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  1. Watched it tonight, awesome to go out to watch a movie with the wife and friends, an experience that becomes really rare once you have kids. It's definitely a very enthralling psychological thriller. I found it very refreshing. Great to see some originality for once, the "anti-hero" genre isn't new per se, but the way the character development is written and you see this guy going from a looser to a nihilistic psycho is really well done. It's not for everyone, for sure, it goes into places few dare venture, for good reasons, and I applaud it for trying. I can now understand why it got some hate from certain reviewers, because whether you want it or not, you'll find yourself empathizing and feeling pity for a "monster", because it shows you how he got there, he was made not born, and that's a real uncomfortable thought for many, for sure.
  2. You guys are doing this shit all wrong, here's what my feed looks like
  3. I mean, damn, I personally can't wait to blow up another hospital, like I did after watching the dark knight, amirite guys.
  4. Really good video here guys, we play games since we're toddlers, and some of us are making games for decades now, so some of this stuff is a really good reminder that the balance of hand holding and exploration is key even at it's fundamentals.
  5. Good to see some color pops in cs go, they even help player leading. Good stuff man.
  6. Definitely playing this on hard and removing that white aura through the walls. At least the first game becomes so much better without that aid on.
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