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  1. Anyone wanna go camping this weekend? Campaign is progressing very smoothly now that I'm really comfortable with the dev tools. 2nd part of the campaign is almost done; scripted NPCs, boss fights and fight sequences in general, as well as exploration areas are mostly set. 2 side quests are also under planning to be soon implemented Random fact: At the time I initially posted this WIP thread on January 26, 2018, I had around 150 hrs on the dev tools; now it's 475 hrs
  2. Updated and moved my website to a new host


    1. blackdog


      On mobile I only see a bunch of frames :(

      this extends to the maps section. Haven’t browsed all cos seems clear it doesn’t work.


    2. will2k


      Thanks @blackdog, I'll look into this.

    3. will2k


      It should work properly on mobile now.

      The site was initially built and optimized for desktops without much concern for mobiles.

      I have now created a mobile-friendly version in line with Responsive web design (RWD) guidelines.

      @blackdog, can you please check it out now? Thanks :)

  3. Having a really good time with terrain forming and sculpting in the tools, creating natural-looking mountains and hills. I'm creating my greyscale heightmaps in "Terragen" or "World Machine", then importing them into the tools as brushes then follow up with manual sculpting and tuning.
  4. Random Photo Thread

    Raining all day today, then suddenly @ 6:30 PM, it stopped for 5 min and a patch of clouds moved away...grab the camera, run into a nearby field through the mud Now it's raining again with loud thunder
  5. Lighting is still WIP
  6. "Little House on the Prairie" View from the kitchen Bonus pic
  7. Excellent idea I'll see what I can do about it
  8. but...but, this field is for zombies to play football, not humans. you don't want zombies to play football? to have fun outside? to exercise and stay healthy? you inconsiderate zombiephobe; I can't even right now.. All joking aside , the field as the story goes, was made before the virus outbreak/quarantine, for the kids in this rural town to play. It's not used much nowadays but still kept more or less tidy, just in case the zombies challenge humans to a game of football But as you said, I'll probably throw in some barricades here and there around the field. Thanks
  9. [DOI] El Guettar

    What about occluders inside those displacements (if the number of props justifies this addition that is)? I don't have the game so I can't test the map. Catch me up on steam and we'll figure out something
  10. The 2018 Zombie Football World Cup is almost here Get your tickets now and treat yourself to a front row seat display of biting ...nail-biting action (PS: ball is fully functional )
  11. [DOI] El Guettar

    Coming along really nice, good job. Any trouble on the African fps front?
  12. Welcome to the Sanctuary Work is progressing fast despite the fact that most of the assets/meshes are modular, requiring a considerable amount of time to build and assemble (i.e. the rural house in the below screenshots) The sanctuary will be the main survivors' hub used to advance the main story as well as get side quests. As you can notice, the different NPCs are all scripted, going about their daily activities. The player can interact with them, and on top of the custom dialog, I also created and implemented custom audio to go along with the dialog.
  13. What music have you listened to recently?

    From the upcoming new Judas Priest album
  14. What I'm Working On, 2014-Forever

    Congrats on the 3-day release spree
  15. The work on the 2nd part of the campaign is well underway, and I've also added custom audio to match the custom dialog implemented earlier. The part that I found the most difficult when I started this project, scripting and quest creation, is turning out to be my new favorite aspect of this project. The quest as I planned initially is now doubled and may even triple in scope as I'm getting more and more comfortable with the scripting and programming side. I'm basically having a field day with the scripts to spice up the gameplay and story. Fresh batch of screenshots the military checkpoint serving as a chokepoint between the first and second map Construction/storage site