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  1. Voilà le lien vers le podcast : https://open.spotify.com/show/6nyuHat61nBpT8flQcfpZ8?si=C2f4eh6iT22MZz_6pZHiYA I would not hesitate if the French Government was giving away houses in the countryside ahahah. I had some sort of alternative idea too. When I left ubisoft, my plan was to build a place outside of a big city where I could have a small game dev team but also space to have additionnal people working there like local freelancers, etc. A coworking place next to our game dev studio, and possibly welcoming some kind of game art residence there in greenlands. Sure the place would
  2. I burned out too while working on Riders Republic at Ubisoft Annecy last year. I can rely and say that not having a full time job is nice ahah. I've had kind of the same recovery moment after the burnout, covid madness and political insanity in France, climate change depression, breaking out with my girlfriend, family member's illness.... Life shit. But it's cool, I took time to build new courses for my level design lectures, I finished to write my game career book and signed a contract with a french book editor, I have time to read (I read the Ants trilogy from Bernard Werber, Karl Marx
  3. I'm having a very fun and addictive time trying to build a scandinavian empire in Crusader King's 3
  4. Hey, I played your game yesterday and I wanted to say I find it pretty cool. I would suggest to handle the level progression with a bit more a rational design 'cause there is no obvious theme in each round of level and I found it hard to understand the learning curve.
  5. Hey guys, Some of you may have seen my post in the "How to break in the games industry" thread that I was working on a book to gather advices and experience to explain to juniors how to improve their application profile. Well, I'm now launching a Kickstarter campaign to help me fund a proper translation from French to English to share the book worldwide. It's useless for the seniors and veterans to get this book (unless you want to be really nice and back the project) as the book is really aiming newbies. Yet, I'd gladly take your sharing abilities to spread the
  6. Hey guys, to add on to this thread, I worte a broke that should be out soon aabout this same topic: http://franckfitrzyk.com/index.php/2020/a-new-chapter-in-my-life-and-my-book/
  7. I had enough of the production* of Steep which is different. Well I announced yesterday that I wrote a book called "Starting your career in the video game industry" so I have to finish this and it's done, I'd like to get some tech design freelance missions and travel for a bit. http://franckfitrzyk.com/index.php/2020/a-new-chapter-in-my-life-and-my-book/
  8. I'm not working at Ubisoft Annecy anymore. Cool project but I need some fresh air.
  9. Hey boys, I haven't share many things lately to the community ('cause I didn't much. (Harsh years at work). More info soon) But i've participated to the Epic Games' Megajam this week. I ended up making this game alone: https://itch.io/jam/2019-epic-megajam/rate/521019 You are a good doggo and you have to get to gather the sheeps in the white circle. If you want to try it, be my guest. I'm quite proud because it's the first time I make something "good" during a game jam alone. Please, share comments and feedback. (yeah I know, the AI
  10. UE4 ofc. Simple clear and easy. I prepared them a Platform-FPS ish to make level like the training level of call of duty modern warfare where you just move and shoot at targets. Already a loooooot to learn from there and it was pretty cool. Honestly, they did go.
  11. I just spent 3 days giving Level design lessons for the first time in my life... and it was super fun! I gave them 3 hours of macro theroy about level design and flow. We spent the rest of the time doing their first level creationf from paper to 3D. It was super cool. I'm a exhausted ahah I didn't thought it would be that intense. In the end they said that it was the best lesson they got this year! So I'm happy
  12. Hey @JamesThomas Thanks for sharing your portfolio with us. There are three key things I would say at the moment: - first, the "case studies" and "game modes" are not clickable so we can't access the content - When we are not on your landing page / home page, we never see your name or you role. That is an information that should always be at the top of your portfolio. - you should make the "more details" links more obvious 'cause if I hadn't looked at it twice, I would have said that it was lacking of explaination in your work( which is not the case). So, find somet
  13. Who's down to play it a bit ? You can add me TheOnlyDoubleF on Origin.
  14. Very very cool. This only thing to me that is not suepr clear about the project is if they are student projects or online community or whatever. The rest of it is super super nice, the descriptions, screenshots, work explanations. Good content. Keep it up and you'll get a job in the industry for sure
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