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  1. Yeah i agree on that it has a real digital look to it, makes it look a bit more like a tvshow than a movie. I also really want it to be good, but this trailer doesnt give me alot of confidence.
  2. I'm honestly fairly unhappy with this choice of music for the trailer, its a great song but its way on the nose and honestly feels like Zack Snyder picked the music (he has used it himself before). The Matrix had a great original soundtrack that was very influential back in the day and it would have been great to hear the "updated" version of that for 2021 but instead we get this very old and well known track.
  3. spa

    wow thanks mapcore

    Is there a badge for that though?
  4. My bad, I should have more clearly directed my comments, it wasn't meant as a critique of the link itself, but rather to some of the conclusions drawn by @Mitch Mitchell edit: Ive edited my original post to quote the correct post.
  5. Hah yeah something like that. Its pretty weaselly tactics but hey, getting sued in the US for petty stuff like that is no joke.
  6. First of all this is corporate boards and not "average workers" we are talking about. Having a more diverse leadership structure could perhaps have helped in remedying some of the negative experiences being reported throughout this industry. Secondly it doesn't sound like anyone's getting "fired" and replaced. From the article: " In large part, companies appear to be complying with the law either by filling an empty seat with a woman or by adding a seat and giving it to a woman." I'm not a huge fan of quotas like this in general, but I recognize that it can be necessary, maybe only temporarily, to grow a more healthy and balanced culture. I believe this is a legal maneuver to not get sued when making frivolous references like that, but I could be mistaken.
  7. Didn't know if I should necro my old thread for this one, but I have made some updates since it was part of the faceit hub rotation. Still throwing in some visual updates here and there. More screens at the workshop thread
  8. What i think you might want to consider in your early layout is where the first contact points are between the two sides. Atm it seems like T's can just get easily into the basement without that being contested by the CT's. It can be a trap to just look at what each side can do individually, and the real question is how they interact with one another. Also that winding staircase could be a bit of a problem. As far as i can read it needs to connect all the way from heaven the ground floor and into the basement? I would try and break that up and either use a traditional staircase or a ladder (source is infamously bad for winding stairs). And ofc what is the theme? A strong sense of identity can go a long way for map, esp consider what the bombsites "are" and why someone would want to blow them up. Good luck with the map!
  9. So with regards to static geometry it eliminates , lowpoly modelling, unwrapping, lods, baking, normalmaps, vertexnormals + more?. Alot to take in honestly. Is there gonna be a split now between Static- and Dynamic environment artists?
  10. If you haven't already it would be a good idea to playtest this before moving to the next phase. Good luck!
  11. Not the top4 I expected, except the winner ofc! Congrats!
  12. Just want to say that early on in the competition this was one of my favs. Extremely nice greybox with lots of great concepts. Really loved the "invading terrace" when, I think, spawning at T going left to B site. However im very surprised at the grungy execution your going with, I would expect a more sharp "mirrors edge" clean style for this one, as i think that would have suited it well.
  13. Congratz to the top 10's the effort was truly spectacular for this competition.
  14. The concept is that they were experimenting with creating super soldiers.
  15. Artdump of selected assets from the level: High polys (used to bake meshmaps for substance painter) Lowpolys Substance Designer textures
  16. Made an update with slightly brighter textures, fog tweak and cheaper skybox water to avoid reflection bugs. Since I have water in multiple levels that seemed to be an issue. Workshop Version Still a ton of stuff i would have liked to improve throughout, but this is what i could manage solo almost only in weekends. Good luck to everyone in the competition!
  17. Final release: Workshop Version
  18. Update: Workshop Version Some progress here, but still far from finished. Im trying to balance assets building and actual mapping in hammer. Here's what a-site looks like so far: There's still a ton of stuff i want to improve here (like making the ramp into a staircase!) but other parts of the map needs attention. Atm im looking at making the actual ramparts into props for better geometry detail and mapping. However turning BSP into props has it drawbacks (as ive learned the hard way) Its extremely limiting what i can do in terms of decals/transitions with regards to damage/rust etc, but some of the shapes are just too complicated to make with bsp. I wish i could spend all the remaining time just noodling around with materials and textures! Edit: seems like theres an error in the uploaded bsp for a single prop. I will update asap. Edit: Fixed! (also added another custom WIP rampart section)
  19. Update on progress on the T spawn area: the entrance to the fortress:
  20. One of the best concepts Ive seen. Its all down to execution from here. Would be really cool if the background could scroll by slowly but probably not in this engine
  21. Update: Workshop Version Had another playtest and got another round of great feedback from the Source Engine Discord Server. There were some issues that Ive tried to fix but also some polish since last - finally got my skeleton soldier in with his Arisaka rifle! The container he is in still needs a bake/texture pass. The main thing i was struggling with was to give the CTs more agency on the A bomb site as well as post plant options. I even tried to add a long path behind the site, but it hurt rotations too much and was probably also a bit too OP so i ended with a comprise "shed" at the back of site, which can also be scaled with a skill jump up to heaven from the opposite side. Also fixed a broken boost and a really nasty sight line break from T into the B site boost which took a little remodeling. I brightened alot of the textures which i think really helped on both the visibility but also just the general look. Im pretty happy with the layout atm but please let me know if anything seems out of order!
  22. Been working on a old anti-tank cannon prop for my bunker fortress (de_rampart)
  23. Major update: Workshop Version I consider this the alpha version of the map, with most surfaces textured (a few props withstanding), albeit at an early stage. Alot of the geometry still needs refinement but represents the overall ideas. Any feedback is valuable at this stage, and I'll submit for another play test soon. Thanks!
  24. As long as there's intention behind it I dont think you should change your vision! I'm sure there's other ways to add visual appeal. Good luck with it.
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