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  1. Noodling in Unreal 4, put together a small scene using the free Infinity Blade assets, walkthrough video:
  2. I can put together a geocities site for it, we can post cool gifs, maybe a slideshow of reference material. MSN me your deets and I'll add everybody to the 'About' page.
  3. Formerly know as PlanetPhillip, a collection of single player Half-Life maps and mods.
  4. Thanks! I agree that spot is a little open. I had a shipping container thrown down in the middle there, but it was a little maze-like. Might try to add some simpler cover back in there, or kink that path. Are there Mapcore 5v5 playtests? Or would that be something that'd have to be organized separately?
  5. Hey, glad you like the changes! Probably too soon to request another playtest, but a 5v5 would be interesting. Trying to find a way to get more eyes on it, posted it in r/csgo and it sunk without a trace, got some good feedback in r/csmapmakers, though.
  6. These all made sense to me, so I put them in. Version on the workshop updated! New layout: Changes to old B. Narrowed it a little better to make for better engagement ranges, less of a killbox: Changes to A. Just out of frame at the bottom is a crate to break a fall for no HP loss, making the window a route into A for CTs. Added some cover for planting, put another shipping container on the other to cover the far entrance from the window and the ramp down. Also visible to the left is the now closed old passage from mid. New route from mid to A: Other changes: - Moved CT spawn back a bit. - Added more clip brushes, removed some possible escapes from the map. - Switched incorrect bomb sites in radar (fun fact, the first site you place in Hammer is A, the second is B) - Larger and centered radar.
  7. Attempted a more dramatic change for the playtest, moving B closer to the CT spawn, and blocking off the right hand side of the map: I don't think it was successful. The idea was to cut down on people being lost, and make rotation shorter, but it just made B a terrible/impossible choice for Ts, and made the map very CT sided. Not exactly sure where to go from here. There needs to be another route to B, and A is somehow both too cluttered, but not enough cover for planting.
  8. Thanks for giving de_earlywarning a run through! Looks like a whole lot of issues with the basic layout, CT sided, too cluttered, not enough routes for Ts, lots of clipping that got missed, a whole lot of work left, need to get my shit together. Sorry for the reversed bomb sites on the radar, somehow confused that on the update last night. I have if you want to give any feedback. Could I request the download of the demo, por favor?
  9. Link for de_earlywarning: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e8437de1448thdl/de_earlywarning_a7.bsp?dl=0 Pulled from the workshop version, should be good.
  10. Obviously probably not the same leap forward, but it'd be cool if the Source 2 reveal was anything like this was for Source/HL2:
  11. Why not worth continuing? Looks cool! I like the hostages at the lowest point and rescue at the highest layout, having CTs fight their way out uphill.
  12. Updated on the work shop again! Workshop Link Added 8bit's suggested path to A, and lots of small tweaks, as usual. New layout: 8bit, pics 1-3 are in the workshop build now. Only tried with bots, as usual, but I like it so far: Thanks for taking a look! The distance between bomb sites had been common feedback, but the result seems to be making it easier for Ts, since CTs can end up a ways away from the sites. Moving the bomb sites will be messy at this stage, but it's still on the table. Maybe the playtest next weekend will clear it up. And I've smoothed out that A displacement, hopefully that fixed that bit.
  13. Sorry, I should have been clearer, I hadn't had a chance to try exactly what you suggested, I understand that you were talking about that overhead catwalk, I wanted to try just reopening the passage I closed earlier and see how that played out. Thank you for the screenshots, that helps a lot, actually. I agree it's probably too open again, and I like the idea of adding a door so Ts can still run past and use the other route to A without CTs getting a free shot at them. I kind of like the balcony, you'd get sort of a sniper duel going with the CT sniper perch. I'll take another crack at it.
  14. Updated the workshop file: - Added new entry to A - Cover and arrangement in A adjusted - Replaced a number of crates with new features. - Number of smaller changes. Thanks to 8bit for the suggestions! Workshop Link
  15. Played a few rounds with bots. I really like the concept of stacked bomb sites. There's just enough room around the base so you can see people crossing the bridges to B and maybe get a snap shot before they cross. Rotation times seemed not too bad, either. I think the height of the A platform is just right, enough that two people can hide for each other on opposite sides of it if they're careful. If both sides went truck side, matches were over in 30 seconds or less, but that might just be bot dumbness. Bots were also getting stuck on the double doors into A. Ended up using A a lot, since it seemed a lot closer, but I think that was just a matter of knowing the right path up. It might just be the orange bombsite markings on orange walls, but I did have a hard time choosing the right door to get where I wanted to go on the first try. A also seemed to be the bot default, so that might be different with humans. My instinct was that CTs would dominate, but sniping/camping spots seem well balanced: for example, setting up camp in the bottom right corner lets you dominate that bottom lane, especially since you can see people's shadow and feet before they see you as they enter under that walkway, but the camper's vulnerable to someone running up behind they and blindsiding them. The bomb could be planted on the crates or just off the platform, is that intended? Lost a game hunting for the bomb hidden on top of one of the crates. Looking forward to seeing this one finished!
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