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  1. This looks exactly like DOOM 2016 with new levels and a few extra abilities and weapons. Perfect.
  2. After watching the reveal trailer I assumed there would be a core roster of characters that you need to recruit for the main storyline (those that appear in the cutscenes). Hearing that all of them are completely exchangeable sounds pretty wild. Congrats on the announcement @kleinluka! Looking great!
  3. wow there was actually some gameplay in there this time
  4. Is the game set in Milan? At least it was at some point judging by the concept art.
  5. Let's see who's profiting from this situation: The editor who wrote the article (getting tons of clicks due to the controversy/backlash). The people who create video responses to such articles and who know that this is a topic that gamers will get enraged by/content they will share (like you). Note that you are missing from this list.
  6. Combat looks good!
  7. Reviews are starting to come in and they are mostly between 70-80: https://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/rage-2
  8. Just thought the same. *reinstalls*
  9. WHAT!? @Radu can you please post some more game ideas because IT'S WORKING!
  10. That WOULD be cool. But you'll probably have to be satisfied with the Avatar game for now.
  11. Tell 'em the truth, Castle! Man, some lines had me burst out loud in laughter. Probably been mentioned before around here but if anyone who is reading this is interested in experienced developers speaking candidly there is the Game Dev Unchained podcast that I can recommend: https://www.gamedevunchained.com/about-1
  12. Congrats! Nobody's gonna mess with this community from now on. We've got ourselves an attorney!
  13. You are confusing Cory Barlog and Stig Asmussen.
  14. Did you copy/paste this from a different message board and forgot to remove the formatting? Was missing the UNPAID tag btw.
  15. Not entirely sure what report you are referring to specifically but I don't see anything wrong with testing out the waters on PC first and distribute via their own platform where their core audience is. Then tweak the game and add a layer of complexity later by porting it to mobile. Basically what Blizzard did with Hearthstone. Valve is not a mobile-first company and saying that the game would have been more successful there because card games are popular on the platform (just taking your word here) is a giant leap. Also, imagine what the gamers' reaction would have been if they had made a DOTA game for mobile first/only (actually no need to imagine just see last year's blizzcon).
  16. I've heard mixed reactions but I'm 6 episodes in and I am really enjoying it. @Vaya What's your favourite?
  17. Besides it being a cool new tech and hip thing to work on plus small fish in a small pond and all that - what are Revulsion players going to get out of it?
  18. FrieChamp


    This is not the US. This is MapCore. Locking this thread before it violates MapCore's rules any further:
  19. I'll go out on a limb here and suggest that Strafe and Dusk might get away with the way they look because their low poly art style is reminiscent of the games they are inspired by (old school Doom etc.) and Revulsion looks more like Minecraft and the many games it inspired. But Revulsion doesn't play anything like that It seems to me that it is getting more and more feast-or-famine on Steam, but I do hope that you will reach 1/10th of what those titles are making Plus, you really seem to have scaled back on your living expenses. I love this talk by the designer behind Slime Rancher by the way. Might give you some more ideas how to incentivize players to stream and create videos of your game (or how to build hooks into your next game from the start):
  20. Congrats for making it this far! No matter how well the game is gonna do - this is an accomplishment to be proud of by itself! But obviously you gotta eat... Are you doing this full time or on the side? TBH I fully understand why you went with the voxel look when creating all of this by yourself, but I am assuming it isn't doing you any favours in this type of genre/setting/for this type of audience. Or what has the feedback been thus far? You're probably better off asking on twitter or an indie gamedev focused forum like TIGsource for advice (or watch recent(!) GDC talks on indie game marketing). I can imagine it is pretty hard though because everything is changing so fast...Last resort option: try to get a digital publisher to lend a hand with the marketing and focus on development?
  21. Amy Hennig has some things to say about this subject: https://venturebeat.com/2019/02/22/amy-hennig-interview-surviving-the-trauma-of-making-a-video-game-and-inspiring-newcomers/view-all/ A quote of the part that specifically mentions Anthem but I'd recommend reading the whole interview:
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