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  1. will2k


    Nice! Around 3k tris each? or lower for an open danger zone map?
  2. Haven't played much this year; currently started playing Tomb Raider (2013 reboot). Got it back in March for free as part of a free weekend promotion on Steam.
  3. Chuck Billy beat cancer and is still growling and headbanging like it's 1986
  4. will2k


    No worries, just get it off your 'chess' (I'll see myself out) I haven't played chess for over 20-25 yrs. I still have my chess wood board from when I was a kid in the late 80s; I'm keeping it for nostalgia sake even though I haven't used it in a long while. Seeing this thread, interest in playing chess is slowly kicking back.
  5. I'm aiming for a story driven single player experience/exploration...but, BR, why not!
  6. Started tinkering with CryEngine 5.6 Very early WIP
  7. Gordon aged well! Joking aside, I wouldn't mind playing as an older Gordon, if HL3 is ever released.
  8. Nice to see you on mapcore Hope you're doing good
  9. early days Maiden masterpiece (1980)
  10. Grazie Could go both ways: a small focused map with linear objectives, or part of a multi-map massive project
  11. Bretagne... Love the architecture and coziness of the house. Congrats and best of luck
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