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  1. I have not played your level but the lampposts, are they easy to maneuver past during combat?
  2. Ahoy! I would like to see a top down of your level : )
  3. Junior Level Designer at Massive Entertainment since April
  4. Looking damn fine *synth solo*
  5. Higher walls : )! Edit: Look at how they block off areas in the official maps
  6. Wowa, this looks legit : D!
  7. Sweet greybox :)!
  8. Interesting for sure, looking forward to seeing how this game pans out
  9. I hope they help :)! That grain effect is sneaky
  10. When taking screenshots do you have the grain filter on in the video options? I think the screenshots would look better without the grain effect. On this screenshot the light only hits the table and the generator next to it but the ground gets none of the light, I think it would be worthwhile to do a improvement pass on the lights. I would take a look at how Valve constructs their lights to make it go as fast as possible. The light baked into the texture of the skybox contrasts harshly with the surrounding environment, I would investigate using a more dim skybox texture to match the lighting of the level.
  11. Heya Chris, Here is a tutorial I like on how to make a radar however you donĀ“t have to complete the steps, this will provide you with a nice orthographic overview of your level that you can post with your level
  12. Ahoy ahoy, Something I would like to see is a breakdown video where you talk about your design decisions regarding your level. (The foliage on the wall that is a prop_static should have shadows disabled because the blocky shadow that Valve provides us with is not that pleasant) (This is where I saw the foliage) Please do write if anything I wrote needs clarification. My steam nick is
  13. Is there a possibility of seeing some gameplay videos?
  14. The stream was really cool and interesting :)! Philip still got it
  15. Half life 2 hands down, I love the challenge of having no light preview in-editor