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  1. Wasnt it promised for all participants to see their score? So sad, that this feetback is not given for the hard work of everyone.
  2. Congrats to the winners. I might remember it wrong, but wasnt it promised for all participants to see their score. I am interested in mine
  3. Wow, impressing work. Small feedback: You can fall from the cliffs, still not clipped, but U might already know that
  4. Played it a few times now with bots, my favorite along with swamp from the visual/style-aspect. An eyecatcher, congrats.
  5. On the other hand: Original Places look like your map
  6. A fine piece of work, imho it suffers a little bit from beeing a "one-color-map". But thats good for visibility
  7. Played it and like it. But it might have worked better without being an abandoned park. Could have been more atmospheric as a lost temple area with a magic sky inside. But nevertheless I see a great work done with a lot of love and knowledge.
  8. Only one picture shows how much work an creativity has gone into this one. Love it.
  9. looks great, like the lightning and athmosphere
  10. like the textures, the props, like everything. Cant await to play it
  11. Was a nice playtest, like the coke points.
  12. Seems that there are some bugs inside (missing props and textures), just download it from the playtest submission sheet, maybe your able to fix it before the playtest https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1849852026
  13. Thanks a lot, many cool Ideas and stuff to think about. Will aks for a playtest at discord
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