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  1. That link just made my day.
  2. Alright, just finished the game a couple of days ago. The last 2 or so chapters are absolutely amazing, it all comes together really nicely! Great story, even if confusing at times with some really interesting delivering and there's no way you can't respect the moral of the story behind the game. I finished it clocking in 77 hours, although sometimes I would leave the game running playing music in your safe house while I cooked dinner or something, so it's not really an accurate measure, but I still think the game is a tad too long, although I might be the one to blame there since It's too easy to just keep accepting standard orders, (side quests) and then you have a gigantic list of shit to do, that becomes unmanageable real fast. You know, it's funny, I think I must have learned more about self-management with this game than I expected. The lesson is, don't bite more than you can chew, and finish what you started before keeping accepting more stuff, as tempting as it is. Do like, 2 things at once tops, a main quest item, then a standard quest IF it's on the way, you can always come back and so some more later. I wish I knew that going in, but if I did that the lesson wouldn't have hit me as hard... I still recommend this game to anyone, it's definitely a breath of fresh air in a sea of recycled ideas. btw:
  3. Jill looks fucking hot and badass!
  4. PS. That fucking first person section should NOT be in that trailer at all, not only is vomiting inducing, the lighting in it looks very rushed and overall meh presentation. Rest of trailer looks good.
  5. Mmm, I'm going to assume the RE2 team just got to work immediately on this as soon as the game came out. Probably a lot of asset reusage, which is absolutely fine (original RE3 did the same) and it is the same engine, same workflow, same art direction, so It kinda makes sense they were able to put this out so fast. It is possible when they started the RE2 remake, they were already planning on eventually doing this, and they had a skeleton crew on this in parallel with RE2 as well, because making a a brand new game this fast is quite an achievement, even considering it's the same franchise.
  6. If you're like me, and the announcement of Alyx makes you wanna replay HL2, this mod seems to enhance things a little bit. I absolutely love the feature that turns the projectiles from hitscan to "bullet drop".
  7. The original is an amazing game. Still is. It polished what RE2 did even further. Loved RE2 remake, will certainly be playing this too.
  8. https://www.ign.com/articles/2019/11/29/half-life-alyx-causes-valve-index-to-sell-out-in-the-us-and-canada?amp=1
  9. https://www.engadget.com/2019/11/26/cows-with-vr-headsets/ Wait till them get em VR games.
  10. I wonder what the recommended specs are, particularly for the graphics card.
  11. This is a red letter day.
  12. Yep, bram worked on this. (and Rob) i think insta's on cs:go.
  13. They did it guys... damn.
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