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  1. Oh yea Half-Life, oh yes that game sure sure interesting
  2. Yes @blackdog, it works to cool down the headset but most importantly it forces the air to be replaced between you and the headset (which is what causes sweating on my side, it's just hot after 15 mins of usage)
  3. It replaces the "frunk", the front cover that is some sort of "expansion slot" on the headset with a USB plug. Like this : It just pulls the hot air out
  4. Thanks, Well this is a very rough V1, there are issues I'd like to solve in the future (like adding a ON/OFF button for example), so why not add RGB fans xD Yes that's what I understood, it's just not that worthy, it's a simple project, maps deserve to be up there ^^ There are other people who did it before me, it's just that I felt I could do better (using standard 40mm fans, using 2 fans and pulling air from the inside instead of from the frunk which is useless)
  5. Oh I haven't posted anything in more than 2 years ... lol I made this, because it's getting too hot in there https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4565466
  6. I haven't played enough the game to be able to fullyjudge the map. But it's insane how it feels like a basic standard CS map and I don't feel any difference between the maps, I don't even know which one is what. It's still quite fun to play this game and I appreciate the visuals I think they have a nice style. But it feels too much like old CS maps to me and awkward, I don't like finding my way in these mazes.
  7. Hello, Quickly writting that tutorial from my experiments but a more official tutorial on the wiki should definitely replace this. First, gather the source files. We will consider a material with a standard PBR shader. All the folders are relative path, so find this location on your pc : Half-Life Alyx\content\hlvr_addons\your_addon\ And then place the files over there : The model itself : \models\folder\mesh.fbx The collision if you have one : \models\folder\includes\mesh_physbox.fbx The diffuse (must end with _color) : \materials\models\folder\mesh_color.png The normalmap (must end with _normal) : \materials\models\folder\mesh_normal.png The Roughness (must end with _rough) : \materials\models\folder\mesh_rough.png Note : You can use PNG, but also TGA, JPG or even PSD Note 2 : The normalmap doesn't have its vertical values inverted like it was the case on Source 1. If you import a normalmap from Source 1, don't forget to invert the green channel ! In my case, it's a vehicle that I'll name "vehicle_sherpa", so here are my files : The model : \models\vehicle\vehicle_sherpa.fbx The collision : \models\vehicle\includes\vehicle_sherpa_physbox.fbx The diffuse : \materials\models\vehicle\vehicle_sherpa_color.png The normalmap : \materials\models\vehicle\vehicle_sherpa_normal.png The Roughness : \materials\models\vehicle\vehicle_sherpa_rough.png The AO : \materials\models\vehicle\vehicle_sherpa_ao.png Then, we'll start by creating the material. On the asset Browser window, find the Material Editor and open it. File → New And then immediately save (File → Save or CTRL + S) to define a location of your vmat. In my case, it will go along with with the textures I just imported : \materials\models\vehicle\vehicle_sherpa.vmat Note : once the files are compiled, you'll get the same hierarchy over the game folder than the content folder. Once the vmat will be compiled, it will become vmat_c (compiled material) and will have vtex_c with it (combined texture). We will keep the Vr Simple shader And you can start importing the textures by clicking on the folder icon next to each field. It will only look for files ending with the right suffix, hence the importance of naming your files to make your work easier afterwards. In my case, I have an AO texture so I'll check "Ambiant Occlusion Texture" on the left but it's optionnal. In the end, it should look like this : Feel free to use more complex shaders and to tweak things better. My model should definitely use a metalness texture but it's fine for this demonstration. Ok now save and you can quit the material editor. Back on the Asset Browser, find the ModelDoc Editor Same thing, start by saving your model. In my case it will go there : \models\vehicle\vehicle_sherpa.vmdl Start by selecting an archetype, for this we will do a simple Static Prop Model. And then, import your mesh by using that cute little star button : Once your mesh added, it will feel like nothing is happening. Try pressing the compile button on the right. That's right, you need to press that compile button to make sure to compile stuff. It wasn't the case for the material editor, everything was being compiled automatically. Your model should be a ref wireframe because it doesn't have any material assigned to it, so let's start with that. On the left pannel, check "Show Empty Categories", it will show you "categories" for which you can configure stuff (i'm vague because ... i don't know most of these stuff for now). Right clic on the category "MaterialGroupList" → Add DefaultMaterialGroup And then, if the item "DefaultMaterialGroup" is selected, in the Node Editor pannel you'll be able to assign a material. I assume you can manage with this category the multiple materials you might need for your model. For my simple example, there's only one material so I will stick with 1 group. Compile your model and it should start to look like something ! You can move like in Hammer (hold RMB/press Z and move with WASD) or you can rotate around the mesh by holding ALT + LMB. Cool ! Now let's add a collision. Right clic on the category PhysicsShapeList and you'll notice multiple options to add collision I assume it's there because you might be able to add shapes (box, capsules and spheres) by hand or you can decide to generate a collision from ModelDoc. By in my case I have a mesh, so I'll pick "Add PhysicsMeshFile" and gives the physbox FBX I imported earlier. It should look like this in your 3D view Compile your model and you can try to place your model in hammer !
