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  1. Well, the villa is placed on Mount Maunganui, with best beach of the world. Never seen a place like that. The villa is the Palevsky House, Palm Springs. So far it works fine, cause A is underground. Will release a playable version soon.
  2. I like it, a lot of work has gone into this one
  3. I is allready a skydome made with blender. The dome covers the skybox and not the playable area and consits of two parts. The upper part has a material with "$translucent" "1" on it, so the sun sprite is still visible. The lower part has a material with "$alphatest" "1. This avoids z-fighting with the reflecting water-square of the skybox which is a fake water (refract shader). U may ask, what the heck, a skydome should cover the playable area. True. But with my solution I can let a plane fly in the skybox that disapears in the clouds. Thats cool. Your 2nd remark: I have carefully planed the layout on paper, over and over again. At one greybox-point I have started to texture it. Was it a good idea? It pushes my creativity to a higher level and now the layout is done. Risk: High. Cause if playtesting now shows weaknesses a lot of more work has to be done.
  4. Nope, this car is far above my modeling abilities. And here is the layout. What you cant see are the routes inside the building (red/green dots) and the basement, which also has full routes to reach A (and also B), marked with Pink dots. Vertical levels in this map are: basement, buildung/ground and roof.
  5. Iike the setting as shown in the reference picture
  6. I like the design and the textures. Go on with this one!
  7. The reference image - and what i have made from it. Tweaked a long time to make the pool look as natural as possible. It has reflections (map, sun and 3d skybox) but you can also see through the water (caustics on the tiles:-). Most water shaders dont allow you to see the ground in the distance, thats ok for an ocean or a river. But a pool has to be crystal clear and that was tricky.
  8. I like the style, looks cool.
  9. Maybe you will find a cool night-skybox here: https://gamebanana.com/textures/cats/1896
  10. Can you seal bombsite A with the buttons, once the bomb has been planted? Might be a very tactical element
  11. Raid looks fantastic and concrete is always a good material to start with
  12. cant await to playtest it, looks overwelming.
  13. Great job so far, extremly cool model, nice desert tex and moody sky. How does the carrier effect fps? I also like the layout, but I am not sure, if B long is a little bit too long. Please go on, this might by a winner map.
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