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  1. They're always testing the waters man
  2. Jersey is another crazy state, they actually just raised their state income tax too. This country's.... interesting.
  3. TX, house prices are still at around 350k. Property taxes are a little higher than Cali or other states but at least for right now, the difference could be worth it.
  4. You're assuming they sold the shares at or around the ATH, which if they did they wouldn't have any motivation to sue. I'd be happy with a working police spawning system... GTA3 had it, I'm sure they could do it too.
  5. Where I am in OC is a little better if you compare it to SF, sure. The bay area specifically is the most expensive city in the US, even more than Manhattan now. Just before the pandemic hit, a 1 bedroom studio was averaging $3500 a month there, I think it went down a bit since then because everyone's leaving these expensive cities, the "California exodus" is a very real thing, most of my neighbors that are not 60+ are either leaving or considering leaving, there's moving trucks every week around here. Renting a 20ft uhaul truck used to cost you 700 bucks for 5 days, now it went up to more than 4000 if you're leaving CA, and you're probably looking at a few weeks wait. These are crazy times... And yeah, you're right we're not tied to a location, which is definitely good, you can go look for a better life somewhere else now more than ever, deffo one of the silver linings of WFH. Dude tell me about it, it's unbelievable, the older you get the weirder the concept of time gets. People love saying "time flies" but that term doesn't really cut it, I think the notion of time changes as you age. I remember back in school times, 3 months used to fucking streeeetch forever, now it's literally a flash.
  6. It's ridiculous dude... some of these cities really make it hard to buy. It's actually more than I thought here: But yeah, seems like you're ballpark about Vancouver too, I guess it makes sense that it's the most expensive real estate in Canada due to economy, geography, close to the US and climate. (I believe it's the warmest city in the whole of Canada) Good financial advisors always counsel on keeping your mortgage at around 25% your monthly net, so with that knowledge, we can do a quick back of the napkin math here, for a $1 million house, if you saved to put a downpayment of 10% ($100k), you're probably looking at a mortgage of $4500 a month, and this is with the current low interest rates too! So you'd need to net around $18000 a month to afford that... Oh well... it's a brave new world now with WFH, so we only have to be around these expensive places if we really want to. I can tell you I'm already considering my options here... and there's a lot of options out there.
  7. No Man's Sky-like come back, let's go!
  8. What is true? Got anything more specific other than posting a 25 min long video?
  9. I'm here, been here for 8+ years and I'm starting to agree, as many wonderful and amazing things California provides, there's also a lot of fuckery going on, specially on the governmental side. Plus, who the fuck can afford median house prizes of 700k?
  10. Yeap, exactly this. At least Vancouver's weather is way more tolerable, since the pacific ocean (and coast) is way warmer than the atlantic. I have a friend who just moved from London to Vancouver this week, he told me that if you look at the avg temps between both cities during this time of year, you'd think they're about the same, but Vancouver feels way warmer. This actually sent me down one of those internet rabid holes, and turns out there's other aspects to how cold it feels that temperature (C/F) can't read, there's the dew point and relative humidity and others that might or might not be less relevant like how far you are from the arctic jet streams. So since London tends to feel more humid, 10c will feel way colder than 10c in drier location, which will just feel cool. But yes, fuck the cold man... I can take rainy weather, but I'm not a fan of freezing my ass off!
  11. Holy smokes that's a narrow FoV... Second video made me feel nauseous, it's narrower than RE7 and even that was right at the line of what I find tolerable. Looks good from what I saw though.
  12. Day 1, as always. I see IO game, I insta buy.
  13. ┌HP┘

    Goals for 2021?

    Very true, I've learned that the things you give your attention to are shaping you, even if you are only reacting against them.
  14. Yeah, dude there's this sound that's used in Max Payne 1, it's a open / close door sound, and I swear that every other movie from the early 2000s uses the exact same clip, ahah.
  15. https://c0de517e.blogspot.com/2020/12/hallucinations-re-rendering-of.html
  16. Cool video on tech/graphics vs gameplay. This thread seems fitting.
  17. Loved this random video I found about the games music! The nostalgia is real.
  18. Cooper and Norman's always ready to pounce.
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