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  1. Battlefront 2

    No offense mate, but I think throwing loot boxes that contain skins (Overwatch) and loot boxes that contain characters, abilities among other things (SW:BF2) into the same pot is an extremist view and not really constructive. There are big differences between the systems and the differences in the public's reaction to them is proving that. EDIT: Just saw this thread by another designer that explains in more detail what I am alluding to:
  2. Star Citizen

    Yesterday we offered a first look at the procedural cities we are building on top of some the planets. It is basically handcrafted gameplay spaces + surroundings built with a new editor that allows you to quickly plot down streets, high buildings, industrial buildings, trenches etc. + object scattering. There is a quick look at the city editor plus procedural layouts for e.g. space stations during the QT travel in the middle if you are interested in the tech. I was sitting in the audience biting my nails and praying for no crashes. It has been a couple of stressful weeks but it is nice to see everything come together in the end (even though there is still work left to do) Gameplay starts at 11:30:
  3. The Witcher 3

    Good on him for giving these developers a voice!
  4. What movie is this?

    But...I got it?! Anyway, Scream is correct. Your turn.
  5. What movie is this?

  6. What movie is this?

    Charlie Wilson's War?
  7. Fortnite (new game by Epic Games)

    Have you tried PUBG?
  8. Mapcore Job Census

  9. What's going on with your life?

    Great. Now I want a Welsh sequel to 'Drive' starring dux and his car.
  10. I can appreciate the honesty and recommend anybody considering this opportunity to opt for the 'pay directly' scheme then..
  11. Tips on guiding the player with level design

    Prof. Clem wrote a paper on the subject: http://www.clement-melendez.com/portfolio/articles/push-pull/introduction/
  12. Overwatch

  13. Doom (4)

    I appreciate that this is not another defeat-the-waves-style VR shooting gallery and I acknowledge that this is a problem that all VR games face BUT I am not buying the teleportation mechanic. At least not after having bounced to hell and back on the PC version. I would be glad to be proven wrong though and find out that this is still very much enjoyable
  14. Portfolio Building

    whiteboxing = using simple untextured shapes to block out a gameplay space.
  15. Portfolio Building

    You go to Steam and check the requirements section - it is listed there. I sincerely hope hd space is not what going to hold you back from getting into modding though.