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  1. [HP]

    GTA V

    This here, is why I dislike a lot of modern open world games. They're way too large, there's no sense of familiarity to anything.
  2. [HP]

    GTA V

    Doubt it... 5 is so great in many aspects for sure, but it didn't beat Vice City for me, it's missing a little bit of that DNA that made 3/VC/SA amazing. That said... that fucking remote controlled heli mission enraged many people. lol
  3. [HP]

    Texture Optimisation

    An asset like that should be mapped with a trim sheet. You could get the same look and texel density as what you got there out of a 512.
  4. [HP]

    Texture Optimisation

    Well, in the case of that model you bought, you're probably talking about a 0/1 mapped texture, and not a tilable, or a trim. I also assume it's a baked asset too, in those cases the texture (specifically the normal map) makes up for the lack of geometric detail, as it was baked down from a high poly. But yeah, 4k is pretty ridiculous. I do know character and weapon artists do author their textures in 4k, but when it ends up in the game, it gets resized to a 2k, or even 1k.
  5. He definitely meant the former. Lol
  6. [HP]

    Texture Optimisation

    Yeah, you'd be surprised how much you can scale down a texture, and don't really notice much difference. And a 2k is 4 times bigger than a 1k. For final look, I'd rather have 4 1ks, and blend them in the shader/material, hiding a lot of the "low res" look, than a crisp 2k. This new gen of consoles, will bring bigger memory budget and faster streaming tech, but this for me means more texture variety, not necessarily higher res, as you can do so much with shaders too. Also, some textures (like the roughness and AO map) can be resized down even more than the color and normal, they don't all need to be the same res in parallel.
  7. You think it's a coincidence that rickd just posted a few days ago? ZING
  8. That was deffo the highlight of the game for me!
  9. I have NOT tried the index, but I've seen multiple people saying that the Rift S wins in terms of how conformable it is to wear. The index is also heavier, 800g, whereas the Rift is about 500g.
  10. Might start regretting not getting that RTX card after all... https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/news/cyberpunk-2077-ray-tracing-dlss-geforce-now-screenshots-trailer/?fbclid=IwAR1JEO2QFFeeEVm3cqAZXoWxOzRj2BszhitUzBkjZ-dwjZfv9kjNPaVgPX0 PS. I really hope they let us tone down that over the top chromatic aberration on PC graphical settings.
  11. Nice, I love the first Uncharted man. I'm still working my way through Ori Will of the wisps. Tried GTAV on PC for a couple hours, still looks awesome but the shooting feels so outdated and unpolished, I doubt I have it in me to play it any longer. I also got the DLC they released for Prey (Mooncrash) and for Dishonored 2 (Death of the outsider), will get started on those soon.
  12. I'll start by creating the discord server. Brb
  13. Eidos Montreal is working on something unannounced.... one can hope that it's a proper remake of DeusEx. It would make sense actually given their pedigree. Also, seeing how popular Resident Evil 2 / 3, Final Fantasy 7 were? You're right, people do like remakes man... I hope they learned from Mankind Divided's lessons, It was a step back compared to Human Revolution, imho.
  14. After the sales of Dishonored2 and Prey (I still can't believe they called this game Prey, and not System Shock 3...) I doubt anyone wants to invest in "immersive sims" for the foreseeable future. I'm sure those games broke even, or maybe even made a decent profit. But Multiplayer and Microtransactions is where the real money's at, and publishers know it. The latter is way more dangerous than the former though, as it's a pandora's box that once open, you can't ever close it back up, not without some serious changes to the way you monetize your games, that is.
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