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  1. - Artist wanted for grass detail sprites - I look for an Artist to create grass detail sprites (like those) for this map but also for eveyone else free to use for any purpose (CC0 License). So I can integrate it into the files I already share. I do not use the dangerzone sprites because they got a disturbing look. It would negatively effect the peacefull atmosphere of this map. So the sprite sheet I would like to have should match the peacefull atmosphere. It should contain several grass types and some wild flowers with different colours fitting into the peacefull athmosphere (white and others). To make them match the theme you best walk around the map (de_norte) for yourself. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In case I am not allowed to share the white rocks I am also looking for an Artist who can create severeal different white rock models fitting into the theme.
  2. I spend a few more hours to add custom textures again I am allowed to share. The grass, gravel, mud, rock and the one ground texture at bombsite A are now again custom textures fitting the theme. I also added the missing custom sky texture. I got the new custom textures from https://texturehaven.com/. A site where you get free textures you can use for any purpose. I also wait for a response from Valve / their support team wheter I am allowed to share the modified cs:go models (white rock, lower grass,..) as well.
  3. Dev files from de_norte - Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EA8J6ShJDP8pc1v_6rd1uH5Tax3naIra/view?usp=sharing hi, I want to share with you the dev file from my map de_norte and cs_wetland You can freely use this for any purpose. Be creative! Let your imagination shine! ----------- Info - You find the env_light, env_sun and all those things at the T spawn - I had to remove or replace some custom models and textures, sorry. You can download following custom textures I replaced from textures.com. It is for free, you just need an account. But notice that I changed the brightness and/or color of the textures for my map. - gras texture - mud texture - rock texture - stone wall texture - gravel texture - the custom ground texture at bombsite A is also from textures.com, but I can't find it anymore. ----------- How to use - copy the folders "csgo" and "sdk_content" into your Counter-Strike Global Offensive folder which is probably located like this: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive -----------Auto Radar Bug: If you want to create a new radar with TAR, then you need to hide the one displacement shown in the picture "solve_radar_bug". ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dev files from cs_wetland - Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yfE6kWQ8uogV1Bd6pcc8LKIKZpeUfIxN/view Also free to use for any purpose.
  4. Who has done what? Valve created systems which attracts certain kind of people. Gambling cases attracts gamblers and has the ability to create new gamblers. = bad A Skin-Workshop with great money temptation that only supports a very few and don't care about everyone attracts people who stronly or mainly care about the temptation / money. They don't do it to give something, they want to take. They are self orientated. Like the skin workshop system itself. = bad Before people created skins for the old cs games because they wanted to and shared it with others without getting something back. The agents added to the game looks like they were not mainly developed to give the players something good. I guess money was the other motivation. Which is bad. Looks like the people in charge of the agents where blind for the bad readability because of this. The bad readability was very obvious to many at first glance. Thus the players didn't liked them that much. But hey, players can also make money with those agents. Nice for all those who want to make easy money. The update who made the players readability better is not perfect, it also caused new problems. The solution would be to make it possible to disable the enemys agents and create map based default skins optimised for readability. I created custom player model skins for my map bird (still wip). They clearly increase the readability and the game experience palyers have if they decide to disable their agents. To sum up, cs:go attracts many people who do not care about the game itself. Because cs:go itself has systems which do not take care of the players first. Which harms the game and the playerbase in the long run. I didn't wrote and think Valve is evil. But they create stuff which got more than just a bad smell. People show how they are by what they are doing, create, wear or listening to. An apple tree can only produce apples. So, if you have a pear in your hand you can be sure it did not grew on a palm. But you need to be able to identify the pear as pear. Somethines it looks like something else. And sometimes it looks tasty but has a bad taste. Or it s foul inside. Which only get revealed by someone who can look behind the peel. But most humans are not able to do this.
  5. Easy to fix. Only the person who subscribed to the workshop skin can see the skin. Other players only see the official skins. I guess Valve will not be responsible for copyright infringements if they delete the skin from the workshop after someone reported it. Edit: I knew about that problem and had this solution instantly in mind. Thought it was obvious. Looks like I was wrong. If you would want to see the workshop skins from others and you don't care about the space it takes, then Valve could also add an option to enable and disable other players used workshop skins. Edit²: I already made a topic about texture optimisation in cs:go. @blackdog
  6. Making it possbile to use every skin from the workshop without the need to pay would be the best solution in my opinion. Valve could also add a donation button to the workshop. So the skin creators would make a gift to everyone who likes the skin and uses them and if someone feels thankfull and want to give something back the person could do it with a donation.
  7. I do not fight against something. If I fight, I fight for someone else. But I would not call it fighting, it is rather a supporting act. And I learned to let god fight for me. I do not have to do it by my own. I am too limited.
  8. @st0lve Sad story.. I also entered the contest but I was able to upload my map, got it approved and made my full entry one day before the deadline. Roald also added my map to the steam mapcore mapping contest 2019 collection 1 day before. But I did not participated because of the money. When I started to develop the map I didn't wanted to take part in the contest, I had no interest at all. The project was solely made to give something truly original to the community. At some point I thought it would be great to get some more feedback. That was my only reason why I decided to take part. As I entered I also hoped someone would like my original idea and would like to develop the map together with me. I am totally fine that I was not getting into the top 10. I even took some time to give true feedback to other maps who made it into the top10 after the first phase to support them. Edit: My brother supported me and at this time financially but I didn't knew if he would continue to support me. I thought I had only one month to finish this map and then had no more time. So, I was going all in with this project. But thanks god my kind brother supported me still afterwards. I rushed with this project for no reason.
