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  1. EA just killed Visceral

    EA is still regarded as one of the best gaming stock to buy, they make butloads of money specially with their sports division.
  2. EA just killed Visceral

    There's no way on earth this will happen, they crunch way too much, she's past that for sure. As for that PCGamer article, I think all gamers should read it, it raises some very very very important topics about the state of the industry, budgeting, and the cut that devs and publishers make with the different platforms. It's a shame things are the way they are, fragmentation might actually be the answer here, because steam having the monopoly might not exactly be a good thing for anyone. Dead Space 2 was released a while ago tho, 2010-2011 were the years the industry was trying to grow exponentially by using the wrong techniques, like bloated marketing campaigns and we witnessed the "Call of dutyfication" of many franchises, that's why Dead Space 3 is such a mess too. We do live in different times now, after loosing their north star, publishers are a little bit more self aware now, even console makers, that's how back in 2014 Playstation won the battle VS other competitors with their "video games first" mentality, and we seem to now be in a industry that primarily follows that mantra now, generally speaking of course. Don't get me wrong, the suits are still the cancer of this industry, but I have faith that we as an industry, be it indie or AAA have the responsibility of trusting that profit and success will follow if you have a quality product, so focus on that first and chill the bullshit micro-transactions or any other transparent money grabbing techniques.Tthe famous quote "Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.", came to my mind right now,
  3. Blade Runner 2049

    There's 3 versions, the original theatrical version (stay the fuck away from it), directors cut and final cut. Indeed the Final cut is the best one, although I don't like they tinted the movie with a weird green color, it lost the purple shading the two cuts before had, which is a shame.
  4. https://www.ea.com/news/an-update-on-the-visceral-star-wars-project Fuck...
  5. Hunt: Showdown

    This looks legit, glad to see Crytek getting into the game again. Correct me if I'm wrong but I get PUBG with monsters / horror vibe, it can work!
  6. Blade Runner 2049

    I love how this movie is #1 Box Office and it's still considered a box office flopp. Edit: Apparently it's doing really well internationally tho, which is good.
  7. Blade Runner 2049

    I've been avoiding any media in regards to this movie until i saw it today. I just realized there's 3 shorts for it out, but watching it after was interesting too, allowed me to fill a few gaps, such as who's the blind guy for instance. I went in with zero expectations, I've been so disapointed with hollywood lately, with these trends of remakes and sequels, I went in borderline cynical about it. It didn't help that just before the movie they played a trailer for the DC "avengers" and another pacific rim?? From the first frame and the first strings of music of Blade Runner 2049 my eye lids just opened wide, this is one visually amazing and striking movie, so many hidden meanings in the dialog, in the set pieces, in how they light the shots, in the emotion of the music, it's a pretty masterful movie in nearly every regarded for me, apart from minor things. I didn't feel Blade Runner needed a sequel at all, quite the contrary, but you know what, I felt that every person that worked on this film had a huge respect for the original movie, i really felt they worked on this and knew they had to honor the artists that came before them, and it shows. I'm considering going to imax to watch it again if i find the time, some of the scenes here need to be experienced in a huge screen and with a killer sound system. My inner nerd is pretty damn satisfied tonight. Also, I know what I'll be listening during the week: https://open.spotify.com/album/5kSUsy5FU3Wcxd4DBvXFm4
  8. Cuphead

    ahah, yes! Minus the trolling level design. xD
  9. Fortnite (new game by Epic Games)

    Nope, I do realize this is a basically a copy of PUBG's game mode. Never played it tho, it sounds like one of those games that would absorbe my life for months, I know my addictive personality. lol The fact that you just run around a map for 90% of the game puts me off a bit, even tho I know that's part of the appeal, when you die or when you get a kill it feels pretty significant in these games.
  10. Fortnite (new game by Epic Games)

    Tried that battle royal mode everyone's talking about, had to give it a go, this shit will turn into the next phenomenon for sure. Really like it, after a few matches with a friend, we managed to get first. Knowing you won vs 99 other people is a pretty damn satisfying feeling, lol The shooting feels a bit off, the weapons lack some feedback and swinging the pick-axe around feels very wavy, kinda hard to explain. I hope they keep working on it, I'd love to see vehicles get implemented. Will deffo play it again. Oh and as for the epic launcher, it's actually not that bad, i surprisingly don't find it much of a inconvenience, but it's also possibly because i already had it installed for UE4. But it is snappy and fast to load and it opens with your last game launched in its homepage so after first boot it becomes essentially invisible.