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  1. Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

    Man, this game surely picks up after the first couple hours. Glad I powered though that mediocre intro!
  2. Expresso Exporter

    For my personal work, I seriously can't imagine my life without this script anymore, it's SO handy man, it's actually the reason I haven't updated to 2017 yet. I managed to get it installed on my PS 2015, someone recompiled the script and put it up for download on polycount. I think I might still have the installer on my PC, I'll let you know.
  3. Max Payne... 16 Years Later

    Deffo play MP1 and 2, they're still very relevant games, still timeless noir stories and it still plays great.
  4. Max Payne... 16 Years Later

    You have to fix that ASAP.
  5. Now playing - 2017

    What game's that again?
  6. Sr Environment Artist - Overwatch

    Bump! We're still looking for talented environment artists!
  7. Horizon Zero Dawn

    This is a topic that's pretty near and dear to my heart in the sense that I've been trying to fight this battle ever since I work in the industry; we as game artists have a bunch of tools at the tips of our fingers, but we constantly either use them the "wrong" way or we simply overuse them just because they're there and they have a cost on GPU so might as well crank it up to 11 and make the juice worth the squeeze... This is obviously a highly subjective topic, what looks good to my eyes might not look good to another persons, but there is commonalities in what can be considered pretty and readable and overuse of ""HDR Look"" definitely doesn't fall on that spectrum to me. Getting into the ins an outs of photography and what the dynamic range of a lens ACTUALLY is in real life, really helped getting a better grasp of understanding on how we fake all that with video games, LUTs and other post processing tools, and one of the most invaluable tools we as artists can use is the histogram, usually that graphic will tell you if you have a very busy/noisy/contrasty picture, or simply if it's too dark/bright, every env artist and lighting artist should know how to use it and try and implement it into their art, it'll pay off. But to answer your original question, I did feel this game is quite definitely overly contrasty and it has a certain busy read to it, I actually almost feel that it could have been a push from Sony so they could sell more HDR/4K TV's, because in the final picture if your pixels go from bright to dark often and faster, for the more "layman" eye it's usually perceived as more detailed and that actually explains why so many games look so noisy, they want to make the final picture look more detailed and tbh the faster we get out of that mindset the better. This is the new trend the industry is currently going through and we will look back at it with a certain disgust in the future, just as we now look at the desaturated "next gen" look from the early previous generation. Do what's best for your art direction vision and for your game and leave the preconceived notions of detail out of the door, and as a basic guideline contrast is usually very unappealing to the eye, use other tools like color balance and composition instead.
  8. Horizon Zero Dawn

    Yeah, I'm currently playing through Mario and Wolfenstein 2! Both absolutely fantastic video games! To stay on topic tho, look at this!!!
  9. Horizon Zero Dawn

    I've still to finish the main quest of the main game, I'm probably around 70% in, so many good games around man!
  10. Overwatch

    I know there was a lot of interest in seeing the early stages of the game, and the reason we didn't share much of our old levels during the #blocktober was because we were saving it for this, check it out:
  11. The Last of Us Part 2

    I liked how it looks, the animation, render, and overall quality of it all is very striking. I have no idea what I'm looking at tho, and it kinda bugs me. Who the hell are these women? Is that older ellie? If their goal was to make you ask more questions, then great sucess, they deffo do, but it's seriously lacking context, for you as a viewer, regardless on whether or not you played tlou1 there's not a single conecting tissue to anything else you've seen before on this franchise, other than the infected that apear for a glimpse of a second at the end there. If they had a bit more context people wouldn't be bitching about the exagerated violence either.
  12. The Last Night

    That was awesome! I hope IGN does more stuff like this actually.
  13. EA just killed Visceral

    EA is still regarded as one of the best gaming stock to buy, they make butloads of money specially with their sports division.
  14. EA just killed Visceral

    There's no way on earth this will happen, they crunch way too much, she's past that for sure. As for that PCGamer article, I think all gamers should read it, it raises some very very very important topics about the state of the industry, budgeting, and the cut that devs and publishers make with the different platforms. It's a shame things are the way they are, fragmentation might actually be the answer here, because steam having the monopoly might not exactly be a good thing for anyone. Dead Space 2 was released a while ago tho, 2010-2011 were the years the industry was trying to grow exponentially by using the wrong techniques, like bloated marketing campaigns and we witnessed the "Call of dutyfication" of many franchises, that's why Dead Space 3 is such a mess too. We do live in different times now, after loosing their north star, publishers are a little bit more self aware now, even console makers, that's how back in 2014 Playstation won the battle VS other competitors with their "video games first" mentality, and we seem to now be in a industry that primarily follows that mantra now, generally speaking of course. Don't get me wrong, the suits are still the cancer of this industry, but I have faith that we as an industry, be it indie or AAA have the responsibility of trusting that profit and success will follow if you have a quality product, so focus on that first and chill the bullshit micro-transactions or any other transparent money grabbing techniques.Tthe famous quote "Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.", came to my mind right now,