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  1. [HP]

    One Piece World Seeker

    Holy shit, that's some really good character animation work!
  2. [HP]

    Battlefield V

    Because the art itself is really high quality, gameplay seems really fun too, but this shoehorned caffeinated presentation is really off-putting, for me anyway! I'm sure this will sell like hot cakes, ahah.
  3. [HP]

    Battlefield V

    I'm probably just getting old but that trailer is way too high octane for me, I couldn't watch the whole thing. This franchise is really not for me, lol.
  4. [HP]

    Mapcore Job Census

    Interesting, what's your long term goals now man? Also, congrats!
  5. [HP]

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    R* doesn't give a fuck man, they don't even attend e3.
  6. [HP]

    Doom Eternal

    Doom 3 is an absolutely amazing game, if you were to ask me my top5 favourit games ever, it would probably end up on that list. I was able to appreciate it for what it was, a different kind of game from Doom I/II. It got hate for being different, and I loved it for having the balls to actually be different. (Also... some of the best textures in any game, ever!) Same reason I was able to enjoy Doom 2016 a lot, it's a reboot of the franchise, just like Doom 3, so I was able to appreciate it for what it tried to do, rather than bring my emotional and nostalgia baggage into it and ruin the experience. I like the name Doom Eternal btw, I like they didn't call it Doom 2. Even Doom 3 should have been called something else, specially since it's so different from the two that preceded it, when you have a number in front of a sequel, it brings a certain list of expectations, that can be a hindrance. And now that I think about it, Doom 2016 is kind of the Doom 3 people were expecting back then in terms of the design language and the structural gameplay pillars it stands on.
  7. [HP]

    Control (Remedy)

    Yeah, I don't think Remedy will ever wanna make another sequel, I remember reading that MP2 really burned the staff, working on the same franchise for nearly a decade can be bothersome for everyone. This looks legit man, I love what Control is doing, and I love they're being smart and lending a lot of what they did right with Quantum Break, while working on what it wasn't that good. This is definitely a day1 purchase to me.
  8. [HP]

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    C'mon, get a PS4 and join the cool boys club. We got girls, coke and booze.
  9. [HP]

    Doom Eternal

    "Remember, demons can be an offensive term. Refer to them as mortally challenged!" xD
  10. Hell to the yes! Grapple hook, Dodge, improved melee, verticality, new enemies, new weapons, new setting, lives (!?)
  11. [HP]

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Fuck me, in some parts, this looks like a naughty dog game. Fucking amazing. I'm getting a lot of The Revenant vibes from this, which is a great thing, that's one of the most beautiful movies I've ever seen, some of those vistas are breathtaking.
  12. I hope I'm not offending any level designer that worked on W2 here on Mapcore, so I apologize for being snarky and I haven't seen the video posted above yet, but I have to say that W2 has some of the worst level design i've seen a SP FPS for a plethora of reasons like bad player navigation, pure linearity with no real navigational choice, zero to no exploration, the whole thing feels like just a wasted opportunity, specially since W1's level design was a bit on the claustrophoic side but it tries to do the best with it. The whole game is basically corridor area followed by a larger gameplay area with a bunch of bullet sponge enemies, rinse repeat!