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Mapcore Introductions Thread


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I'm lurking in this forum for quite a while now. Posted just a few comments yet. It's time to step out of the shadows!


My name is Paul, I am from Austria and I studied "Mediatechnology and Design". I currently work at "Cliffhanger Productions" in Vienna as a Level Designer. There I am working on the title "Shadowrun Online" which is made with the Unity Engine.  In my leisure time I prefer to use the Hammer Editor though. Before starting working at the company I created mainly Counter-Strike:Global Offensive maps. My most successful one might be de_shift, which is based on de_concrete for CS 1.6. CEVO liked the map so much that they added it into the official maprotation for 2 pre-seasons. Other than that, nothing that I made had any impact in the scene. So there is a lot to come :>

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Hi, my name is Levi, and I'm in Australia. I don't really have a large amount of experience in game development, or a job in the industry, or even a degree in a relevant field. I just really enjoy making maps, and wanted to interact with people who enjoy level design as much as I do. I was hoping that by signing up here, I could contribute to discussions, and learn from others who are more experienced than I am.


A couple of years ago I began work a single player Source 2007 mod, but I gave up on that due to other committments. I now spend my free time making maps for Counter Strike: Global Offensive, of which I've released two so far, and I'm currently working on my third.

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My name's Kim and I've just (kinda) recently started to work in the games industry. I started studying game design at a university here in Finland in 2011 and in 2012 I figured I'd like to specialize in level design. Turns out the uni wasn't very good at teaching anything so after I had a work placement period I stayed there for a year and worked on Trine Enchanted Edition. Now that it has shipped my contract is coming to an end I'm trying to look for more work in the industry. Trine was an alright project to start off with but since it was a port it didn't involve much creative level design, though I got to change some things here and there. On my own time I've always found myself to be kinda lazy with doing portfolio work, mainly because after working or studying 8 hours a day I'd just like to relax for those couple of hours in the evening that I have for myself, though I greatly admire those people who come home and work on their own stuff right away, hats off to you! Not that making the level necessarily feels like work, but I like variety so i'd just rather not be at the computer at all for a couple of hours.


I registered for the UT whiteboxing challenge since I just recently bought the license for UE4 and I look forward to working on it, learning new things and meeting y'all :) I have a 2,5 month paid vacation coming up before my contract ends so I should have plenty of time to work on it, though I imagine my first original map will be something less than awesome.


- Kim

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Hello everyone, I am tehSandwich and - like many of you - I am a mapper... or at least try to be one.


It all started when I got my hands on Unreal Tournament ('99), somewhere in December 2003. At the time, I was then known as "CyberSirius". I started making several maps, mostly crappy ones until March 2008, where I finally completed a map that doesn't look like ass. You can grab it at MapRaider: DM-InsularGW


Of course, I also made a couple maps for UT2004, including a small ONS map.


When the circumstances made it so it was very difficult to follow Unreal Tournament stuff (not having a computer strong enough to run UT3 as well as the game's relative failure), I went and gone for greener pastures, eventually ending up as a helper, tester and potential mapper for Quake2World. It was at this moment where I started learning GTKRadiant in earnest and I eventually released two Quake 2 maps: Lost Pillages and Nineball.


After a while, I started learning to use Hammer and map for CS:GO. I have yet to do something for real and I doubt I can get ideas in place to actually start and finish. Which leads me to my current situation.


I'm 13 years old no more, I can't poop ideas and execute them on the spot anymore.

I have learned much, how things look like, how to give them shape and how to make it look coherent.

I know how to make a map flow like water, how to roughly expect the other players to play the map and I know how to solve problems.

All I need is that little something that makes me want to go "Eureka!" and finally make use of my skills.

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I am nexus. And i am sure you know me already cause i have been a member since 2004 . the good old days. I have been around on MIRC alot back in the days having fun


anyway my real name is Dennis and i live in stockholm.


I have been mapping for natural selection 1 with some serious maps..

and then for source. I have been involved in projects such as pirates vikings and knights, sourceballs, firearms, and other mods for source engine.


My probably best release is a counter strike map http://css.gamebanana.com/maps/20034 that took me to make 6 months with everything custom (100 % custom textures) almost.


i have made around 30  maps but never finished them, either they got lost forever or just deleted.


I am mostly known for my legendary raps and sick humour but yeah and the nexus quotes.


I also have been mapping for red alert 1, tiberian sun, age of empires and battlefield 2. So not only source engine.


I am obssesed with taylor swift and on my freetime i make music in my studio

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I guess I'm still pretty new so I might as well post!

Hi everyone, I'm Leigh and I'm a Designer from the UK. 


After finishing my Interactive Games Design course in 2011 with a first *cough* boasting *cough* I went through the usual route of QA to work my way into a design department. I've just recently finished a year and a half contract working on Pokémon Art Academy for headstrong games in central London and after a brief time of unemployment I've decided to try my hand at Level Design as it's something I've always admired from a far and so far I'm loving it. At the moment I'm just working on my general Level Design skills in Unreal 4 as well as the occasional map for a pre existing game (such as my semi ok Far Cry 3 map) I'm also actively trying to find my way into a junior Level Design role as I think it's the quickest and best way for me to learn but they seem to be very few and far between at the moment. (Everyone wants intermediate and up! D:)

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Hey everyone!


I'm Olly and I've been mapping for quite some time now, finished my Bachelors degree in Games Design in 2012, spent my time since then working on Operation: Black Mesa and various little projects, I'm currently working on a map for UT4 and saw you have a whitebox challenge and thought I'd finally join up here and have some fun with everyone.


My years have consisted of transitioning back and forth between Source and Unreal, it's been one hell of a ride!

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Hey everyone!


Really glad I found this site. Level design has been pretty much my entire life the past year while working on my first game, Grimoire, a multiplayer wizard shooter built in UDK. As part of a small team (Started as 2 and now up to 4) its been extremely challenging not only doing level design but also the other half a dozen jobs that fall on small teams. One thing I've found especially difficult is creating fun and exciting levels while working with placeholder art assets and an ever changing and evolving game. Luckily I have more than 10 years of primarily multiplayer shooter experience that helps a lot.


This looks like an awesome community and im really happy to be here!

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