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  1. Goals for 2018?

    1. Learn Modo. 2. Continue work on current game. 3. Prepare portfolio for career switch (est. 2019). 4. Get a dog? Probably get a dog... if not a house then dog. I want a dog. Boop the snoot.
  2. What's going on with your life?

    Hey gang. Just got back from my honeymoon in New Zealand. Loved it. 3 weeks of fast-paced bliss and adventuring. A lot of nature photos taken for source materials and I feel rejuvenated to tackle 3D projects again.
  3. There is still a very real chance for "violent" video games in Olympics however. Keep in mind that many sports (e.g., archery, skeet shooting, bi-athlon, wrestling, boxing, etc . . .) are in-fact violent. It is a matter of application and acceptability though. The question becomes what constitutes too much violence for the mandated purposes of the Olympics (international cooperation and peaceful competition). I think what is likely to happen will be games with very high skill ceilings and excitement (e.g., RTS's like Starcraft or realistic racing games [although how this compares to actual racing I don't know]) and team games that are not overly-gorey (e.g., LoL or Dota) would be likely candidates whereas first person shooters are less likely to be approved by the committee due to their inherent "promotion" of violence (particularly those with high-gore/violence).
  4. Nah, we will see speed runs of Super Mario Bro.'s. Racing games maybe.
  5. What movie is this?

    Watched the movie... can't think of it's name. Had to look it up. I was one word off. Dang!
  6. What movie is this?

    @phantazm11 You would guess correct! Your turn.
  7. What movie is this?

    Nope. Keep guessing!
  8. What movie is this?

  9. What movie is this?

    Scream ?? Oh, and the one that no one was getting is "Charlie Wilson's War" starring Tom Hanks as Congressman Charlie Wilson in the 1980's. I hadn't looked at the thread in a while, got it on the first pic.
  10. Computer graphics, my journey to understanding

    I don't know. I don't work for them or with them. I'm sure Wes's email is probably available (he does a lot of the tutorial videos) and he could probably help in hooking you up.
  11. Battlefront 2

    Starfighter Assault looks like an awesome way to relive those X-wing vs. Tie Fighter days.
  12. Computer graphics, my journey to understanding

    This is great @laminutederire! If you can, you should suggest to your professor that they invite someone from Allegorithmic to come speak to you (they have an office in Paris) as they are doing a lot of R&D at the moment on materials, lighting, etc . . . in efforts to simplify workflows using automation and/or AI.
  13. Well what do you know! The Sequel!

    Way to go!
  14. The portfolio section´s info

    I was using wordpress for a while. But honestly, with how quick it is to load a new item, make new pages, and update Artstation is very solid!
  15. The random model thread!

    Follow up post on this one.