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  1. Looks awesome, digging that lighting too.
  2. DLC out in a couple weeks, looks dope!
  3. Yes, yes you would. It includes people that identify as female.
  4. Alright, let's cut this shit out. Feel free to continue that conversation in private, let's go back on topic.
  5. https://www.allgamesdelta.net/2020/01/doom-eternal-new-gameplay-and-official.html
  6. Oh man, used to spend ages on this map. The design is actually very weird and a lot of wasteful areas, but there's something about it that kept me going back to it. That fucking vent above the hostages was madness.
  7. I think R* were very smart with GTAV. They released on PS3/X360, a year later when the new consoles were out, they released it there, another year passed and they released it on PC. I think staggering the releases like this was very well played, it ensures that the name of the game lingers around for a longer span of time. Obviously not all titles would lend themselves to this strategy, but It's one that's not used enough.
  8. In case you wanna replay Bloodlines 1 Also, this trailer needs more attention! I knew this game was gonna come out, but now that I've watched the above video, I'm actually pretty hyped. It's got a lot of "immersive sim" genre vibes, which is my favourit genre of games. (FPS RPG with great story) Also, no way on earth this will see a Q1 2020 release, which is actually good I guess, so many good games out these next couple of months. I tried to dig around for more info on this game, and I had to dig deep into a Dev Diary, seems like they passed alpha in late last year. https://steamcommunity.com/games/532790/announcements/detail/1687093048747320602
  9. Video games are fucking hard to make. Tools are getting better, but expectations double on a yearly basis, for both the quality of the products and how well they need to sell. Also, the fact that the new gen of consoles is around the corner, probably has something to do with it too. I think not a single person would be mad about an announcement like this, as long as it's for the developers well being and to also make a better game. The former is what concerns me, we've been seeing a lot of delays lately, and I'm certain the people making these games will crunch for the duration of that delay, and that sucks.
  10. Thanks for the recommendation. We've also seen an explosion of CS:GO mapping recently. I agree that coming april things will change for sure. We'll take this into consideration and we'll talk about it among ourselves, thanks zastels
  11. I don't disagree. In the Classic, each light is placed with a purpose and with player leading in mind, like a spotlight on top of doorways or corridors. Main pathways have a slighter brighter luminance and it gradients off to darker values towards the corners and non gameplay areas, making it very easy to figure out where to go, not as much in the enhanced it seems like. The lighting seems to be brighter and flatter, and coming from weird angles, there's a lack of gradients and even the characters lost the cool rim lighting of classic. Maybe a little exaggerated to prove my point, but I would do something like this:
  12. Hey man, you gotta dolla? Hey, come back to me when you got a dolla!
  13. The original is a cult classic. Bring it.
  14. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1506713580/ref=ox_sc_mini_detail?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER
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