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  1. lol, dude, I've seen Hans Zimmer live last weekend and they played this song, sang by the guy who originally sang the lyrics for this. Epicness ensued.
  2. Yeap, to the point where I think it might actually be done on purpose. Juxtaposition in pacing is a thing if done well, when something goes from high octane to chill it's a good feeling. (Think village in Uncharted 2 after the train level) but it's really hard to pull off, specially if you do it repeatedly like Doom 4 does.
  3. Probably the most excited I'll be about a video game till this years end!!
  4. Nah, I kind of agree, @blackdog try a electronic vape maybe, they're pretty good. As for edibles, indeed it's really easy to fuck up the amount by either not eating enough or eating too much and forgetting which planet you're on. That said, nowadays edibles are fairly nicely labeled, start with 20mg and no more than that, for now anyway. Also, for edibles give it a good hour, they take a while to hit.
  5. Careful with playing on easy tho, you might miss the point of having to use the chainsaw to get health and use melee takedowns to get ammo. Those two elements are the foundation the game lives on, because even though there's items scattered around the world to regain both those things, using chainsaw/takedowns is the way to go when you're in the middle of a firefight. Fuck this game is so good, you guys are making me wanna play this again! I might try and play it with my steam controller this time around, so I can enjoy it on my couch with 5.1 surround sound, dat soundtrack bro!
  6. Deathmatch in OW is a thing now, plus new DM map! (PTR only for now)
  7. Wait, avatar was released in '09? Where in the fuck does time go.
  8. Let's see... Do I want more dishonored?
  9. This is out now, 29 bucks on steam too! Really love what they did here, very story focused and made by a tiny team.
  10. If we get bombed, dux gets to keep my linkin park collection.
  11. Seems like Uplink remade in HL2. http://www.moddb.com/mods/black-mesa-uplink/news/black-mesa-uplink-redux-media-update
  12. Very interesting post, you mention some very valid points I tend to agree. I never witnessed war, of course, but I've grew up with my grandfathers stories and I'm more or less familiar of the realities of battle and the comradery you tend to see in a foxhole. That said, I think an argument can be said that a movie like Dunkirk is more entertaining than any documentary, or museum or even the video you posted above. You need to remember that Dunkirk is a entertainment piece and a packaged product with a historical twist crafted for the masses to enjoy. And I for one, am actually glad there's people out there that can grab such a fucked up topic, a big budget, and mold it into something the populace can sit down for a couple hours and enjoy, so it might linger in their heads for hours, days or years, that's the power of art.
  13. Really love your colorful lighting man, great stuff.