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[CS:GO] Exotic Places Contest TOP 10 FINALISTS

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Congratiolations to everyone!

I hope we can get some form of feedback from the judges, maybe something you would like to see at the second judgement.
Also I hope to see the scores of the judges at the final judgement to get a sence of how the maps have been rated including some feedback.

Here is a workshop collection with the top 10 candidates: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1994263762

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Some well deserved finalists. I'm amazed looking at what's been produced in the last few months. Well done to everyone who made it through.

As has been said already - it would be nice to hear the judges feedback and scoring at least on our own entries. I also wouldn't mind if the scoring was publicly or privately given.

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This stuff is amazeballs! Like already mentioned, there could have been easily more finalists, everyone that has made it to the deadline must feel incredibly proud.

Best of luck to the finalists and hope everyone will take time to refine their maps in the coming months, because there are so many possible candidates for future Operations or addition to the game as we've seen happening with other maps from Mapcore.

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All I would really care for is some feedback on what further progress I could make on the map. Feedback about things I might have missed or that caused the map to miss out (not about things missing in the map, which I obviously know about like nodraw spots and no 3D Skybox). Congratulations to the finalists

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  • Our picks

    • [CS:GO] Shore
      One of the projects I worked on after I made de_austria.

      Yeah, I know the timing is really bad (CS2!), but can't change it... 🙁

      In general a lot went wrong during this project. Had a lot of problems with the layout, but I think I found a good compromise in the end. Also learned many new things. Maybe I would even be ready to create a really good map now after all, but I think that it's gonna be the final one. I really like making maps, but it has become too time consuming over the years for just being a hobby. Unfortunately I never managed to get a job in the games industry. So that's it. I hope it's a worthy ending of 20 years of making maps for me. 🙂

      Shore is a bomb defusal map for CS:GO that takes place on Lofoten Islands, Norway. (Also have a Hostage version of this that works well imo)

      Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2955084102

      I took some inspiration from this place in Norway:


      Some pictures:
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