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  1. I'm certain they did. I just feel like I have been in a rut for a couple of years now as far as 3D goes. I think you're right that I need to work on other projects to marinate this one. Thanks!
  2. Sorry Jack. I don't know enough about the behind-the-scenes guts of the Unreal Tournament Editor to help on this one. I suggest you try the unreal forums or the discord channel. There are several people who actively work on the engine (Tournament side) present pretty much 24/7. It sounds to me though like you're trying to force save over a pre-existing uasset. You might consider creating a copy of the problem material (CeilingMetal01) and using that instead on all aspects of the level. Then do a fresh save in a new directory if possible. Like I say, that is a shot in the dark and I don't know for certain, but it's a thought. @Castle may have something to add as he knows the engine better than many.
  3. Been booking like a mad person all the activities for my New Zealand trip. Got the Hobbiton Tour booked, some cave diving, glow worm caves, rafting, and zip lining stuff booked as well. I'm feeling awesome about that. Feeling down though about the 3D side of things for me. Just can't seem to make some sense of a model and it's demotivating me on other 3D fronts. I'm tempted to abandon it but don't want to at the same time. Damn sci-fi weapon that is nonsensical! So... all-in-all, just the usual get pumped for the next great adventure while berating myself for not doing enough work at home. I guess I can't complain too much though. I have a home, a lovely wife, food, water, and a decent job. Just gotta figure out that grind like @grapen has.
  4. This is a little out of order as a response, could be worded more clearly and better, etc etc. . . so please bare with me. I havn't had enough coffee yet. I understand that it's scary to look at from the outside-in, particularly when many nations are highly dependent on the influence/exports of the USA (ranging from medical/food aide, to economic aid, to military support, to research). While Trump is still in position, I would argue that he is not in power. Power implies the ability to execute the threatened action (I use this phrase because Trump is more combative than compromising). Trump does not have the power to execute many actions he has threatened. In order to execute any reduction of funds, manpower, aid, or alter the law Trump must go through the US Congress. As we have seen, while right-wing politicians may control Congress, they are severely fractured. Any action Congress takes is subject to the review of SCOTUS (Supreme Court). Thus SCOTUS is the last remaining true vestige of American governance at the highest executive levels (ignoring the Joint Chiefs of Staff, state governments, local governments, and media). Furthermore, this is not the first time a demagogue has been POTUS. Throughout my nation's history, we have had many Presidents that acted more like petulant children than "Presidential." In fact, I would argue that part of the reason Trump is so disconcerting to many people is that he comes immediately after the exception to this rule (Pres. Obama), rather than the standard. It is simply more easy to highlight these attitudes in modern times due to the expansion of media access and internet access throughout the world than before. It is important to point out that the United States does not solely operate on a Federal (national) government level. The vast majority of government and economic actions are taken at the state and local levels due to the structure of government in the US. Case in point, I am sitting in my office working on local government matters at this moment that impact more than 23,000 people on a daily basis (on break so no jokes). Are you correct in identifying religious zealots as the primary threat (physically) to the United States as a whole? To an extent, yes. Do I think religious zealots have the capacity to execute mass murder in the name of God, yes. However, it is insufficient to refer to these person as simply "religious zealots". They are terrorists. Terrorism is defined as the use of violence or the threat of violence to achieve a political goal. These persons clearly fit this role. What is more scary, is that for the last 40 years there has been a generation of religious zealots raised by parents who told them their goals were to gain entry into the local and state levels of government (the largest sectors). Because of this, currently, the right-wing zealots have access to a larger share of the American political machine than at any other time in history. However, and this is crucial, MANY of the people at these levels of government are smart enough to know how to control these citizens reasonably while moving forwards with governing in a responsible fashion. Thus, I am less concerned about these persons influence, as throughout our nation's history, we have always had factions rise and fall due to the rise and fall of counter-factions. Furthermore, the USA is still very much dealing with ramifications and attitude changes that other countries are only beginning to deal with (Muslim immigration to non-Muslim countries that are predominantly racially Caucasian, some form of Christianity as the major religion, and has a national language