  9. Today people are concerned of the truth because it can hurt and thus tend to be fake nice instead. I can totally understand if someone don't like to hear the truth because of that. I told the bare truth which is not pleasant. They might see it as unfriendly or even agressive. But it isn't. I was aware that I will get negative and agressive comments at some point. But none of the comments made me mad, sad or personal offended. I was never agressive and attacking people personaly. I am more positive than you think. I already told that in a comment before. To make it more clear. Stop the current skin workshop system. I also said it would be better to sell the skins directly instead of having cases. Valve dig their own grave with the whole system. They can't change it without making someone mad. What Valve don't seem to like is others telling them what to do. What you can do is to stop support the system and not buying weapon cases. You need to start with one thing. I start with those who are around me. But at first with myself. This problem was in my reach. I already talked about this. - People always told me here that creating skins is just a hobby, it is not about the money and the workshop and payment is surely no job offer by Valve. So, having a skin inside the game would be awesome for itself. The payment would just be a great addition. I don't think it is a solution to the whole problem to just pay less. But it would be better than nothing to not tempt people to make skins for money. As soon as you upload anything to the cs:go workshop (Maps, Skins, others) Valve gets the right to do with them (almost) whatever they want. You have to agree with this if you upload something to the workshop. https://store.steampowered.com/subscriber_agreement/?l=english#6 Supporting a system with bad impacts. In case you bought weapon cases. As long as you don't know that your actions are wrong and what they cause no one can blame you for doing them. Good = Think and act. ========================================== In case anyone is offended by something I wrote. I want you to know that I don't mean it in a bad way. I don't have something against you in person.
  10. Seems like you do not know much about that topic. You just try to make me look bad. You can give me a stigma like Blackdog did "religious zealot" and have wrong prejudices or look closely what I wrote. But everyone started to distort what i wrote at some point. None of you could show I am wrong about this topic. ThunderKeil got mad and offensive because he was most likely personally offended and can not refute what I am talking about. So he blames me not beeing able to discuss. But honestly, there is not much to discuss. The impacts I am talking about are true. Denying them is the only way for you to not have to deal with them. Another one who is offensive and talks nonsense. I have no personality disorders. - You can not hide the truth I revealed by making me look bad.-
  11. Just a false perception of yours. What I don't like about online communication in general is that you can't see me in person. A video phone call is better but also not the same. There is still something missing. You can't hear my voice, can't look into my eyes and do not see any of my body expressions. If you could, you would see the shine in my eyes and the smile. You would see how friendly and peacefull I am. Maybe you would also feel good vibes. But the last one strongly depends on your heart condition. I do not have anything against people. Even if they are unfriendly to me. But I have something against their wrong doings.
  12. I do not fight here. Only because the others are saying almost the same does not mean it is the truth.
  13. No. My temptation was something else which has absolutely nothing to do with this or anything like that. This topic has nothing to do with me in person. It is neutral to me. I do not play the game. I went from a gamer to a "creator only" a few years ago. I do not brag with the hours I spend in the sdk. It is just an interesting information. I did not criticise the people. I stated out the bad impacts of the skin workshop. Money is not my motivator and I do not work for money. You can't buy me. I only had the donation option because one person wanted to support me a few years ago. But I had nothing and did not set up something. Some months later I thought maybe someone else want to do this and thus I added the donation link. Yes, I had not much money and every small amount of money even a 1€ donation would have helped me. But more important than that it would have been ment something because of the shown support. I am an honest person who was and is open. Also on the steam profile. I do not display me in a better light than it actually is. Was I succefull since I started to work on maps again in November 2019? Financially not. But I do not care much about that. There are truly more important things in life. Like Love itself. Which I have inside of me since I invited God into my life. Something most people miss in their life. I was going through hard times the last two years. But I did not had to support myself. God took care of me. I learned how god is. He is truly good. I had to learn alot and also made mistakes. But I am now grounded in Love and stronger than ever before. I do not fear anything and I got no sorrows at all. I learned to truly trust god and that it is all about making gifts and receiving them in god's familiy. Which I am part of since I got baptised in October 2019. I believe I am more successful than most people because I got the most precious in life. Love itself. I do not need to be entertained and no one needs to make me happy. I got true peace inside because I live in and with Love. The maps I create are very personal. They show what I got inside my heart at the time I made them. Which was and still is pure love. You want to know whether this is true? Then you can get a glimpse of it by playing my current map I still work on (bird). It has a very peacefull atmosphere. You can only feel it by walking around the map, screenshots can't give you the experience. My heart is still slightly effected, because it was broken and deeply damaged before I was baptised. I do not feel everything as I normally would and I can't see the people itself with love anymore when I look into their eyes. But this will come back with time. Going my way with god does not mean I got a happy-clappy life. I will make bad experiences like others but as I said I always got someone who takes care of me. Edit: [Edit: I have no religion. So I am not religious. Wait religion has another definition in my language.. strange) I believe in God from the bible but I am not catholic or a member of a man made church.] I did not say you need no more proof than faith. My posts are no call for help. I am in good health and happy.
  14. The amount of desperate players and skin makers has and will continue to grow due to the coronavirus. The temptation will have a much greater negative impact than before. What you do to others will come back to you. It is time to do good.
  15. I don't have the money to hire scientist who can proof this and not the time to search for as many people who are negatively impacted by this system. I also would not showcase any person. They would need to do this by their own. Like I wrote before Valve could hire scientist for this. To make sure they don't harm people with them. For me, it does not need to be proven if you got a good portion of wisdom and a wide range of understanding about how humans "function". But some people only want to believe when they have numbers, even if something is obvious. Especially when the obvious says they doing something wrong. The other things you asked should I already answered in previous posts. I don't want to repeat myself over and over again. Edit: It is funny that plenty of those who don't believe the obvious unless they have seen the proof do believe the opposite without having any proof.
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