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  1. for the collision mesh to work properly you have to make each piece of the collision into a separate convex piece, and ideally with smooth shading as well, but I'm not 100% sure about that. make sure you don't merge the verts since all the pieces need to be separate. and you should probably simplify it as well and use less pieces if possible, collisions can easily get complex.
  2. Name: Tomas VanyaStory: You were partying too hard and got thrown out of the night club but the party isn't over yet.Engine: UE4Download Link: https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1t7iOJHpVDhRxGPiSpCUzfPIwSOvPttis&export=download Screenshots: Video link:
  3. best looking map so far in my opinion, actually looks like something you'd want to see in counter strike, congrats!
  4. tomm

    Goals for 2017?

    - stop smoking - start exercising - finish csgo map doing surprisingly well, I'll fail the last one tho.
  5. bought northgard, it's only 15% off and it's an early access game, but still, it's surprisingly polished already and a lot of fun, it's a different kind of rts, people compare it to banished and settlers or civ, can recommend, I'm having way more fun than I had in civ5. multiplayer is really active as well.
  6. tomm


    it's rather dead unfortunately and there's not enough motivation to get things going, the fact that I stopped caring about csgo and source doesn't help oh, how naive I was here's at least a somewhat interesting picture, rip I do believe @Lajron will push things further and possibly team up with another artist to finish things up.
  7. use $mostlyopaque in your qc, I too had no idea this even existed.
  8. I can stuff myself as much as I want and I won't gain weight. It's like the moment I swallow food it magically disappears from my body, quickest fucking metabolism. I'm a skeleton as well but who cares, skeletons are cool.
  9. I still haven't figured out rein, it's either me holding the shield the entire game, or becoming suicidal by charging in, I guess it's not my kind of hero, orisa is more mobile.
  10. maining zenny right now and being surprisingly succesful playing him aggresivelly, completely shreds everyone if you take your time to actually aim and not spam your orbs, he's also a very good sniper with his burst. It's not unusual to have the most eliminations with him. love it.
  11. that bastion looks like a midget
  12. why is it that hl2 had and probably still has better lipsync than most games these days? do players even care about good lipsync? is it such a low priority thing in modern games or it's just that difficult to do right? genuinely asking, I don't know much about these things.
  13. not sure if this classifies as game design, but it's still interesting
  14. I dislike the lazy textureless artstyle and last time I checked there was no way to import custom assets, so you can't really "fix" it either.
  15. interesting idea, but it's probably faster to just grab a pen and scribble the layout on a piece of paper.
  16. I wish people were more interested in killing floor 2 map making.
  17. That's strange, maybe it doesn't work with blend materials even though it should. I've only tried this on a regular VertexLitGeneric.
  18. try to put your alpha in your base texture and add this parameter in your vmt hope this helps
  19. tomm


    we will have a playable version by the end of the month hopefully we can show you some pics soon.
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