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  1. Thanks so much for explaining this in detail and not "halfassing" the explanation!
  2. Lukeonuke

    [CSGO] de_dlag

    Map looks good (and has enough cover for a silver like me to feel comfortable) Cant wait to playtest it
  3. Lukeonuke

    Need help

    i fixed it by: Moving the water by one hu
  4. Lukeonuke

    Need help

    How do i fix this : Vis is enabled And nodraw is used on the water brush
  5. The thread for feedback and discussion for the map Paralia (de_paralia) Workshop :https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1890055046 Contact info: Discord : Luke_oNuke#5889 edit : wrong link
  6. So I've made a map for the 2020 mapcore competition and now I'm looking for a place to playtest it before i decorate it. Please someone explain / elaborate on how to get my map into the playtesting pool. Here's a screenshot of bombsite b
  7. Possible name change. Map inspiration:
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