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  1. Since Half-Life 3 is [insert your favorite meme here], Half-Life 1 still lives on thanks to a myriad of powerful single player mods popping every now and Xen then. Check out this mod released last Friday titled Echoes where you play another scientist in the black Mesa facility in a parallel timeline to Gordon right where the cascade resonance occurs. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2018/08/13/half-life-solo-story-mod-echoes/ Trailer
  2. will2k

    Dying Light 2

    This is BIG news. Dying Light was the best game when it comes to first-person natural, fluid parkour movements. If they live up to this claim in Dying Light 2 (and I have every reason to believe them), this would be a major selling point among many others. On a side note, I can't wait to put my fingers on the new developer tools/SDK for the new C-Engine
  3. will2k

    Random Photo Thread

    Yesterday; On top of the mountain at ~2500 meters altitude (8200 feet), well above the clouds The view was breathtaking and it was cold (dropped below 10°C after sunset) Another angle from the top (overlooking another mountain chain in the background)
  4. will2k

    Random Photo Thread

    Sure, I got several shots with the moon and Mars in the same shot (@El_Exodus 4th pic has both in frame) My old trusted Canon with 14x optical zoom and a tripod .
  5. will2k

    Random Photo Thread

    we had clouds too but we were a bit luckier as they tended to scatter every half hour allowing me to snap some shots before regrouping and blocking the view. Better luck next eclipse then
  6. will2k

    Random Photo Thread

    Total lunar eclipse - July 27 2018 Took a couple of shots of yesterday's lunar eclipse, the longest in the 21st century so far ( 4 hours total including 1 hour 40 min for the "blood moon" total eclipse phase) 1 - Shortly after the eclipse started around 9:30 PM (it was cloudy but I managed to get the shots in-between clouds ) 2 - Eclipse about 80% 3 - Total eclipse, the "blood moon" phase with the red-orange tint 4 - Eclipse is partial again. Earth's shadow is moving away and the moon is being lit again. 5 - Eclipse is almost over. Moon is getting back being a "full moon"
  7. @Radu just to let you know that your earlier suggestion to make the football field fence fortification as a side quest, is being currently implemented the kids are gonna be happy
  8. will2k

    Now playing - 2018

    Finished the above Now playing Deus Ex Mankind Divided and Arma II
  9. will2k

    Dying Light 2

    @blackdog I was going to start a new topic about Dying Light 2 but then I noticed that you already took care of that Along with Cyberpunk 2077, it was one of the big reveals at E3. I stopped getting hyped about new games a looong time ago but I feel genuinely excited for this game. I was surprised to know that Techland coded a new engine for this game (C Engine) and put their trusted and very powerful Chrome Engine 6 aside. But I do trust those guys, they know what they are doing
  10. Summer Progress Update Hey everyone Been away for almost 2 months and haven't posted any updates to this thread/WIP since early May. Work slowed down to a complete halt during all the month of June since I was very busy in real life, and Summer started However i did a lot of earlier progress during May and in the 2nd part of the current July month; development is still going on strong and steady. 2 fully scripted side quests have been implemented (with a possible 3rd one being under planning/prototyping) New custom dialogs with custom audio New areas added The 2nd major part/area of the main quests is under detailing/first art pass Extensive work done to create new indoor locations for exploration and side quests First lighting pass and tweaks A lot of manual fine tuning to the nav mesh to make sure volatiles and virals can chase you pretty much everywhere in the map I will soon move on to create the 3rd and last area of the main quest where the events leading to the grand finale will take place. I'm trying my best to make each area look unique while maintaining a coherent theme throughout the campaign. A fresh batch of screenshots: More terrain forming, water towers and ziplines fun. One of the new NPCs in the main quest One of the side quests that the player gets from the sanctuary. As I mentioned before, work has resumed so updates should be more frequent as was the case before the break. Stay tuned, the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to show.
  11. will2k

    [Indie Game] Revulsion - Doom Meets Darksouls

    @Castle Have you seen this? https://www.pcgamer.com/former-sony-ceo-and-epic-games-team-up-to-fund-pc-first-indie-projects/
  12. will2k

    New Half-Life DM Map: Mario_Breeze

    Welcome to mapcore
  13. will2k

    The Walking Dead

    Should've been wrapped up 4-5 seasons ago with a shorter, tighter, more coherent storyline. It's been dragging like a South American soap opera
  14. will2k

    The Steam Sale Thread

    Exactly. Most of the time, I just reinstalled Doom 1, Quake 1, and Wolfenstein 3D (6-7 MB each game lol); start them up, play like 5 min for nostalgia sake, then exit and register the badge