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v1.10 is up, with many improvements to gameplay, performance, and visuals!


+ tons of other changes from v1.06, v1.07, v1.08, v1.09!


And I just made a new Very Cliché Greek Chair during lunchtime :D 


(not integrated yet, will replace those chairs in the above image...)


More art and gameplay updates are on the way with v1.11!

Please give the map a shot if you haven't yet, and let me know what you think ;)


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On 9/22/2018 at 2:48 AM, Radu said:

How is this coming along @MikeGon ? Are those displacements giving you a hard time yet?

Pretty good @Radu, Thanks for asking!

I was about to give an update on that other thread but I'll just continue here instead...

After seeing how great displacement surfaces looked compared to func_detail, I decided to go ahead and replace pretty much all func_details across the map! That's still in progress, but I should be done this week.

I LOVE the way they react to light, and have a nice "rounded" effect on the edges, even when its just a simple hard edge:


In the screenshot above, the gray-looking trim at the bottom is a func_brush. They have the same material applied- notice how well the displacement looks compared to it! 😃

I also made a couple new props this week, some new Greek residential signs, an European power outlet and a Mapcore graffiti:



(position not final, I might put it somewhere else- still, its at T-spawn right now)


Next step: I will actually sculpt and vertex paint some of those displacements, to make them look a bit uneven- especially those white plaster blocks since they're everywhere in the map. I think I will have to make a custom blend material for those 🤔



EDIT: Corrected typos

Edited by MikeGon

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v1.15 is up, my friends!


Notable changes with this version:

  • Fixed an issue where radar was misaligned since the Panorama update
  • Added color correction to kill low-ends and improve visibility in dark areas, notably the tunnels near T-spawn (yep... I didn't know post-processing existed in this engine up until now 😑)
  • Changed CT models back to SAS, to prevent them from blending in with foliage (they might change again in the future, as long as it fits the Skopelos setting)
  • Clip-brushed a couple foliage spots that were easily exploitable
  • Fixed a lot of a dark, heavily shadowed surfaces (still not completely done with that one... takes forever I swear)
  • Replaced ugly buggy flag I made with beautiful flag from @I ♡ The 1950's (Thanks again for that!)
  • Removed an overpowered cover on Bombsite A, the small wall right next to the half-moon block
  • Made many small, mostly visuals improvements all across the map!

Most important known issues I'm tackling for v1.16:

  • Bug where none of the looping ambient sounds will play (I swear when this one is fixed, I pop the champagne)
  • Some very cheeky spots that are still in there (small cracks we can shoot through and stuff like that)
  • Issue where custom loading screen image doesn't show up since Panorama update
  • Some very dark surfaces that are still there, found especially around windows and door frames

Special thanks to @Radu for the great feedback!

My goal is to organize a playtest ASAP, and have this thing finished once and for all before the Christmas holidays. 

Working on Source is very... interesting, to say to least. I will certainly write a post-mortem at the end of this, and present it here or in a separate thread... there's so much things I learned and would like to share, if you guys are interested!


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7 minutes ago, Serialmapper said:

I found a place where if the bomb is dropped, it cannot be recovered. 

aaaand fixed!


(I just removed that brush, it wasn't really needed)

That will be part of v1.17 - Thank you @Serialmapper and feel free to let me know if you find more issues! :D

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5 hours ago, Vaya said:

hey @MikeGon

We're looking to add this map on the mapcore faceit hub in the near future, let us know what you think about that

Absolutely, I would be honored! 😊

I would like to polish it up a little bit more before if that's okay - I want this to be a pleasant experience!

(Unless you are on a tight schedule, then I guess we could go with this version...)

I'm moving to the US at the moment, and the movers will keep my stuff 2 weeks - I won't have access to my computer for a while, so I'm looking at December 29-30 for version 1.17 - would that work for you?


4 hours ago, blackdog said:

Awesome, nice upgrade all around @MikeGon, looking forward to see the final.

Thank you @blackdog ! Yeah lighting in particular still needs a lot of work, especially in the underground areas. Trying to strike that right balance between mood and visibility. :)


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Quick update:

I won't be able to work on the map since I won't have access to my computer (and 99% of my belongings), for 2-3 more weeks... 😞

The movers were supposed to deliver my stuff this week, but they pushed it back to Jan15 - Jan20. Will keep you guys posted!


Also, HAPPY NEW YEAR! May your LD/LA skills improve like never before in 2019!! ❤️


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