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  1. After being an "Intel guy" for the past 20+ years since the "Intel 486DX" in the mid 90s, I finally made the switch to "Team Red" and got myself an AMD Ryzen CPU. I wanted to build a new system earlier this year to upgrade from my aging PC (core i7/ 6GB RAM DDR3 / GTX 660Ti 2GB) but kept postponing due to other urgent life issues. I'm glad that I waited til now otherwise I would have been stuck with an overpriced Kaby Lake CPU (had my eye on the 7740X ) with an even more overpriced X299 motherboard. The AMD Zen architecture just came out at the right time 3 months ago to offer comparable performance at half the price. In my opinion, Intel has been slacking lately while prices were going up without actual competition to limit the price inflation. AMD is giving them now a run for their money (and outperforming them in many areas) and that's a really good thing for gamers and system builders for the money/value ratio. I was never tempted by AMD in the past 20+ years and always stuck with Intel CPUs (486DX, DX2, Pentium II, P4, Dual core, core 2 quad, core i7), but this Ryzen CPU is some serious shit I researched this issue for over a week before making the jump. I ended up building this: Ryzen 5 1600 3.2/3.6GHz CPU (6 logical cores, 12 threads, 65W, unlocked for overclocking) with an Asus Prime B350 Plus board, 16 GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM, 240GB NVMe M.2 SSD (ridiculously fast), 2TB HDD (I even slapped my old 500GB HDD as a third HDD for extra storage), and a GTX1060 6GB to round things up nicely. I kept my 750W power supply and case from the old PC. System is smooth as butter and cool as ice (on stock cooling)
  2. Enjoying Bioshock 2 DLC, Minerva's Den that I recently got during the steam summer sale Will soon start Dying Light: The following DLC Gotta plow through the steam backlog like a champ
  3. We could always rename this thread to "Castle's WIP thread"
  4. you could have cropped, zoomed,and enhanced that part and saved us all the trouble
  5. Damn, son!
  6. is your dds file properly named " de_metro_rm_06_radar.dds"? are both the txt and dds files in the resource/overviews folder? using DXT1 for the dds? correct posX and posY?
  7. Thanks I would maybe add sv_cheats 1 to this list so you could easily test commands that need cheats enabled (portals, occlusion, leafvis, wireframe...)
  8. Congratulations Castle, that's a big milestone today I see you are no longer associated with Digital Extremes and you chose the indie/solo path, dedicating all your time to this project (and maybe future ones); bold move and best of luck. As for funding, you have the obvious kickstarter or gofundme (not sure if applicable to creative arts). You could also check out the successor to steam greenlight (now defunct) called "steam direct" where you can probably publish the game, get some attention and hopefully ultimately land a publishing deal. In any case, you just accomplished a huge feat with this game from the grounds up; hats off I wish you again the best of luck.
  9. 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi Recommended
  10. +1, Valve add this please Write +rep on my profile and I write back Click here for free code of 2000$ skin I'm pretty sure I missed something up there Congratulations on this release, and as everyone has said before, map is looking visually awesome and clean; well done. Manipulation and massive bot down-votes are sadly not surprising; the workshop, and by extension Valve, is a lost cause and a shining example of incompetence, and lack of accountability/responsibility. And they get away with this because of them being a monopoly without a decent competitor that forces them to improve for fear of losing market share and customer goodwill. Anyway, congrats again on finishing this big project and here's to more ambitious ones in the future
  11. But seriously, it would be better to have "unmarked" images like from imgur where the photo is something like 12xb6t.jpg (or upload thru mapcore with modified name jpg) Having a screenshot with a link like url/moviename.jpg takes away all the fun of this thread About the new image, is it Cleopatra? long shot but still
  12. see my edited post above
  13. Rick Grimes, the pre-Walking Dead years That's Kevin Costner, somewhere in the 80s, right? can't think of any movie now though EDIT: Sprony, you gave the movie away in the screenshot link - Field of Dreams
  14. Yeah, cut the crap HP, we all know this is a screenshot from GTA5 Really nice framing and contrast; love how you positioned downtown LA between the 2 hills