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  1. Some well deserved finalists. I'm amazed looking at what's been produced in the last few months. Well done to everyone who made it through. As has been said already - it would be nice to hear the judges feedback and scoring at least on our own entries. I also wouldn't mind if the scoring was publicly or privately given.
  2. I really love the fact that you've had the guts to try out something totally new with the Swampy water. We've never really seen environmental hazards in CS:GO before - at least not in a competitive map. I really look forward to seeing how it plays out in a 5v5 setting.
  3. Beautiful map. Nice to see a fresh take on the urban environment.
  4. Probably my final update before the contest deadline. I would have liked to have updated the visuals around T/CT Spawn and spruce up the bombsite art but alas - time is a fleeting thing. Radar names have been added. Clipping has been improved (though I've probably missed a few spots). Some minor visual improvements Some minor optimisation improvements
  5. Well, this is a pleasant surprise! An abandoned pool is such a great idea. Your colour palette really adds to that grim and dirty theme. Well done!
  6. Absolutely stunning. Looking forward to seeing this one in-game.
  7. A new update has been published to the workshop. Soundscapes have been added. Visibility improvements have been made The optimisation has been improved. With the deadline looming, I'm not sure what else I'll have time to do. I'm hoping to update the art around T/CT spawn as well as Bombsite B; improve the clipping across the map, and add radar location names to the nav-mesh.
  8. The map's looking really clean and easy to read, yet so colourful and unique at the same time!
  9. The visuals are great. It's a joy to run around the map! It's a minor thing but the Terrorist bots have no idea how to navigate the map. They seem to get stuck in T-spawn.
  10. Such a great looking theme. I'm surprised we haven't seen something set in a swamp before. It looks simple and effective. How does the water around T-Spawn work? From the radar, I'm guessing we can walk through it.
  11. A small, "classic-style" defuse map with a simple, traditional layout. Set in a lost Central American city, Abandoned sees the Leet Crew attempting the destroy any evidence of their presence in a last-ditch effort before the Coalition Taskforce can apprehend them. Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1972734041 Radar Screenshots
  12. WAve

    What I'm Working On

    Really beautiful visuals, absolutely stunning. I really dig the spy-tech, Bond-esque feel you've gone for.
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