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  1. [HP]

    PlayStation 5 Reveal

    https://amp.businessinsider.com/should-i-wait-for-playstation-5-2019-4 This article makes a good point in regards to PS5 price, I bet that thing will cost at least $450 but wouldn't surprised me if it ended up costing $500. And it could very well only come out in late 2020, it's either March or November. We'll see, I just hope sony doesn't pull a "ps3" all over again. Anyway, a used ps4 is like 100 bucks on ebay. Couldn't you play re2 on pc? Or it's too demanding for your rig?
  2. [HP]

    Now playing - 2018

    How dare you. -_-
  3. [HP]

    PlayStation 5 Reveal

    Mmm, the ps4 came out in 2013, exactly 5 years ago. My launch day PS4 still works great since day one. (I gifted it to my brother, and got myself a PS4-pro to Play RDR2 in superpample mode). Anyway, that's half a decade with literally daily use, if anything for YouTube, Netflix or spotify, and when I say daily I mean around the clock, my wife is home a lot specially these last 2 years and that fucking thing was always working. Even the original controllers still work, although I ended up getting two red controllers cos I'm a fancy fuck. Not a bad deal for 350 bucks every 5 years, which is more or less the price of a decent graphics cars which you also upgrade every 5 years on avg as well anyway, right?
  4. [HP]


    Exactly, it's relatively away from the gameplay area.
  5. [HP]

    PlayStation 5 Reveal

    It seems to me that PS5 will be more like PS4.5. Meaning, it will still be able to run PS4 games, but PS4's wont be able to run PS5 games. So, they're trying to find a good middle ground to respect their ecosystem. You can get a PS4 (non-pro model) for dirt cheap nowadays, deffo worth to play the games you mentioned, and other badass PS4 exclusives like U4, Bloodborne, Sekiro, Horizon, Days Gone, etc.
  6. [HP]


    Ok, I'll bite. In the first image from the castle map, you would put collapsed rubble and an unreachable path. But that path exists for two reasons, it's there to give you a side route / flank route in case you're being spawn camped and it also serves to show you a little bit of the backdrop. OW maps are very small, so any opportunity to show a backdrop is a golden opportunity because it makes the environment look bigger than it is, it makes it look expansive and vistas are usually a lot better to look at than a pile of rubble. Second image, again I think looking down a beautiful vista of a techy city is a lot more interesting than starring at a toll booth or whatever blocker you decide to use like cars, etc. Furthermore, to do what you're pitching it would require to make an invisible collision, which we want to minimize as much as possible. You're all about realism, don't you think a invisible collision is unrealistic? Third image, adding a side path to the right with rocks covering the way. It's unpractical to add a fork on the road and then turn it into a dead-end. The good thing about doing a continuous road is that it serves as a line for players to follow, you always know that the road leads to where you wanna go, therefor it helps leading players so they don't get lost. If you start adding random roads that lead nowhere, the readability of the map suffers, it starts looking busy and players don't know where to go. And again, looking at a expansive big canyon vista is WAY more interesting than a few rocks blocking a dead end road which would make the map look claustrophobic.
  7. [HP]


    ahah, shit man, your tone's a bit a harsh, but hey I get it, those are good points. Basically, the answer to a lot of those points actually boils down to one word, authenticity. Not to be confused with realism or accuracy, those are usually boring, if you want realism you go outside. Think about it, If we went for realism, Hollywood map would have been WAY different, if you ever visited Hollywood Blvd you'd know what I mean, we would have people dressed in shitty batman suits just standing on the sidewalks and you'd have shit everywhere. Instead, the map was built through the idealized lens of what Hollywood is, pretend you're a innocent child, close your eyes and try and idealize what Hollywood is, you'll see a beautiful sunny day, with green palm-trees, red carpet, hotels with art deco architecture, filming sets brimming with life and color. That's the kind of art we want to make and put out into the world. Let's think Route 66, you close your eyes and imagine Wild West Canyons, old gas stations, old tarmack, bikers, hot sun. This becomes even more interesting when you add extra layers of interest, a hideout cave for a gang hiding in the canyons. Subthemes within a main theme that mixes with each other to create a idealized fantasy. As for the architectural style of the different maps, indeed as time passes in big cities you start to have predominately generic and futuristic looking buildings that might look good on each own but have no soul whatsoever. The counter argument for that, specially from an artist standpoint, is that cities are actually creating legislation and laws to retain the style of the exterior facades. I was born and raised in Porto, there's very specific laws that you cannot change the facade of a building, and if you want retouch or fix portions of it, you need a city permit to do it, these legislation exist to respect and retain the heritage of the architectural style of the place, which is way better than seeing glass/modern buildings everywhere. The Overwatch world's goal is to be authentically abstract and ideational, it makes people dream and it shows an aspirational world, you get my point, the theme is king and it needs to find a certain harmony with all of the pieces at play, and there's a lot of them, sometimes some of the believability needs to be consciously sacrificed so to let more important elements shine!
  8. [HP]


    New map is out boyz and gurlz
  9. https://www.wired.com/story/exclusive-sony-next-gen-console/
  10. Played for about an hour, it's really smooth. Doesn't feel as polished as I remenber l4d2 to feel, but it certainly is a badass coop game. Looks surprisingly good, art is really sharp and well authored.
  11. [HP]

    Wolfenstein Young Blood

    The new Order was awesome... Old Blood was short but absolutely amazing! And then... I don't know what happened with The New Colossus, story and graphics are good but man the gameplay and level design leaves so much to be desired I couldn't force myself to finish it, and I'm a pretty big fan of this franchise. Leaving me very skeptical about Young Blood, I'll wait for the reviews to come out.
  12. [HP]


    If you can, pick this up now! FromSoftware is one of the few studios out there making video games with no bullshit smeared all over it, it's worth supporting this kind of creations man!
  13. Picked this up today, looks great! I'll take it for a spin tomorrow, anyone here tried it?
  14. [HP]


    I've never played any Souls games (although I've played Bloodborne for a few hours) and I'm enjoying Sekiro a lot!
  15. [HP]

    What's going on with your life?

    You joining cooper & norman dude?