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  1. This looks really great, I love the concept, but I think the requirements to enter the contest was to have a working link to your steam workshop page of "de_Neon"
  2. So I'm basically finished (for the most part) with the map after too many hours of sitting here... too many.... But at least it's done! Here are the level overview images and I will have in-game screenshots and a workshop page with the finished version in a few hours
  3. Here is the early map layout concept as a sneak peek for what's to come. I've never posted on mapcore before so I wasn't prepared to log the changes as they came, so I'm just going to release the whole thing within the next few days. I'm mostly posting this to ensure my entry isn't ignored, as it looks as if I've abandoned it... But I assure you all, this is not the case. This first image is the initial draft A bit more elaborated with some ideas as to what the ceilings will be... Here is what I settled on, and should give a decent enough idea on what to expect from De_Greendome And finally, some low-quality "cinematic envisioning" of the bottom right portion of the map
  4. Hey guys! This is my entry for the unique mapping contest. I will have some screenshots and a workshop page in the near future! --------------------- EDIT: With barely an hour before the cutoff point I'm proud to announce that DE_GREENDOME is now fully functional and works as intended (with the exception of one bug, a painting in the flower shop room that glows bright white. Sorry to the testers but I've run out of time and can no longer do a full compile, hopefully it's not too obnoxious.) Note- as of Feb 4th bugs have been fixed:) ~DOWNLOAD HERE!~ Big thank you to TopHATTWaffle for all his tutorials that helped me make this deadline and his lovely waterfall & invisible water textures
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