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Mapcore Introductions Thread


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Well I never really introduced myself properly so.. here we go!

My name is Jérôme Cyr and I'm 28 years old.


I got into level design back in 2004 when i first started using Starcraft Editor, making melee maps. I eventually submitted maps to the 2005 BlizzCon's Starcraft map contest and had my map picked and played by pros (I won 3 starcraft books and 2 WoW figurines :XD:). Map is called (2)Signal and I was going by the name of trcc back then, posting a lot on teamliquid.net and www.broodwarmaps.net Some of my maps also made it into popular leagues such as PGtour (4)Memory Cell and ICCup (4)Adrenaline Rush.


As an avid counter-strike player(Started playing when there were no knifes, played competitive from 2004 to 2008, attended about 10 local LANs), I began to play around Hammer, made 2 maps that I never released but used as a portfolio.


In 2009, got accepted in a Level Design specialized program in Montreal, graduated in 2010. During that time, I made a TF2 map, a Portal map, a couples of HL2 maps and a L4D map. The portfolio I created following those studies: www.jeromecyr.com


I Applied everywhere in Montreal, got an interview at Ubisoft that I totally screwed up (kind of). This affected me quite a bit to be honest, I lost focus of my passion and began questioning my career choice.  in september 2010, I got hired to work on a Source game called Contagion(released in 2014) as a Level Designer. Game was in it's early development. I think I was the only LD at the time, I designed the Roanoke Police Station level. After a couple of months, my motivation and passion was fading, I eventually left.. I didn't do any level design for a whole year.


2011-2014: I applied to CentreNAD, to obtain a Bachelor's degree in "3D animation and Digital Design". Got accepted, survived through the first half of the program (nothing taught was remotely close to design, ok a little bit here and there) The last 3 semesters were really really cool though! It was a succession of projects made in UDK, in teams varying from 6 to 18 members. It was really fun and I'm happy that I made it through!


Space Morons: 12 weeks project. 

Lichet and Stank: 8 weeks project.

Run Demon Run: 7 weeks project.

Hosten: 15 weeks project. Trailer for the game.



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I'm David. 25 and work in IT infrastructure and support, Based in Edinburgh, scotland :D


Been making parts of maps on Hammer since Cs:s came out but never really followed through with anything to completion- Either due to noticing a huge design flaw I couldn't fix or a map being nuked by compile errors.


Started posting here because I'm hoping actual talent can rub off on me :)

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Hey everyone! 


I am Andrew Seyko, I grew up in Pittsburgh PA. I am currently a Level Designer at Torn Banner Studios http://www.tornbanner.com , where I have created maps for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior, and post release content for Chivalry. Our studio is located in Toronto,ON, where I currently live.


I am currently working on an unannounced Unreal Engine 4 title.  


I mostly use Unreal Engine these days, but started off with Hammer making TF2 maps. TF2 and Halo are my main influences for becoming a Level Designer. I also enjoy Quake and Counter strike(Mostly played 1.6 and Source, haven't had time to play much CS:GO).


It is awesome to find a Level Design community, as there are not as many compared to other disciplines it seems.







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Hello, I'm Glenn, I am the co-founder of Quantum Forge. I grew up in Southern California where I had the opportunity to play a majority of consoles and their games. I found myself swept up in the action of arcade games as well as spending hours traveling the different storyline paths and character archetypes in RPGs. I have always had a passion for videogames, and once I began development on our first game Sol Avenger, I knew it is something I want to do with my life.


Sol Avenger is a 3D sandbox space shooter. We were inspired by the joyful memories of playing Starfox 64 and felt that we should bring this kind of fun to mobile, but without the "rails" that restrict movement and our own creative ideas.


Sol Avenger is set in a time where a united Earth begins to colonize the solar system. You can choose between a male and female pilot, and both happen to be far from Earth when crafts of unknown origin lay siege to our precious blue ball, and one by one the rest of the planets in our solar system fall under Bivalvian alien control.


Your pilot will explore the sandbox world of Sol Avenger. Do the storyline at your leisure and when you are on the go, you can enjoy all the expansive universe has to offer.


So we have done a lot of research about the best times to release a kickstarter and we have decided on early 2015, in February. Depending on how well we do, the game will be released at some time that year. The game certainly is in alpha and it plays really well both on pc and out Galaxy phones.


One of the really promising aspects is it is already fun to us, as well as other gamers we have let play it.


So this will the first post of many. We are really excited to see the community interest and get people to take a look at Sol Avenger. Check us out on IndieDB and our website QuantumForgeGames.com . You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.






















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Hi! I'm new here and recently started working with the Hammer editor trying to make CS:GO maps.  I've had a few playtests on the playtesting server, and I think about designs and ideas for mapping extremely frequently. 


The problems I've run into are accurate scale and angles. I'm working on the scale by taking pictures and trying to build them in the editor so they feel the same size as in real life, but the angles and curves are ridiculous. The editor gets so nasty when I try to rotate pathways and construct what I've drawn or thought up. 


I'm an amateur looking for feedback, but I'm pretty passionate about it. I'm glad a community of friendly people like you guys exists to talk to!

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I'm Doeke "clankill3r" Wartena, from the Netherlands.


I started mapping like 15 years ago or something. My pc was getting old and I couldn't play new games so I wanted something new to do.

I ended up mapping for the specialists, for those who played it, I made ts_metro, ts_parking, ts_gpc and ts_fall.

After that I always ended up making new maps or remakes and never finished them. (The hardest part of improving a map is knowing when to stop). I got inspired by playing other maps like dod_avalanche from day of defeat. This was kind of bad since the specialists was deathmatch. From all my mistakes I really learned a lot. I think my best maps never got released.


I never really mapped for source, I had a bug in my 3d view which causes it to have almost no contrast which annoyed the fuck out of me. Also I got busy with other things.


The last years I made 3 layouts I think. Lately I'm more motivated again to pick mapping up again since I really miss it. It feels kind of special to walk in an area you made, hard to describe but I think most of you guys know the feeling.


For the rest, I want to make a youtube channel Map Making Academy where I focus more on layout and how height affects gameplay for example rather then how certain tools work. In the beginning it will focus on deathmatch since I have most experience with that.

Lately I really enjoy CS:GO, so I want to make a map for that as well but this will be harder for me since my lack of experience in making maps suitable for a competitive setting.


The reason for me to come to mapcore is for an additional motivation boost. And for receiving input (and hopefully also giving input).


I hope to get to know some of you people.

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I'm Doeke "clankill3r" Wartena, from the Netherlands.


I started mapping like 15 years ago or something. My pc was getting old and I couldn't play new games so I wanted something new to do.

I ended up mapping for the specialists, for those who played it, I made ts_metro, ts_parking, ts_gpc and ts_fall.



I remember some of those maps! :) Welcome!

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