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  1. Thanks again, you guises!
  3. Second place, huh? MapCore mug get! Thanks again to Phillip and you guys!
  4. Addition of "Goose" decal to de_dust2. (bombsite A, near the map exit fence)
  5. Yes, I'm aware, but it looks like CSGO.
  6. ESToomere


    de_Nomayet, you're welcome.
  7. Yes, I've just quoted all these pics again. I don't care if you don't like it. If it was up to me I would start every new WIP page with these. But it would probably discourage newcomers Having said that, I have no words for what I've just seen. Seriously, that's hands down the prettiest thing I've ever seen in any Quake map to date. Not even almighty Sock or MFX have displayed such awesomeness in one map. Holy fucking god Skacky, you really outdid yourself! Don't mind me quoting this again, but this looks like CSGO.
  8. Compund. My problem is that I don't really play CS so I'm just a car chasing a wheel
  9. Port was the first CSS map I played. Sure would want to work on it for CSGO...
  10. Oh wow. That blew me away. That was AMAZING. However, the ZEP is too powerful, I only used the crowbar and RPG. I'd be totally happy to only have the ZEP, even if it's toned down a bit.
  11. Looks like a leak. All other sides other than top nodraw on the brush?
  12. Yeah, asks to log in. Can't be bothered to make a Microsoft account for that.
  13. Any other site than OneDrive? I'd love to get onboard.
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