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  1. Tynnyri

    [CSGO] Victoria

    That plank jump will be fun for a troll
  2. Tynnyri

    [CSGO] Victoria

    Hey, don't ask for feedback if you're just going to laugh at the guy the instant it's not all positive. Nobody's forcing you to take critizism, so you can tell people to not do it.
  3. Tynnyri

    [CSGO] Victoria

    Geez, it was just a friendly reminder that you're not following this guide you sent me passive-aggressively; The layout doesn't allow for any teamwork. It might be or become balanced, but it surely isn't the next Mirage.
  4. Tynnyri


    Pretty nice first map, however. this map is way too complex, blocky and lacks any cover. I don't think you should be sending maps that aren't ready for playtesting. Try to add at least some kind of props, cover, theme and so on. It's rather easy to create a working layout, but creating a theme around it is difficult. You should try to do both in a greybox. This is a good example of a level where greybox includes theme. Note how everything isn't 90 degree corners, the map clearly used grid size of 1 and inclusion of basic props and cover. Nobody expects similiar level of detail, which is kinda overkill in this map, but you can get the basic gist here: You can clearly see where this is meant to be located and what it's meant to look like. I have no idea what any of the rooms in your map are meant to be other than just "rooms". That is not usually how buildings work. Creating a working theme and reason for each room, area and wall makes you able to end the project, as you are not forced to rework whole layout because the central area has no architectural reason for existing, among other huge hurdles along the way. Don't start with the theme, but build it alongside the layout. Try to add graffiti, props or such to telegraph which routes lead to which areas. I know you added bit of them, but there are many crossroads that you have to just take a leap of faith and hope you get to the right area. Oh, and here is a very useful guide for mapping starters like you: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1110438811
  5. Tynnyri

    [CSGO] Victoria

    Futher detail on why this map feels bland. Please ignore the dumb spelling mistakes, I was bored and had nothing else to do. And I am beat.
  6. Tynnyri

    [CSGO] Victoria

    Pretty nice theme. I am not sure about the map itself, it does not really have anything that original in it. Looks like another bland 3-lane map. I think most people don't care to play the same level with different visuals. You should try to add some kind of special hook into the level: Something that makes it unique among the thousands of visually pleasing 3-lane layouts. Stuff like one-way drops, boosts, radical bombsite designs, ladders or whatnot. I am usually in the mindset that the layout comes before the theme, and the theme should be fit against the layout, not vice versa. Haven't really seen many 3-lane maps in operations, less so ones with very unoriginal gameplay. But yeah, nice visuals but very bland and boring bombsites. As a site note, you should allow for a bit more smoke spots. I tried smoking couple sightlines but the nade couldn't fit perfectly, leaving very small holes. EDIT: I just realized you can boost in T spawn in order to look over to A site. It's incredibly overpowered position. Hell, you can look over the planted bomb like that.
  7. Wait... doesn't Logic_auto do the same as logic timer, or is it bugged in CS:GO after map restart?
  8. Sorry! An error was encountered while processing your request: That item does not exist. It may have been removed by the author.
  9. Oo. Valve does seem to need more map makers. I mean, look at how long it took for them to make remakes of CS:GO maps and how long the Mercenery Park took to make.
  10. You can't have it both ways. He could get away with stars if it would be night/sunrise/sunset. This looks very hastily made skybox to me, simply because it denies all of the basic rules of how the sky works.
  11. I love how CT spawn is literally the early concept art of borealis and half life 3
  12. Couple more problems with the map: -Guns can fall down the sides of middle. This is super annoying, especially if this starts to get used as strategy for AWP players: Stick to the railings, and they cannot steal your AWP if you go down: It drops down. -The bombsites are not telegraphed on the spot and make it hard to make out how far you can plant. Not a problem if you'll leave the bombsites are large as they currently are, although I am sure it creates confusion around the A site. -There is no way to know you can jump on top of the barrel containers on the edge of A site. Such a weird, useless off-angle for the defenders. -Jumping on the boxes on the opposite side of the A bombsite, you can see glimpses of the skybox meeting with the ground and it looks trippy. -Pit has Nuke crates that are way too clean to their surroundings. -The water on CT spawn looks awful (especially on low settings) -The waterfall at bunker looks awful. I have no idea why, either. Maybe it's just the source engine. -Term "mid" used in official, big signs instead of "middle". Also what's with the random /s and \s? -The "flickering" light effect on the wall at T spawn ends middle of the wall, which looks bad.
  13. I really do not understand this statement. Were the textures really that bad? I ran the game on all high and it looked stronger than expected. Then again, I didn't run around only looking at the walls. Any screenshots or examples? He did use the same exact tree model twice immediatly next to each other (albeit rotated a bit) near the bunker, however... And there were some Nuke crate models that didn't look nice near the rusty, snowy areas surrounding them. Although I am sure FMPONE knows about these himself.
  14. Hey! I made an imgur collection of weird bugs and visual problems. I hope these help. https://imgur.com/a/EH0tj On another note: I would really reconsider the northern lights, sun placement and the skybox, which for anyone living around the artic circle seem very unrealistic. Hit me up if you'd like more info on why the northern lights make no sense. (Or, you know, don't use pictures as examples of northern lights because eye and camera show them very differently; Cameras show more of the lights and in more bright colors, which is complete opposite on how they really look.) The sun is way too high up, too. Normally it would be impossible to spot northern lights right behind a sun (heck, even a half moon stops them) The map is clearly set in winter, (seen by the vegetation being on a wintery "preserve" state) which should make it impossible for the sun to raise this high even in the day, especially on artic circle. Added into that, it should be impossible to spot any stars (especially the weaker ones) at such beutiful, sunny day. If you've ever noticed, stars are hard to spot on the day compared to at the night.
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