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  1. TheOnlyDoubleF

    Fredric Grapensparr - Level Designer

    I agree with the good and simple visual point from the people above. Yet, what I don't like is the fact that I don't have any information about your design process, no overview of the map and most of all no video showing how the level is played, how is the navigation etc.
  2. TheOnlyDoubleF

    Session - A new skateboarding game

    Three things: 1 - How the hell are they going to do a game with 50k ? 2 - Ew the camera and the jerky navigation 3 - STOP USING FLASHY REFLECTIONS IN UE4 (still look better than the last Tony Hawk btw).
  3. TheOnlyDoubleF

    Shiv Rawal - Level Designer

    Hello @Shiv217, It would be good if the thumbnail images were all the same size
  4. TheOnlyDoubleF

    Tudor Gogan - Level & Environment Designer

    I'm seeing this a bit late but your portfolio is actually pretty cool. The Thumbnails switching to video is, in fact, awesome and makes it easier to go quickly through your content @Yokogeri The pages are very well documented. I think it's one of the best documented portfolio I've seen and it's very pleasant! Indeed, like FMPONE said, the overall might be a bit too dark. I would good for a softer background to make the pages a bit clearer. But great work!
  5. TheOnlyDoubleF

    Artemy Maltsev - Level Designer

    Hello @Flower_Shop_Guy Thanks for sharing your portfolio with the Core! I would have one key important feedback to give: When I click on your link, the page opens, and there, I'm directly onto a project and I have absolutely no idea who you are. No name, no role. I went through all your projects and I still don't know if you are a level designer or an environment artist... Making it clear, whatever the page I'm reading would be a good addition I think. On another topic, I might miss some information on what we did on the project, design intention. On top of that, I personnaly like when there is a video to see the actual gameplay in the map. Because let's be honestly, no recruiter will download and play your maps and screenshots are not enough to show the potential of your layout. A top view of the map showing paths and opportunities is also a good design sign.
  6. It has been announces today that Intel, official partner of the Olympics commitee will organize an esport event called the Intel Extreme Masters of PeyongChang organized by ESL. It has been officially said that it will be a prelude to the OG 2018 in PyeongChang. Timo Lumme, Tv services & marketing director of the Olympic commitee said that "After the olympic summit last week, the commitee is starting to explore futur links between electronic sports and the olympic spirit. This is a first step that will transform the futur of sports, and we can't wait to attend to this event." I am happy to say that it has also been announced that there will be two games at this event: Starcraft 2, that brought South Corean at the top of esport countries; and the project we worked on at Ubisoft Annecy during the past few months, Steep: Road to the Olympics at it's a licensed for for these Olympics Events. So seriously guys, don't be grumpy. It is a first step toward what we want. We know it will take time. It doesn't matter that they don't want violent game. That will whange. Let them welcome games into the Olympics whether it be Steep, Clash Royale or whatever. It's already a big deal. It means massive audience for games. We will bring competitive action games to those events but it will take time. For now, they probably still want to figure how to bring games for everyone and, by everyone I mean adults and their children and you know that games are still a problem for lots of people. Again, it's will be slow but let's be happy of these first steps.
  7. TheOnlyDoubleF

    Games W.I.P Thread

    It is quite surprising when you opened the door ^^ I was not expecting such massacre ahah
  8. TheOnlyDoubleF

    Steep: Road to the Olympics

    Can't say for the demo but the full extension is coming december 5
  9. Hey guys, December is coming and the expansion I'm working too! They finally really some videos to show a bit what we've been woring on those last few months.
  10. TheOnlyDoubleF

    ITT: Post maps/scenes that never saw the light of the day.

    I love that kind of stuff @Spherix. So sad to see so many things not finished. Yet, it gives them a little charm so sexy
  11. TheOnlyDoubleF

    [CS:GO][WIP] Trailerpark

    Wow it looks super cool @OrnateBaboon
  12. TheOnlyDoubleF

    [UT4] CTF-PaleoPark

    Waho! Awesome job @DonCarbon I love that! The main hall is great
  13. TheOnlyDoubleF

    Video: From Abstract Layouts to Specifics - Bauer Design Solutions

    I like it too. Are you planning more content on this series? I hope so!
  14. TheOnlyDoubleF

    [Unreal Tournament] DM-North Tower [WIP]

    Oh I didn't see this! The shapes are pretty cool. But it's all grey! Are you planning to had colors through texture or lights to get identify the areas, make easier to see the players from the wall etc ? Did you applied some modifications lately? Please, more shots of this!
  15. TheOnlyDoubleF

    [Unreal Tournament] CTF-Forest (WIP)

    So how is it going over here? Have you applied some retakes on your layout/greybox/scope?