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  1. You're leaving because there's people who think differently than you? I don't even know what to say to that man. You do whatever you want, but I just ask you to ponder on the dangers of the mental attitude of blocking other's views entirely. Why should it be so hard to just agree to disagree?
  2. Games should tottaly support it and vice versa. It's really striking to see HDR in 4k, when the price goes down a bit and more games support it I see a world where it just becomes standard.
  3. No. Not falling for this trap again, my backlog is big enough as it is. lol
  4. http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/300314/Environment_art_isnt_about_making_pretty_thingsso_whats_it_about.php
  5. This is a really annoying hot button topic, way more than I realized. Video games are an art form, and whenever politics or even political agendas start to creep in an art form, it just feels really fucking weird to me. From one side, you have people saying we have the responsibility to live up to our standards in storytelling and embrace equality and all of that jazz, the other side tries to protect freedom of expression and call out the other side's bullshit. I see validity in both sides arguments, what I don't agree is the way both sides have been fighting this war for a while now. You're not gonna fix the worlds problems by saying we need to make it impossible to kill hookers in video games and by blocking people commenting on your views, but you're also not going to fix the world by making death threads and calling people "cunts". For fuck sakes people, we need to be able to have a fucking dialog without finger pointing, and at the very least try to listen to each other and trust that at the end of the day logic and rational thinking can come out on top.
  6. We know it's just pixel count, people look at it like cutting edge tech. It's like megapixels and cameras, we, again know it's just the pixel count on the photos it takes, people see it as taking better photos but in reality it's the quality of the sensor that really matter but it's almost impossible to attribute that to a buzzword, so... yeah. I actually was hoping to see a bigger push for HDR, I was really impressed with some demos I've seen.
  7. This, plus I usually opted for gigs who could help my long term goals. Turned out it was the best thing I could have done, career wise.
  8. Is that a boat model?
  9. Damn those, wtf, those are amazing. Yo Sock, Why u no post your stuff in here man~~
  10. Yep. I think he's been with crytek since far cry days. Great guy.
  11. By now, the match maker is fairly decent at putting you with people of your skill. This shouldn't be an issue at all for you, even when starting out, there's a gigantic pool of people playing. Plus, not that it matters, but there's actually still loads of new players starting.