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  1. wow you guys are really kicking it up a notch in terms of arcade gamemodes! Awesome!
  2. My bad. 40 EUR for an early access game that looks pretty much done and will turn F2P soon. Anyway, I know how annoying it is for a developer when nobody talks about the game but only the business model. So, just like Erratic, let's talk about the game itself. Anybyody else tried it yet?
  3. So I am hearing this can be purchased for 40 EUR now but the game will turn into a F2P game come 2018? Whaaat?
  4. Chester Bennington was pretty open about his depression that was caused by sexual abuse when he was a kid and his attempts to get over it with drugs that only lead to more problems. I find it hard to believe that you were going through the same kind of experience when you didnt like your job in web development anymore. I think you dont understand what depression means at all.
  5. We have a winner!
  6. No.
  7. Final hint:
  8. Ah I was thinking it might be Ubisoft Annecy by the hints you gave Congrats! Say hi to Javier!
  9. hehe it is just a very small part of the movie where he appears like this. I will give you guys a 2nd hint:
  10. Maaaaaybeeeee Which movie?
  11. hehe OK let's see if you guys can tell me which one this is from:
  12. Master & Commander?
  13. I like how heavy that Sherman tank looks and sounds. Overall the SFX are sehr gut!