  8. Basically the HL:A workshop tools wiki that should get more and more detailed : https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Half-Life:_Alyx_Workshop_Tools Steam VR Environments docs is still very useful : https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/SteamVR/Environments
  9. I followed latest BlenderGuru's tutorial series to make a chair and I'm pretty happy, the result is very cool ! And thanks to this tutorial I also wanted to make a table with it And ... well why not make a stylish bench too And I made lowpoly versions of these for fun and ported them over Source 2 for HL:A. They don't fit very well with the game's art thought but it works
  10. I tried it a little bit and the grenade clip texture doesn't collide with the player. But the bomb goes through it and so do dropped weapons
  11. I can list a few in case you don't know them, it's going to be nice to discover them It's a bit random, but i'd start with the oldest, a CS:S map named de_wanda was one of the first map that made me realize how far community created content could go. With today's standard it's maybe not as impressive (+ it's an old version of Source) but in 2006-2007 it was stunning, with lots of custom assets (it was rare back then). For CSGO, in the beginnings of mapping, cs_museum was definitely a map that changed everything. Gwalior came later and was incredible too. In 2013 we also had Ruins, Siege, Agency and Reef. All these maps were incredible, obviously all from Mapcore guys. Later on, we got Import, Marquis and Crown. A guy named Yanzl came in and made Castle, Resort, Zoo and Thrill. Recently Anubis and Chlorine blew my mind. I'm missing a lot of great maps, feel free to fill the gaps guys !
  12. I don't really mind, i like both. But in the end, you hands are symetrical and you use both sticks at the same time for a FPS for instance, it makes sense to have the 2 thumbs in the same position ^^ But on the other hand, the D-pad is practically never used as such so why have it at the resting position of the thumb and not the stick ! It's fine to me I like both ! I'm glad they are moving on a new design, it seems to me that it will be more comfortable (like the Xbox one and Switch pro controllers)
  13. I've only heard about that solution but never looked into it (i don't have a problem with the cable for now).
  14. 9m x 12m ?! Wow that's big! Have you considered hanging the cables on the ceiling ?
  15. I think the humor is also very close to the one we see in Portal 2. Basically: the joke of the very complex situation the player is asked to solve very quickly, otherwise terrible things will happen. You see that in HL:A a few times for example: This is very close to what we saw in Portal 2 (with Weathley asking you, right before waking up Glados, not to read at all those levers' labels but in the same time to look for one of them) or even with the Portal VR repair demo where you're asked to repair Atlas and are overwelmed by the amount of interactive holographic stuff in front of you. I liked the game very much but I also wasn't convinced by the radio calls with Russel. It tried to get personnal and show how Alyx is curious about how the world was before all that but didn't feel right to me. In Firewatch you don't have the pressure of aliens coming on earth to kill you, it takes its time and fills spaces that would be empty otherwise. In HL:A, there's tons of stuff on your mind already and in the end I was really intrigued by the radio calls when it made the story move on.
  16. SPOILER And oh my gad this game is pretty. It clearly doesn't disappoint, from the beginning to the end
  17. I have the index too. The tracking is excellent and very cool to have if you can get some free space for it (2m x 2,5m is a gooood start). The picture quality got really improved compared to the Vive, and even if the resolution is similar to others (1600x1400 per eye), it is the best panel with the least noticeable grid effect. But that's because it's not an OLED panel like it used to be on the Vive/Vive pro and Occulus headsets, which makes it not as good as the others for dark environment (which is present in HL:A) but allow for very high refreshrate (Occulus headsets are at 72 Hz, The index default refreshrates are 90 and 120 Hz, and can even go up to 144 hz). So for the headset i'm pretty convinced by the Index but I think Occulus is probably great too (and less expensive). For the controllers, I'm not a fan of the knuckles , as said they fit very well in your hands but have poor button/pad placements. But the finger tracking is a disappointment to me. I expected to be able to control precisely every finger but you can almost only detect if a finger is closed or open and that's it. And if your thumb isn't on the top but on the side (which feels more comfortable to me), then it's not detected as closed at all (wtf ?!). I've read good feedbacks on the occulus controllers and they now have good finger tracking too. So maybe it's a really good option.
  18. My gf (she's brazilian) told me he infected 22 people over there, even though he's claiming he's not infected by the Covid19 ... That guy xD ahah For now it's okay in brazil but it's going to get bad real quick, brazilians should really take this more seriously Good luck
  19. I ordered mine too, got tons of error messages but it worked in the end. During that process, I was still told that it would be delivered within 2 weeks, while the store page would tell you 7-9 weeks (if you were not connected on an account). So maybe I'll get it within the 2 next week, right in time for Half-Life : Alyx. That would be a dream o_o Good luck to you Puddy, Dux and the others !
  20. Two scenes from the universe of Half-Life Alyx are now available for Index owners via Steam VR Home : https://steamcommunity.com/games/546560/announcements/detail/1711869822747139586 The scenes : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2006661698 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2006662466 Note that : And an asset pack appeared magically on the Steam Workshop of Steam VR ! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2006656803 Can a Valve Index owner check this out pleaaaase ?
  21. I'm like Dux, even if it's going to get more stocks available I feel like i'm gonna miss it (either because i won't be fast enough, or there will just be too few of them available before march 23). And it's just so painful to think that i'm likely going to miss the new fucking Half-Life release because I can't get the headset (the money and pc are ready). I won't spend 1400€ on it though, i'll wait longer and cry in a corner...
  22. Nice funky layout ! And it looks really cool :))
  23. And we got a release date ! https://twitter.com/valvesoftware/status/1228039740001177600 (23 march) A friend currently in Canada told me the Index is available there, is it coming back in stock ?
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