad that I watched it. It doesn't have over the top CGI like the matrix but the story is captivating, the alternation between LA in 1999 and 1937 was a nice touch, and having a simulation within a simulation (like Inception) was
  12. The pioneers of slapstick/physical comedy along with Charlie Chaplin and Laurel & Hardy.
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