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  1. Splash Damage is looking for a whole bunch of Designer positions. Hit me up if you are interested in any of them! Lead Level Designer Senior Level Designer Level Designer Technical Designer Lead Narrative Designer Senior Narrative Designer Technical Narrative Designer Lead Game Designer Game Designer Senior Audio Designer Audio Designer Associate Audio Designer We actually have even more positions open in Art, Programming, Production etc. Check out all of our open positions here! http://app.jobvite.com/m?31TAtlwN
  2. Hey, most of you probably already know but for those who don't we have been running Mapcore Discord Challenges for the past two months with the next challenge for the third month just starting. Come join us on Discord (https://discord.gg/SHZHCYf) and visit the channels #challenge-chat and #challenge-submissions for details. Here is the August 2019 challenge: Challenge name: Retro Ride Description: Demake one of the three given iconic cars from the movie screen as a low poly model Restrictions: Must be a 3D model, Max 500 triangles, Max 128x128 texture limit Deadline: 2019-08-31 23:59 (GMT)
  3. Yeah, so why is this happening right now? @Seldoon182 I've read the reason is BCH's hardfork but what does that have to do with BTC? What should we casuals do in this situation? Wait it out or buy the dip?
  4. Yeah, I'd like to participate as well, so it would be great if we could find veteran industry professionals who are interested in judging this. I'm sure there is plenty who would be willing to do so.
  5. Looks great, just make sure to turn off self-shadowing and shadow casting off on the foliage, that way they won't cast weird shadows and the colors will be more vibrant.
  6. Dope stuff, we need one with the mapcore logo as well!
  7. Yeah, there was no working radar and signage pointing to the bombsites, which wasn't very great for Shawn to navigate in (Sorry!). The unique layout only amplified the confusion i feel. About the layout itself: it did not change much since the stream. I think it is good in it's own way as the players have to play it a bit differently compared to more traditional map layouts. Differently because the primary engagements are more focused outside the bombsites rather than inside. Will everyone love this map? Probably not, but I feel it is still a great map that brings something new to the table and I'm sure there will be people who enjoy it as much as I do. That being said, I gotta agree that the red brick is drawing a bit too much attention to itself
  8. I'm afraid that @General Vivi's game is VR only, which leaves us all frustrated and angry...
  9. Name: Konstantin Löffler Website: konstantinloeffler.deStory: You find yourself as a deaf protagonist in a corridor with a door in front of you. You have to try to open it.Engine: UE4Download Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1V9Cpq7NaBQPuEXESxBNGXt-tocyWiARP Screenshots: Video: Special Thanks go to Rául Sánchez Calderón for helping me implement the core functionality of this challenge.
  10. I think this is what blackdoggo means:
  11. Was thinking of "The Accountant" but that is with Ben Affleck, so maybe it is "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"?
  12. So, just hypothetically speaking, if I were to start investing in crypto now, which website would be best suited for it? Like which one is the most professional, where you can be sure to be able to get your money paid out if you want? Also, when looking at the charts for Bitcoin and Litecoin, it looks like Bitcoin is gaining a bit of traction again while litecoin is still pretty low, even though it has been following the Bitcoin chart quite closely. Can we deduce from this, that Litecoin is about to get a boost in value and now would be the right time to invest or is there a reason why it is still so low? From what I can see, Litecoin seems to be the better alternative to Bitcoin but I'm an absolute layman and I can be completely wrong so please teach me before someone makes a little mistake . @Seldoon182
  13. @Yanzl also made some adjustments to it so it packs everything necessary for your map automatically (the technology is finally here): https://github.com/gortnarj/CompilePal/releases/tag/v025
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