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Mapcore Introductions Thread

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Hello folks! Thought I'd introduce myself as I've not been around for a while, I'm FRAG I'm a level designer for Operation Black Mesa & I'm also a Technical Demonstrator at Plymouth College o

Hey guys! My name is Tune and I'm from USA. I often went by a few online aliases like "Prototstar", "Naamtune", and most recently, "CannedTuna". I started my venture in to game modding and d

Hey, my name's ThunderKeil, or just thunder for short. That's keil as in Donnerkeil, the german for thunderbolt. If you're wondering, yes, a german friend has since told me that's not the commonly use

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Hey all!
My name is Ingmar uit de Bos, nearly 22 years old and a game and level designer from the Netherlands. I've worked on Age of Wonders 3 as a design intern, and then on Interloper as game designer. These are both strategy games, and so I decided I wanted to broaden my experience. Which is one of the reasons why I'm working on a CS GO level, which I hope to playtest soon (thread will come up shortly).
Usually I'm more a lurker type but I decided it's quite beneficial to actively take part in this community, and you all seem really nice! I already learned a lot from Shawn and Sal at last GDC and hope to learn a lot from MapCore! :)



Welcome, about time we got some more active Dutch people here!

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Good afternoon/ evening for some of you!


My name is Brandon or also known as "marti" on ESEA.net or as my IGN in CS:GO on steam. I have been playing video games since I was about 4 years old starting with the era of the super Nintendo and now an avid computer gamer. My dream job is to work on games and be apart of the ever so non-stop growth of gaming. I do not know exactly what I want to do as of yet, but I'm sure I will find something that will fit me well since there are many different opportunities for me in the gaming industry. I hope you guys welcome me with open arms and help me out on the right path to my career!




EDIT: I posted this in the wrong section before, pardon me for my mistake. 

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Let me introduce to you, this is Pixelhunters profile - – a leading 3D animation, game design, visual effects and post-production company, head quartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


Where are you located friends?


Merged your thread into this one here. Wasn't it pinned yet or did somebody unpin it? :?  Anyway, welcome leading 3D animation, game design, visual effects and post-production company "Pixelhunters"! ;)

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Hi everyone :)

My name is Ivan Štimac, 23 years old from Croatia. I've been obsessed with drawing and art since I was a little kid and fell in love with mapping/modding/computer graphics when I first opened C&C Generals World Builder. So I started mapping for fun for Generals/Zero Hour, later on C&C3 Tiberium Wars (worked on MidEast Crisis 2 mod for some time). Meanwhile been playing around with other engines/games (Gold Source, Source, Unreal, Unity...)  Also got interested in CG in general so I've been learning modeling in Blender and digital painting. 

Currenty working on a CS GO map with a plan to enter the Reddit/MapCore competition.

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My name is Victor and I'm from Stockholm, Sweden. I actually just started mapping and found mapcore through the Reddit/mc-contest. So nice to find a place where you can talk about this stuff with ppl who actually care about it too :) I'm currently working on my first map which I'm entering in the competition. (Yeah, I know. I don't know why either) I've been playing games for 23 years now and been into drawing/design for about as long as that so I really don't know how I haven't started mapping until now.

What else.. I'm 28 years old. I study computer science and economics. I dream of starting a game studio but for some reason work in finance. 

Thanks for having reading!

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Hey all!

I read a gamasutra article about this community and I would like to join and make some friends to discuss game (development) and learn from it :)

I'm a 23yr old girl from the Netherlands. I've finished my bachelors in Computer Science (VU) and am almost done with my masters Game Studies (UvA). I've been working for an IT company for 2 yrs (mainly Android but also some plugins) now where I've learned a lot more than just coding (working with svn, command-line, compatibility with windows+mac+linux et cetera). That might sound strange (didn't you learn those things in school?) but when you're really working in a production environment with a lot of people you take in different things than when you're making homework that is geared towards a specific program purpose. I'll gladly answer any question ^^ Excited to meet you all :)

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