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    For wingman the mid area just feels extremely disconnected from the rest of the map. That could definitely work in 5v5 if it connected well with B... So I'm curious are you planning on making it back to a 5v5 map?
  2. Big congrats to top 4, well deserved! Definitely some other maps that could have made it as well. @Wintrius That is really good news, Victoria is not there yet but with some updates it can be great.
  3. Hi, playtested once so wanted to give a bit of feedback. B was okay, Timing for Ts was too quick however but could be mollied off easily for CTs. A I don't like at all as T when you get out of the tight choke you're exposed to a huge open area with a ton of cover for CTs. No chance to clear most of it and if you do they could still be hiding on site. I would move where A site is and/or a major rework. Mid is probably my least favorite part. You're exposed to a ton of angles again where you can't clear any of them one by one without being exposed to a lot of other ones, this goes for both sides. CT B peek to mid feels unnatural and you're just suddenly out peeking everything. All the tiles shouldnt have clipping on them, getting stuck on them sucks. Cool theme but I don't think the map is quite there yet.
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