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  1. Hey there good folks of the Mapcore ! Pretty excited to announce that the studio is growing. We're currently looking for 3 talented, nice and enthusiastic devs to join our studio in Montreal to contribute to We Happy Few Senior Level Designer : https://goo.gl/J8WX45 Senior Ai Programmer : https://goo.gl/KyKNrf Gameplay Programmer : https://goo.gl/0pZ93X
  2. Heyyy dude ! Antoine here nice to meet you . Jr. Level Designer going to work at Compulsion Games on We Happy Few in a bit. This portfolio looks awesome ! Nice explanations of the development of your maps, clear concise stuff. The feeling that I get though from some of the CG:GO level explanation pages is that it's very art focused somehow. Like, if I take De_Meat for example, you've two nice screenshots at the top. It's cool that you have pics to show the feel of the level but later down there's plenty more that may or may not achieve to explain how you thought of this map design wise. What
  3. Hey buddy ! Got a few things that might improve your website. I think there's too many clicks for me to get to your work. Just put your work (soundcloud widgets and such) in your first page (what's supposed to be the home page). Also instead of putting the "Home" bit bigger, just remove it and replace it with your name and your title (i.e. video game music composer or just composer... whatever defines you). That way if I just land on your page I won't be searching for what you do if I didn't want to read your introduction paragraph. Hope that helps !
  4. Gotham just dropped on Netflix. Gaaaah can't stop watching. I'm kind of in a Batman phase right now. Been catching up on the Batman games (how did miss out on them sooo good).
  5. My condolences Mazy... Last my grandmother not too long ago (she was awesome !). Pfewww my brain needs a nap. Been interviewing for this small startup in Vancouver. They look like a really nice bunch of human beings. Got a design test and finished the scripting test today. That scripting test was insane haha. Got it yesterday at around 4pm-ish and finished it today at 5pm (eat and sleep... didn't pass the night on it). I really tried to push for modular/reusable scripts... hence why my brain needs a nap. Feels pretty awesome to get stuff done like that. There's a movie shoot right under where
  6. Yep ! I totally agree. Needs to be quicker to access information. I'll give other layouts a try. When I've reorganized this stuff I'll post an update in here. Thanks guys !
  7. Ohh yeah ! First interview today. Nervous ? A little. Excited ? Yessss.

  8. Just discovered a sort of up and coming artist from Montreal (Eliott Maginot). Really cool style. The first song feels like it could be put in Life is Strange and fit perfectly. The other one is... hard to describe but really awesome.
  9. Hey Franck ! Thanks a bunch. Absolutely no offense taken (it's a fact ! No experience yet). I've put the education bit there because almost all my instructors said "In this industry... People don't really care for education. It's more what you can do". So that's that... Not too sure what to do with it to be honest.
  10. Hola good people of the Mapcore ! I've been commenting a bunch on other's portfolio and thought I'd submit myself to the exercise as well. Here's the link ! I also want to mention that I'm looking for work :). Thanks ! http://antoineladouceurld.weebly.com/
  11. Bumping from the depths of the necro stuff. So there's a new free DLC. Pretty cool, at least I think... It's all stealthy with night vision thingies (called Night Operations). Any of you going to boot up BF4 again out of curiosity ?
  12. Hey dude ! There's one thing that comes up for me. I have no idea what you actually do... do. I know your name is Shea Lane, but if you are an environment artist or a concept artist is a little bit hard for me to discover. The thing is I shouldn't even try to guess it should right in my face so there's no confusion.
  13. Hey there again John ! I've read your introduction and I think there's some little tweaks you could do in there (my opinion of the course ). I've also dug a little deeper in your portfolio. I'd really try to replace anything with "aspiring". Maybe Junior like Stefan said ? I wouldn't say "high level understanding" I think I would just go for "understanding". Some producer are very knowledgeable of pipeline stuff (anyone correct me if I'm wrong). In fact I would write this sentence with a different angle. More like... "I am a junior producer with a wide range of interests in game development
  14. Yep totally agree with Stefan . I also caught that in your text "I employ my educational background as managing member of...". I'd maybe put that in the first few sentences then mention your experience with 2D art, 3D, etc. I feel like it sounds more producer-ish. Just an idea.
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