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  1. Indie all the way, being pigeon holed in any job isn't fun. I work as an IT Infrastructure Manager by day, by night I don my cape and take to Unity. Pretty soon hopefully i'll have the cash to dedicate my time to my game, but I enjoy all aspects of making it - coding, level design, even marketing. Sigma had it right, don't live to work - work to live, if you are not enjoying what you are doing you are wasting your life and need to have a condor moment.
  2. Hey there, my name is James and I've only recently put on my Indiedev/Gamedev hat. I've alway been a programmer, ever since I was 8 years old and discovered DOS was bundled with QBASIC and from there my attention shifted from playing games to making them even from that early age. My career and life took me in a different direction but I'd always come back and have a pop at games creation with a number of different tools. Recently I completed a number of software development modules for my degree and I came across Unity and that was it for me; Sold. So the best game I ever played was Nexus: The Jupiter Incident, some time ago they started a Kickstarter for a sequel but it fell through and with seemingly nothing on the horizon I set to work at making a prototype. I didn't want just another RTS so I paid particular attention to the different classes of ship, how they moved and their arnaments with particular attention paid to turrets and arcs of fire. I wanted physics and detail modelled to the finest degree possible with current hardware and I essentially wanted to achieve something as close to a TV movie space battle as possible, you might be chuckling by now I know I was laughing at myself but I stuck with it. I'm glad I did because I've shocked myself with the result, Shallow Space is nearing the end of the prototype stage, I've proved to myself it can be done to sufficient scale - now i'm moving it towards the concept and crowdfunding. In the meantime I'm starting to assemble a following, building backstory and I blog like the worlds about to end. Here's a vid, the AI behaviour is next on the list and collision avoidance is something of a fine art so go easy
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