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  1. One does not simply ask @Mazy to design a map and then not release it... That looks fantastic. I still log into Overwatch for some free-for-all occasionally. Cant wait to try it on Live!
  2. That sounds really interesting to someone who doesn't have a VR headset yet. Price seems OK, no complex setup...Too bad it's currently sold out everywhere around here What's the software lineup like? Any significant differences between the platforms?
  3. That Diablo 4 cinematic was spot on. Best one since the Diablo II opening cinematic to me. In-game footage looking good, too. Gotta read up more on the details of open world and spaces shared with other players. On the Overwatch side of things: I still play it frequently. I really, really like the game but nothing that I've seen coming out of Blizzcon greatly excites me about Overwatch 2? I'm always up for new maps and heroes but I guess that's the downside of spoiling players with exactly that on the first game, for free, for years. In the end, I'll probably end up buying it for the new content anyway so what am I talking about haha
  4. Dear lord, what is going on with that presenter's hands? Anyway, I havent' played the game yet, so I cant weigh in on that. But the show and tell with @CompoSITe by gameinformer can be seen here in full length (found it interesting):
  5. @Leakbang Please specify in the subject title if this position is paid or unpaid.
  6. That's a fun demo! Consider me intrigued!
  7. I came into this thread expecting a game about the Maidan Revolution in the Ukraine. I'm an idiot.
  8. They can take my Call of Duty game from my cold dead hands!
  9. This looks exactly like DOOM 2016 with new levels and a few extra abilities and weapons. Perfect.
  10. After watching the reveal trailer I assumed there would be a core roster of characters that you need to recruit for the main storyline (those that appear in the cutscenes). Hearing that all of them are completely exchangeable sounds pretty wild. Congrats on the announcement @kleinluka! Looking great!
  11. wow there was actually some gameplay in there this time
  12. Is the game set in Milan? At least it was at some point judging by the concept art.
  13. Let's see who's profiting from this situation: The editor who wrote the article (getting tons of clicks due to the controversy/backlash). The people who create video responses to such articles and who know that this is a topic that gamers will get enraged by/content they will share (like you). Note that you are missing from this list.
  14. Reviews are starting to come in and they are mostly between 70-80: https://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/rage-2
  15. Just thought the same. *reinstalls*
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