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  1. The CT spawn change was because it's important to make timings between A and B closer to each other; CTs can take the hostage on A before the T players have met up with CT players at B. Its pretty weird. Also I know of the two windows to see rushing Ts but Ts can easily just throw a smoke in front of themselves and run through it, making the windows useless. Adding a connection to rescue zone would make CTs have 6 entrances around the map. That means you have to cut out something. I cut out the route to mid in my example because in my opinion the path up from the rescue zone serves the same purpose. Anything that simplifies it. There is no need for so many paths into the car, currently it feels quite gimmicky with the amount of routes and hiding spots. I feel like this rescue zone should play more like a bombsite, that'd be more engaging. Nonetheless, great ideas. I know you can figure this out. Also that FBI model? I had the FBI girl for some reason when I played it. Was that a bug on my side? Weird.
  2. I wrote a bigger post but mapcore threw me out of my account and I lost the whole post. I'm just gonna TL;DR it. Take all of this with a barrel of salt. My radar fixes are just a brainstorm and could easily be not the best solution the the problems in the map. Your map is awesome. Every corner is thought out and so well crafted. You should name hostages 1 and 2 or A and B. They're basically bombsites on your map. Map looks awesome but should be wider in most areas. Feels claustrophobic. You're using a paid model (FBI girl) in your default CT skins. Don't. The rescue zone can be rushed as a terrorist near the Hostage A. There is no quick route for CTs to get to that area to defend this rush. The timings on Hostage A are too CT-sided, while too T sided on Hostage B. Area around the rescue zone is overly complicated. Defending and attacking it is game of luck; there's so many entrances and hiding spots. Make it simpler.
  3. Also don't use that yellow tint on a hostage maps, it's difficult to see the hostage spawns in radar. What does tori mean?
  4. Huh. 6 and 10 hours? That doesn't sound right. Do you have a computer made out of composted potatoes or did you do something wrong?
  5. Not really a concern when you see the map for yourself. It's not a useful sightline and I would have to heavily change the lore of the map if I'd add containers or washed-up ships.
  6. Not sure about tankers, but yeah I have to add more flair around the map. Sand with a buyzone and sand with a bombsite isn't that memorable.
  7. Not much changed layout wise, small corners and wallbang spots fixed, more detail all around the map and then this monstrosity of a view from A site. Also got a small Easter egg placed on it while I'm at it. CT spawn also got reworked. Gotta work on everything looking a bit better and more optimized and flesh out T spawn and then I'm more comfortable to go live with the update. Unlike this map, I hope your Christmas won't be filled with green summer days. or with police raids.
  8. I think he meant the fact the waterside route to B is slower than running through A site to CT spawn and then to B, making the map feel very big and boring for not much of a reason
  9. Okay this is cool. Not sure if making it so industrial will really show off the unique theme as much as possible, though. The first thing I imagined with a radio tower was a more natural, dz_blacksite- feeling environment.
  10. Also could you please do these weird accusations in PMs? This guy has awesome project going on and it always pains me when someone tries to do some "le epic roast" and get the attention off the map. I don't care, just enjoy the map like the rest of us. I for one will just send my response in PMs. BTW did you notice this awesome building on A site?
  11. I mean it looks like from the images that the sun is too low, you can see in this image that the sun is clearly seen in the sky, but the big buildings that topple the height of the camera in that area have no clear light from that sun hitting them. It could also be that the shadows are too soft or too bright, of course. But just take a minute at this image, it doesn't really look correct.
  12. When taking single screenshots, your FPS doesn't matter. Just crank the game to full settings, getting a low fps doesn't matter because it doesn't translate to the still images. I really can't tell if you're using CS:S textures and models or high quality ones. Other than the screenshots, the map is way too bright for the skybox. The shadows in the map are brighter than the sky. Usually in real life the opposite is true. Do you have a wrong sun position as well? I can literally see the sun in the skybox in many images but no light being cast to the buildings? Also the street lamps are WAY too intensive. Use wide-angle spotlights with low-intensity lights next to them to get the look of a lamp without making nuclear explosion to every surface near them. The reason the lights look underwhelming when less powerful is because even in shadow, the whole map is already lit up. But don't get discouraged, the theme and brushwork are awesome, even in low resolution.
  13. Okay, will stop theorycrafting before you release the map.
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