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Mapcore Introductions Thread


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Hey there, my name is James and I've only recently put on my Indiedev/Gamedev hat.


I've alway been a programmer, ever since I was 8 years old and discovered DOS was bundled with QBASIC and from there my attention shifted from playing games to making them even from that early age. My career and life took me in a different direction but I'd always come back and have a pop at games creation with a number of different tools. Recently I completed a number of software development modules for my degree and I came across Unity and that was it for me; Sold.


So the best game I ever played was Nexus: The Jupiter Incident, some time ago they started a Kickstarter for a sequel but it fell through and with seemingly nothing on the horizon I set to work at making a prototype. I didn't want just another RTS so I paid particular attention to the different classes of ship, how they moved and their arnaments with particular attention paid to turrets and arcs of fire. I wanted physics and detail modelled to the finest degree possible with current hardware and I essentially wanted to achieve something as close to a TV movie space battle as possible, you might be chuckling by now I know I was laughing at myself but I stuck with it.


I'm glad I did because I've shocked myself with the result, Shallow Space is nearing the end of the prototype stage, I've proved to myself it can be done to sufficient scale - now i'm moving it towards the concept and crowdfunding. In the meantime I'm starting to assemble a following, building backstory and I blog like the worlds about to end.


Here's a vid, the AI behaviour is next on the list and collision avoidance is something of a fine art so go easy :)


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Ahoy! My name is John (a/k/a Sigma a/k/a Sigmafie).


I started mapping way back in cs 1.6 (terribleness). I began doing 3D about 10 years ago and fell out of practice for a while due to University studies. I jumped back into "mapping" with Starcraft II and was fortunate enough to find and lead a great group of people. In the past year I have taken again to 3D work and am working to learn and improve my skillset, tacking on beginner's programming to the list. Currently I am working as a very slow indie and graduate research assistant while going to school for my Masters. I came across the Core randomly while searching for mapping tutorials and 3D asset implementation information and have not left since. This is one of the best communities I have found to date. Long Live The Core!

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Here tomm, take some motivation




My name is Sylvain, like others over here (Kikette, 3Dnj, Moroes, TheOnlyDoubleF, Kane ...) i'm french. I've been creating maps for about 7 - 8 years and my submitted maps are only for Counter-Strike (for now, i'd like to work on a singleplayer level later). There are a lot of professionals here but i'm not one of them, in fact i'm an engineering student, in mechanical design (on my fifth year, it's the last year of this kind of studies in france). These are hard and annoying studies, and i really love level design so... yes most of the time i ask myself why i haven't made 3D studies, but yes maybe later i'll give it a try (not the studies but the work itself, as a self-educated if it's possible ...).


I've joined mapcore a year ago, but i don't really post lots of messages (because i'm not really fluent in english), but i read everyday your posts. I think it was Fmpone who have shown me mapcore (i made for him videos of his csgo maps : museum, gwalior, cache and crown ; and because i created the remake of fy_pool_day, which is the most downloaded map from the workshop).


I'm still working on cs_opera (maybe some of you remember the playtest i made 8 months ago), i'm not working alone on it and it's definitely going to be my best map so far. I hope i will be able to release it before Source 2 is released (or, if it's released on CS:GO, that we will be able to port our maps on the new engine and sdk ^^).



I think i've said enough, but if you have any question don't hesitate to ask me :)

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I'm Ted, I lurked Mapcore for years before getting involved a little more. Currently, I work with Erratic at Digital Extremes working on Warframe.


I got into mapping with CS1.5 and mostly made aim maps and some awful de maps. My first successful map was de_season for CS:S and I'm flattered that it still enjoys competitive play. I've mapped a bit for most of Valve's games, but always consistently stayed with CS and DOD.

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My name is Julien (also french ;) i've been lurking Mapcore for a while now, mostly to check other level designer portfolios since i was updating mine and maps WIP cause i really like the idea of showing/sharing maps progress as it goes.

I studied fine arts for 4 years and at the end of it, i didn't really knew if i wanted to continue in this path or not.
At that time, i was really into Pc and fps games and most of my gaming time was playing CStrike (1.4) so i decided to try to learn mapping and even i really enjoyed doin it, the result was terrible :)

One of my best friend told me out of the blue he was going to apply for a videogame school after our fine arts diploma.
I always 've been a gamers since i got my master system as a kid and been in love with maps since Super metroid but i never thought it was possible/accessible
to be a professional developper or even to go to a school to study that.(it was 2005, my school was the first in france and was only open since 1 year before)
So i applied too to get there and after 2 years of studying i got my internship at Neko entertainment in Paris and 3 years later, i was lead level designer there.
But i wanted to move forward (and doing other kind of games than for kid, even if highly rewarding) so i applied as a scipter at Quantic Dream and stayed there for 2 years until the project (Beyond 2 souls) was done.

I'm now learning UE4 and currently looking for a job ;)

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