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  1. [CS:GO] De_Grind

    You're making a good point there! We'll change the CT model to SAS with the next update but we gotta keep the Terrorists as Phoenix since the pirates have a voice line about an island, which Namibia isn't.
  2. Let's start a petition to force @ElectroSheep to finish this map. We can't let him get away with this! >:(
  3. [CS:GO] De_Grind

    Thanks for the compliments and feedback everyone! If you guys wanna have a look at an old greybox version of this map, then feast your eyes on this: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=708575261
  4. The portfolio section´s info

    I made my portfolio completely from scratch only with html and css, which was a bit too much work to recommend to anyone. But I heard from @grapen that he managed to make his portfolio real quick with some tool and it's fully responsive. Maybe he can give some advice?
  5. WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Looks really cool Mr. Cattus! Only criticism I'd have is that this light to the right is a bit too strong, which draws too much attention for me.
  6. [WIP] de_Palace

    I just skimmed through the tutorial and I can't really recommend his method with carve and what not. So I made a tutorial with another approach without carve. You can watch it here:
  7. New LEGO Millennium Falcon

    I love the fact that they try to sell it as a two-in-one build, where they just swap out a sensor dish and remove two small details. I mean, that's just an incredible selling point, right?
  8. Rebellion - Multiple roles available!

    Here the link for the lazy: http://www.rebellion.com/jobs
  9. Here is the plot synopsis of HL3 if you wanna read it: https://pastebin.com/uYecqiuu
  10. Konstantin Löffler - Level Designer

    Thanks for your feedback guys,it's much appreciated! I'll work on my wording and extend my descriptions by a bit. And yeah, I tried to make the website more responsive for mobile devices but it was just too much of a hassle
  11. Hey, I have been working on and off on a portfolio for the past weeks. Now I think I got something to show off and maybe gather some feedback on what I can improve. http://konstantinloeffler.de/ Thanks!
  12. Overwatch

    I really like playing CTF but every now and then there are these huge pricks, who don't escort the winning flag and just keep taunting the enemy team. This really ruins the game mode. I would love to see a solution to that. Like, for example, when the game goes into overtime just make it limited to a minute to at least stop these pricks extending the game indefinitely...
  13. de_scepter

    Ran around the map, its pretty fun and good looking, good job! A little bit of snarky feedback: http://imgur.com/a/dcJvs
  14. de_scepter

    Oh boy it's the old fiasco all over again, and here I was hoping it would never happen again. Edit: Anyway, great looking map! Congratulations on the release!
  15. [CS:GO] DE_Stream (WIP)

    Cheers! I uploaded the first timelapse on YouTube if you wanna see how it started out.