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  1. I don't know about this. The map is very unique in the mindset it forces Cts into. There's no "mid" that connects A and B sites with connectors, but instead has one main route to each site and one inner route to both B and A which connect to each other. It's a weird design, very similiar to Nuke in many aspects, especially with the amount of connectors and the "double mid" design. And that makes a gameplan focused on smoke walls, communication and teamwork the most optimal one. Which makes it very difficult to review on a solo 20 minute run around the map. You really need to have a good, coordinated match on it to find the problems.
  2. People here be unironically writing about how playing Nuke, Train and Mirage do not require different mindsets because they drew triangles over the map's overview image.
  3. considering layout in context of csgo means the map's basic gameplay loop I find your comments so hilariously bad I cannot take them seriously. btw overview image shows the layout, those two things are not mutually inclusive. you can have maps with no overview image but still have layouts. Interference wasn't talking about overview images but instead the map layouts, while you're saying map overviews aren't good way to judge a map. its so hilariously bad I don't know what to say anymore.
  4. That's a harsh and very misinformed strawman. What I want you to understand is that creating two subparly reviewed and playerbased mobile games and then steering off the PC software market to a physical accessory-focused PC market is very much not what the identity of Valve used to be. That's a shift all of these areas: Business model, employees, company values, community and consumer interactions, quality assurance, platform, product line and even more. The company's identity is a different one now, and that's a fact. That change started to publicly show when Artifact released, but Artifact wasn't the reason for that change in identity. Why I like to call it silver age is because just like comic books, they have just been releasing things with poor reviews and fanbases. I can't call it a good shift when nothing after the shift has been better or comparable to anything before. There's no reason to expect anything good either. The old identity of Valve is -as I just explained- replaced by the new one.
  5. Dude they released two dead-on-arrival mobile games.
  6. With gold age of valve finally over I would really like to know if the Source 2 SDK will be any good. I mean, they literally released two mobile games that died at launch, added BR mode to CS and loopholes around France anti-gambling regulations. It's really not the company where people used to say that they know what they are doing and what their customers want. Wouldn't be suprised if Source 2 SDK would be a mobile game engine.
  7. Wait I think you're responding to the wrong person. We can take this to DMs because you seem pretty interested in this topic but to make sure you understand why I am confused here's what happened in this thread: Mapper is looking back in times when playerbase was interested in community maps and wants to get back to such times. I explain that the attitude of the mappers themselves has to focus on the playerbase for them to be interested in your work in return. You tell me that you are indeed interested in the core playerbase by propping up a 3rd party website advertised for people who get matchmaking bans from the most popular gamemode in the playerbase.
  8. People have lost interest in custom maps that got accepted to the game a long time ago as every custom map that gets accepted to the game has been a random low-level hostage map or another mirage/cache clone. If you wish people to enjoy custom maps, do not prop up custom maps that lower the overall gameplay quality/fun factor of playing custom maps: When every custom map has the same layout, bugs galore and no new gimmicks, then it's not the playerbase whose choices have created a bad enviroment for the custom maps. It's the people in the mapping community who prop up maps that aren't designed by the playerbase for the playerbase. There's no point in reminiscing about the CS:S days of mapper and player feedback loops. Those will never happen again. We're making sure of it right here.
  9. So I checked Graveyard and yep, there is still no texture on the big ship. It's basically greybox? I would love to know how that got into finalists.
  10. Well at least it wasn't another mirage clone.
  11. Something like Nuke? That would very interesting to see!
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