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  1. [RELEASED] Manor

    This map is looking sick, good job!
  2. Brewery

    Thank you guys! "Official" release will be once the map is fully done But I'd like to work on the map more "openly" and push updates in a semi-regular fashion.
  3. Brewery

    So the deadline finally caught up to us, and to be honest it feels like being caught with my pants down having to release Brewery as it is right now. What you see here is a "pencils down" version of the map -- or rather what we have so far! Here is a link to the workshop entry. I joined Brewery pretty late in its development. I am responsible for the environment art on Brewery, and I wanted to do something interesting with the theme. What we are going for is a historic brewery, built and used around 1920s. So you will see furniture and architecture from between the 20s and around the 50s. Breweries has been around for ages, and I wanted to capture the era from when a lot of craftmanship and love was put into the art of brewing, as opposed to the very industrialized look of a modern Brewery. I was also inspired by mechanical design from the same era. This mechanical design can be seen all around Bombsite A. There is a long list of custom models being made for this map. Furniture, woodpaneling walls, columns, arches, beams, kitchen and brewery equipment... The list goes on. Here's a few screenshots of whats presentable of the map. And here is some pictures of the models made for the map so far: Anyway, we hope you like what you see. We still have a lot of work left ahead of us. The first art pass for the map is around half-way finished. So our plan going forward is to finish the first art pass before thinking about polish and further iteration. We will run playtests as soon as we are ready for it. But at the moment we still have some work to do art-wise on B before we are ready for feedback (art-wise). See you on the next update!
  4. Abbey

    Nice job! Looking forward to the workshop release. Did you guys include these plants in the skybox somewhere?
  5. Cypress

    alright man
  6. Cypress

    Some of the buildings are architecturally wrong, and you are mixing buildings from one corner of the world to the other. Its alright to use props from multiple maps, but make sure they actually fit as a whole. Anyway, good luck with the map, I hope to see some improvements soon
  7. Cypress

    I highly advice you to take another look at your prop placement. It looks like the map consists of elements from every map in the game currently. I see Nuke, Train, Inferno, Overpass, Canals, and even Neutron (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=485441486&searchtext=de_neutron <- this one). It's perfectly fine to take inspiration from other maps, but there's a huge mismatch on the thematic aspect of your map. A lot of the prop placement makes no sense. Here's a list of the things I've found by running about for a few minutes: You are using a ceiling tile holder as a floor texture, and if that isn't enough there's a road surface marking underneath it. Also a pile of papers and a bucket in the corners It looks like you copy-pasted a row of props from de_nuke_zoo and placed them on this wall for some reason. They built this biochemical research facility right on top of a cafe, but couldn't be bothered to remove a boat on the ceiling? Normally before construction takes place its normal practice to completely remove old structures and then start building. Stuff like this is all over the map and it doesn't work. This is a prime example of bad signposting, the arrows point in all directions, and its not leading the player anywhere. There's also so much clutter in the area making the decal hard to spot. Theres so much stuff here, its giving me a headache. --- You have some solid composition in the brushwork, and the layout seems functional so its not all bad. To sum up, here's how you can drastically improve the look of this map: - Clean up the map, remove every prop related to Train, Inferno, Overpass and Canals and stick to one theme! I recommend something similar to Nuke. - When you place props think about how it would make sense in a real environment - Don't place props wherever there's space. - Keep it simple!!
  8. de_bobsburgers

    I'm in love with this so far
  9. [WIP] de_splash

    Even for a whitebox there's some good atmosphere! Impressive
  10. Brewery

    Good effort!
  11. [WIP] cs_archives

    Sweet, can't wait until its out on workshop
  12. [WIP] DE_Akureyri

    Is it inspired by the Moomin-house?
  13. Time to step up my mapping game!
  14. [CS:GO][WIP] Tel Aviv

    Looks super good! You've done a good job with the architecture, lots of variety
  15. [CS:GO] cs_spotlight [Graybox]

    Thank you!