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  1. Yeah I feel that man. It's really hard to keep working on it after the competition ends. I really like the way you used shadows to detail empty floor space in some of those screenshots. Thats the kind of thing that gets me excited about mapping. Really good job man! I'd encourage you to keep it published to show how far you've come and let people walk around it, but I get that might put pressure on you to polish it. Good luck with your next project! Looking forward to seeing your entry when the next competition rolls around.
  2. Beautiful aesthetic. I'll try it out sometime. I like what you've done with the rug market, the colors are very nice.
  3. Yeah i'd say thats entirely accurate. The way I see the A balance is that while T's get there real fast, CT's keep some powerful sight-lines into site that keep it 'somewhat' balanced. I've only playtested a little, and without a full ten man, so I can't really say. You're absolutely right about the sites. I'm looking into props now. It seems complicated, but I think they're incredibly important for exactly what you said, the theme. Hopefully custom props will make detailing easier. Thanks so much for the feedback! I'll think about making it less brush-y, but I don't rea
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