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  1. You've got plenty of weeks ahead of you to try it old school! Good luck man. Hang in tight there everyone, these are hard times for everyone, but there's still loads of things to be thankful for, this shit will pass soon and we'll be back to complaining about Trump and tities in video games in no time.
  2. We're probably still a few years away from full wireless VR, but it's coming for sure. Once the kits get lighter, they'll be able to put powerful Wifi antenas inside them, not sure if wifi is capable of transferring so much data though.
  3. Seems like it's smaller in scope compared to RE2, also a much shorter campaign (Around 6 hours? Which I'm completely fine with.) Still playing the shit out of it, but I think we should all tame our expectations after how dope RE2 remake was.
  4. Wow, that's actually a really dope clip!
  5. Could you use a Oculus Rift S and Valve Index Controllers? I'm assuming you can, otherwise valve wouldn't bother putting the individual parts for purchase on their page? https://store.steampowered.com/valveindex
  6. [HP]

    Corona Virus

    These are some weird ass times guys...
  7. Oh, I upgraded to a 1080ti. Beast of a graphics card. I can have UE4 running on the background, baking lighting and still runnind Doom Eternal at 120hz, lmao
  8. Your mama always said not to put your eyes too close to the screen
  9. [HP]

    Corona Virus

    Fuck, sorry to hear that dude, keep us posted. If she does have it, hopefully she falls under the category of mild symptoms like the majority of the people that get it.
  10. Nice, how's the quality of that cable? Is it USB? I wonder if a simple cable can sucessefully stream all the data that VR needs (Sensors, screens, controllers, etc) as well as the regular Rift S.
  11. My FOMO is real... :[
  12. have fun guys... I'm still unable to get a VR kit anywhere, lol. Also, unsurprisingly, they nailed it.
  13. [HP]

    Corona Virus

    This past friday marked week 1 of working from home and today was my wife's birthday. Usually we go for a walk around our complex, but today we had to get out of here, we drove south to a large wide open beach that I know for a fact is always empty, so its safe. Driving around, I noticed some people do not respect the 6 feet recommended social distancing, which is concerning. I think it's important to go out and get some fresh air, but I get the feeling many do still underestimate how transmissible that fucking virus is. If it were possible to make everyone self isolate for 14 days and/or keep six feet apart, epidemiologists say, the whole epidemic would sputter to a halt, but just as that "patient 31" story out of SK, all you need is one bad apple. This would only really work if everyone's on board, and unfortunately that's never going to happen here. It worked for china with their draconian ways of doing things of course... but here? I don't know man... from yesterday to today, confirmed cases in the US went from 24k to 34k. I think this will likely go on for months, you're going to start seeing a lot more national guard too. I've also been hearing about a lot of cases of cops stopping small groups of people on the streets and fining them I think around 100 bucks each, if they're not from the same household.
  14. Tested the demo out on PS4 and on PC. The PS4 demo made my console sound like it was gonna fucking take off, so loud. The PC version runs at a smooth 120fps all maxed out... Canceled my PS4 pre orders, and got it on steam instead! Now the waiting game starts, really looking forward to this.
  15. C'mon, the game does not suck, lol. You can be critical of something, yet still enjoy it. It's one hell of a fun game, even with it's problems. imho.
  16. Big fan of War Stories at Ars Technica, this one was great to watch too!
  17. You know, I was thinking, for how often they have you execute those glory kills in this game, you'd think they make at least a couple diferent animations so it doesn't get repetitive. I know the animation changes whether you glory kill from the rear, front or side, but it would be nice to have more variety for the front animation, since it's the one you see the most often.
  18. I do agree with you in regards to some of the RPG like elements of the game, I'm not gonna say they don't belong in a game like this, they can be done right, in Doom 2016 they were there but it wasn't too annoying. In Eternal it seems they got a little bit carried away with that, and I can see the motivation behind, they know people find progression addictive and it's another reason to come back and boot up the game again, but it does feel shoehorned. I'm personally willing to overlook it tho, really enjoying the level exploration and the combat.
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