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  1. Seems like a really cool map and solid layout! Dig the theme and the env ideas like the lift and the diorama at CT spawn. Although i would really love if i could sit in the lift and defend the bomb post plant B site seems really cool with the CT sniper position. Keep it up!
  2. Yeah this is absolutely not for me. Its another "experience" thats more roller coaster than game. I can respect the effort and artistic achievements but i would want something that leaves me with questions and wonder rather than this assault on the senses. Its schmaltzy 'Bayhem' to the max.
  3. Im confident that Trump has talked to all the best experts on the subject of climate change and knows exactly what he is doing
  4. Watched some of the Giant Bomb stream and it really gave off the impression that this is done by Biowares B-team and just feels uninspired and under cooked. Even the main guy seems like a boring boyscout compared to Shepard. Writing was cringy and the faces ofc terrible but even the environments looked bland and by-the-numbers. Conceptually i like that they are going more open world with this franchise but it doesnt feel like Bioware/EA committed to this project the way the IP deserves. Im curious about the reception of the actual game but I dont have high hopes..
  5. Add to this that Trump asked the russians to hack her emails in front of the press and that republicans have stated that those leaks were "good, because they revealed the truth". oh the hypocrisy..
  6. Are you sure that the alpha is working correctly in the base textures ? It needs to be dxt5 or BGRA8888 (BGR888 doesn't have alpha) You can view the channels in vtf edit.
  7. Yeah its always a super fine line when its playable, I think part of it is maybe that the skybox is very saturated blue and none of that really kicks in on the map, except the 3dskybox buildings. I can recommend checking out de_lite and de_coredump as two nightmaps that i think sell that night time mood a little better, while being playable - and i think its only a matter of slight tweaking here - could also be a postfx fix. Anyway its a great looking map overall, just wanted to throw my 2 cents good luck with it!
  8. Cool and well executed concept! I could totally see an overpass section thats even traversable for sniping along one of the vertical sections on the side. However i dont get the night feeling with so much orangy/yellow ambient. Try and experiment with a more blue ambient and have the orange light in concentrated spots where there's a "physical" source of light. hopefully there's a balance where it doesn't make it too difficult to play.
  9. The fix I found was: (unless you already made it work by deleting the extra env_light) Create a env_cascade_light and name it under properties (for instance "cascade") Then create a logic_auto: under outputs tab:[ my output named: OnMapSpawned ; target entities named : "cascade" ; via this input: Kill] This worked for me and i have no idea if there's any drawbacks to it - please let me know if that's the case or there's a better method
  10. Ask a republican and those two things are the same..
  11. There is a fix for this i used myself, i can check when i get home (found it by searching this forum, but i cant seem to find it now..)
  12. Still working on this. Decided to take a second look at the waterfront and clear out all the "terracotta-style" buildings that just cluttered up the view. I think this approach compliments the main building alot more:
  13. My impression from playtest: I really like this map alot! The theme is great with the grungy elements used in a cool way with the military flavour (still love the tank). The 2 sites are the thematic centerpieces which they should be (and alot of maps miss). The drops from the CTs on the platforms are awesome! rotations and balance also seemed pretty spot on. layout: This long stretch of railing is a little brutal and i think it could be broken up in some interesting ways: maybe add a small booth to control the crane (like that higher up section that players cant reach) but with glass windows towards the tank? This area feels like its the lobby/main entrance area and i think it needs to reflect that in the layout as well as connect to the rest of the map. the two paths going to mid im a little unsure about: its not a very strong "choice" which of the 2 paths the T's commit to here (when coming from T spawn into mid) - sure one leads to a door and the other is more open, but i feel a branching path like this needs a little more justification (usually it would be differentiate between tempo, risk and/or positioning) or give some alternate way of supporting whoever goes the other path. smaller details: the "fake" door on the right isnt blocked off as clearly as the one in B and can be confused with the openable door thats close. I like this pit for dramatic effect but it produces some annoying coli - either fence it or have a death pit (maybe some toxic waste from the tank-production?) Finally there's 3 openable doors which is maybe a couple too many - it can be a bit confusing if there's more than one of them, as doors are usually used as call outs. I like the one at B the most and would keep that and rethink the others. I think the way T enters mid could be changed too given some stronger choices. (maybe one is elevated for sniping but requires a drop ?) Please take this map all way dude! (unless your next map is as progressively better as this one is)
  14. Great and original concept! Hope you can take this all the way. Is there a possibility to make it snow in Hammer ?
  15. This looks great dude! How about de_armory? I love the tank!