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  1. de_taos

    Feels very cozy :)!
  2. New to level design and would love some advice

    Make what you want to make and it will be good, Hammer Creation Kit Unreal Engine whatever it is all just tools
  3. Day of Infamy Map, lighting/sky box issue

    I understand that this might be a awkward thing to ask for but could I have the vmf? I will check it when I come home and see if I see anything crazy
  4. Day of Infamy Map, lighting/sky box issue

    I recommend taking the entire compile log through this sites log checker http://www.interlopers.net/errors/ It will give you advice on how to proceed if there is an error in the compile log, it could also be something caused outside of the compile log Since I do not have any screenshots of the error I am unable to make an assessment
  5. Portfolio Building

    If you are thinking about going down the Level Design route I would say that the assets polycount and texturescale matter a lot less then if you would like to go down the Env Art route
  6. Portfolio Building

    Ahoy, I personally hold the Valve games in high regard because they come with games that has everything, a load of assets and functions that you can use How long have you been making levels? Do you have any works out on the web?
  7. Heya, We are opening a studio in Stockholm :)! It is going to be led by Patrick Bach former studio manager at DICE! http://www.rollingstone.com/glixel/news/ubisoft-announces-new-stockholm-studio-w496590
  8. [CS:GO] My map crashes the game on spawn

    I did not know that tool existed! Thanks for the tip : D
  9. [CS:GO] My map crashes the game on spawn

    Something I like to do is to cut my map up in 4 quadrants and then I compile them in separate vmf files, this way I can find the error by narrowing down the area where the crash occurs. Repeat the cutting of quadrants until you end up with your crasher!
  10. [CSGO] De_Angels (WiP)

    I have not played your level but the lampposts, are they easy to maneuver past during combat?
  11. [Unreal Tournament][WiP] Facility #17

    Ahoy! I would like to see a top down of your level : )
  12. Mapcore Job Census

    Junior Level Designer at Massive Entertainment since April
  13. de_bobsburgers

    Looking damn fine *synth solo*
  14. How would you block off non-playable areas?

    Higher walls : )! Edit: Look at how they block off areas in the official maps
  15. [CS:GO][WIP] de_sanchez

    Wowa, this looks legit : D!