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  1. [HP]

    Apex Legends

    Played 3 matches earlier today. I love the movement, which is not surprising since it's running on Titanfall 2 engine. Shooting feels snappy and smooth. Learning curve is a bit steep, there's a lot of clutter in the HUD and I don't know what ammo goes in what weapon, or what scope goes where half of the time. I guess it's the sort of thing you learn as you play. Very solid and polished shooter, I can see why it's doing so well. Not of a fan of the grainy and razor sharp look of the game, there's a lot of aliasing everywhere and the enemies sometimes blend a little too much with the environment. (Which is a critique I remebnber having for both Titanfall games too)
  2. [HP]

    totally random texture thread

    Nice stuff Stepp! Here's some mats I'm doing for Europa.
  3. [HP]

    John Wick

  4. [HP]

    Metro: Exodus

    Games industry drama man...
  5. [HP]

    Kingdom Hearts 3

    I'll wait till price drops a bit and grab it for 30 bucks or so. I've invested too much time with gaming these last couple months already.
  6. Is anyone around these parts playing this? I see a lot of chatter about it. I've never played any of the previous games, so I'm curious and at the same time very confused at what this game is supposed to be, but damn I gotta admit they really made it look interesting. It's like a salad of all Disney IPs, lol.
  7. [HP]

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    Btw, free story DLC coming
  8. [HP]

    The Outer Worlds (Obsidian)

    Looks dope, I can live with the negative aspects of it as long as the dialog and story are rock solid. Make it more like Fallout 1, and you're gold!
  9. [HP]

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    @ElectroSheep do the DLC's when you're done with the game, they're pretty good! As for RE2, I beat Leon's campaign on normal difficulty, took me around 10 hours. It's as close to perfection as a video game can get for me, great sound, art, gameplay, level design and survial horror aspects. It's like a cocktail of awesome! I'll wait a few days, and play Claire Campaign on hard, can't wait to see how the game differs!
  10. [HP]

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    Loving it too. Even though I know the story already, they throw some stuff in there to keep it interesting. The level design, backtracking and puzzle solving is so damn fun man.
  11. [HP]

    Ion Maiden

  12. [HP]

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    It's out today, can't wait to play it! So hyped!
  13. [HP]

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Looks awesome @PogoP Go ahead and create your own thread man, keeps things organized.