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  1. Nope, not yet. I wanna see if I finish days gone first, story is getting pretty interesting, and i kinda wanna see where it leads. Did you?
  2. omg, yes!! Classic remedy really is back!
  3. Dude, you need to watch Speedracer! It's a really underrated fun movie.
  4. Sony made a BUNCH of money with the game, spiderverse and far from home. So, they're realising that spiderman is huge again, so it kinda makes sense they wanna hold on to that property. I for one, am kinda happy to see other players in the "hero movie" field tho, I hate to see Marvel dominating it so much, which means they'll just stay formulaic with their movies, which is bad.
  5. I think the Wachowskis are very hit and miss, they have some really horrible stuff, almost unwatchable, yet at the same time some of their works are REALLY damn good. Movies like, Speedracer, V for Vendetta and Assassins are absolute must watch classics. On the other hand, Matrix Revolutions, Jupiter Ascending and (arguably) Cloud Atlas are so bad it really makes you question what the fuck they were thinking. So, what gives me some faith here, is that Matrix Revolutions was so bad, in so many obvious ways, there's no way they can't know that, there's no way they don't know that the formula to make a sequel is somewhere in the first movie, not in the two sequels that proceeded it. Also, I didn't say I'm optimistic, I said I'm open minded.
  6. Quality post! Also, dunno where to post or talk about this, but you guys seen that Matrix 4 is in the works? All original cast too? I mean, after the absolutely great sequel that Blade Runner 2049 was, I'm open minded, long as they dont do cgi fest like Revolutions.
  7. You're watching possibly the last hints of originality on AAA game in the foreseeable future. lol
  8. Prepare for weird. You can take a piss and cuddle babies. Day 1 pre order.... lmao Seriously tho, I was expecting to see some ganeplay fire fights, but I guess they're still holding that one card close to their chest.
  9. I didn't wanna get into industry stuff, but damn man, this game had everything going for it to at least make their money back and keep the team afloat, it's definitely one of life's great mysteries how games like these don't succeed. I feel, often it's not necessarily about the quality of the game, but also timing and trusting that the community around the game will share it around enough that creates enough buzz and hype around it, never underestimate the importance of a good marketing campaign, indies included. Learn to build but also learn to sell! I'll deffo check out Echo tho.
  10. If you like 16bit platformers, you should check out Owlboy! Really beautiful art, and the gameplay is pretty smooth. GRIS really struck a chord with me, and it helped me cement what I want to do with my own game. If you like athmospheric platformers, this will serve you well. Not much to say about this, other than it's the closest thing to Metroid since Metroid! Really damn good platformer, took a while to grow on me but eventually it really clicks. Also, major points for the art style.
  11. I'd love to have a "indie games" discussion thread. Not the "industry" around it, or dramas, just actually discussing a indie game you've played lately. Also, any indie game you played in the past and would like to recommend or any upcoming indie game you might have your eye on. Why you love it, what made you pick it up in the first place, did you finish it, how would you improve it, etc! I guess I'll start, this is ENCODYA, sort of an attempt at the 90's anime style art direction with point n click adventure gameplay, deffo have my eye on this one.
  12. After a lawsuit with Iron Maiden they had to change the name of this game to Ion Fury, so fucking stupid. Oh well, game is out, I'll check it out tonight, here's a review and analysis. Shame it's not out on any of the consoles yet, and I lost the habit of playing on PC, but I'll open and exception for this game for sure.
  13. Stumbled on this video on YT today, and reminded me how disappointing some aspects of M3 was. M2 still looks so good, still very smooth and readable, there's no DLC crap and even though it's an open world game, there's zero grind. It's been a while since I played it and correct me if I'm wrong but I don't even think there's side quests, how amazing is that?
  14. Judging from their Kickstarter updates page, it seems like they're right in the middle of production. My gut tells me it's a couple years away from gold mstr.
  15. Seems like Nightdive Studios has announced an enhanced edition for System Shock 2 coming soon! If you're as confused as I was when I heard of this, cos I could swear this happened a few years ago already, after some digging seems like Nightdive Studios is currently working on a remake of the original System Shock AND oversaw the re-release of System Shock 2 in 2013, so I'm curious to see what this coming "Enhanced Edition" for SS2 will bring to the table. Even though SS remake was successfully backed at $1.3mil by more than 20k people, this is probably an attempt for them to make some extra cash with the IP, smart move. The sequel is still happening and here's the teaser if you haven't' seen it yet, it's being developed by OtherSide Entertainment!
  16. I never played the American Nightmare DLC, guess we can take it for a spin for now.
  17. [HP]

    Demoreel feedback

    I like the video actually, but yeah, when I saw demo reel I just assumed you're a animator right off the bat. You can still use videos to present your environment work of course, but I would probably categorize it on a portfolio somewhere instead, like: "here's my latest level with 5 screenshots and a flythrough video with some gameplay" and have a page like that for each one of your levels, it's just the right amount of organization that's easy for recruiters and leads to glace at. As for your work, I see some some really good texture work, some good modeling work but your lighting and presentation leaves a lot to be desired. A lot of the color maps from your materials seem to either be too dark or too bright, and it's making the lighting very contrasty. (See the western environment, that wood contrasting agaisn't the bright sand texture makes for a very unappealing and contrasty read) Another thing I've noticed is the lighting, it seems way too rushed and most of it shows me you don't know the fundamentals of lighting and color theory, I would recommend you read a little bit on both these topics next, this knowledge will bump you up to the next level. Good lighting can make a grey cube look amazing, but bad lighting can make the most amazing art pieces look abhorrent. Some cool links:
  18. Weird ass times, just take me back to the 90's.
  19. Btw, Alan Wake is free on Epic Games launcher, if you never played that game, I can tell you right away to go fucking play it now! It's a terrific game.
  20. "They were all dead. The final gunshot is an exclamation mark to everything that had led to this point." Sam's a legend man!
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