as the official language). Similarly, the USA is only beginning to put to bed many issues that other countries have taken care of a long time ago (national health care systems, racial tensions are still being felt with the magnitude of the 1960's Civil Rights era; case in point there are public schools that did not desegregate until the late 1980's, and economic stresses). Second to last point, another important one, is that there has been (and remains) a very concerted effort by federal law enforcement agencies to remain completely politically neutral. The appointment of Special Counsel Robert Muller comes with it the inherent task of searching out criminal activity. The title of Special Counsel legally assumes that there has been criminal conduct. That is huge! However, in order to conduct an appropriate investigation that is verifiable and does not suffer from evidentiary insufficiency or mistakes will take TIME. The last thing I would point out, is that despite all of the issues the USA has (there are many), and while it may look insane to non-Americans, by the very geography (seriously, we are huge - there is a reason train travel, access to internet, access to water, and public transportation are insufficient in this country) we have huge swaths of population requiring extraneous efforts to meet their needs. No other country has ever, or will ever (short of ancient Rome at its height - which is still not an appropriate comparison but its the closest there is; unless there is a sudden geopolitical landscape shift) take-on and accomplish the same relative levels of pure activity in the areas of infrastructure, healthcare, food generation and distribution, or education than the US. TLDR: In short, its the local people are the key to the USA - not its national politics. Local people will always talk with other locals, thereby ensuring the "thought bubbles" are broken. Just takes time, so please bare with us as we sort this situation out. It will get better.
  5. I know right now in the world it's the "bash America show"... but do keep in mind that the USA is the premier world superpower (regardless of our feckless president). The economy is still moving, Americans are still consuming, the population is adopting renewables at increasing rates (regardless of politics). If there is one thing I have figure out over this past year, its that Americans "care" about politics, but at the end of the day don't give 2 s***s and will carry on with their lives. This is basically the 1980's all over again (war on drugs, welfare queens, illegal immigration, voter fraud, oil/gas glut (post crises)). So long as the world treats the USA like North Korea (oh look, its crazy uncle Kim/Trump), then in 3.5 years (or less depending on congressional midterms - although I have little hope for the Democratic party as an organization) you should see a resurgence of American leadership in the world again. In fact, this is what the world leaders appear to be banking on anyway (with exception to Russia and China of course). Also, the rule of the internet is that the internet trolls. I believe what is being seen is a reaction to a demagogue, not to a country itself. Then again... I am biased.
  6. Played this last night: Was fun and had some strategy to it. I can see it being a tough game to play as you start paying attention to what your opponents' resources are and their strategy. Not the most difficult game, but definitely a nice and easy one to pick-up.
  7. Looking good. Any particular art style you are after? I would be willing to team up if you like...
  8. - Start exercising - Take Honeymoon (Planned and almost fully booked) - Finish current consulting job and turn into full-time job (failed to materialize into fulltime job) - Finish boat asset for portfolio (WIP) - Do 3 major portfolio scenes (No major scenes currently planned; working other assets/projects) - Finish UT4 map (failed/abandoned; not likely to pickup again) Fail fast, fail often, failure is your teacher and the path to success.
  9. Happy 'Merica day everyone! Amexit 1776. 😆 I still have all my fingers and toes. 😎
  10. Exploding kittens is definitely fun! Havn't seen Five Tribes yet though so I will need to look at it. So you'll sell me that Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale and Timewalk for a nickel on the dollar, right (the Mapcore discount; still profit)?
  11. Have not done warhammer or any small figurines games (money and time seems extroadinary); but I do have a buddy who loves board games and we go over about once a month to play. Been playing Codenames (personal favorite) and Mystic Vale lately. Although he has a new game every time we go over. Consequently, the wife and I have started our own (very) small collection as well for when company is over. Otherwise, it's just Magic: The Gathering.
  12. Is it me, or was there either a glitch and/or error in animation on the Springfield 1911 pistol reload animation (magazine was too long...)?
  13. Not to get off-topic, but wouldn't these departures be indicative of the company's shift towards being the premier publisher/marketplace in the PC sector more than anything? Valve does not exactly make their own games at this point. . .
  14. You underestimate the unwillingness of many hard Republicans (*note I did not say Conservative) to vote for a non-Republican.